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International Language Camps


                                              German Saturday School of Portland
                                              7901 SE Division Street
                                              Portland, OR 97206

               Camp                           Tel: 971.275.0823 or 971.275.0848

                                              REFERENCE          FORM

                                          Please return promptly.
               Application will not be processed until we have received this reference form.

   (Applicant’s Name)____________________________________________has applied for the
   position of_______________________________at Zauberwelt, the German Saturday School of
   Portland’s German Immersion Camps. We appreciate your frank appraisal of this candidate as a
   potential staff member who must work daily with and live with young people. Please comment freely
   and include any pertinent information that might help us in our evaluation. Thank you for your prompt
1. How long have you known the applicant? ______________________
   In what capacity? _________________________________
2. Is the applicant related to you? _____
3. Have you employed this applicant? ______
4. How long? _____________
   In what capacity? _____________________________

5. Do you recommend hiring this person to work with children ages 7-15? _____Yes            _____No

6. Please rate the applicant on the factors below by placing an X in the appropriate column.

                               Factors                  Always Usually Sometimes Rarely   Never   N/A
      Displays positive attitude
      Demonstrates desire to learn
      Accepts supervision
      Exhibits honesty and dependability
      Understands young people
      Works well with others
      Shows concern and respect for others
      Makes sound decisions
      Adapts well to new situations
      Enthusiastic about the language and culture
      Responds well to criticism
      Shows leadership in areas of competence
      Takes initiative to promote new ideas

            CAMP 4/10 ler
7. Rate candidate’s proficiency in German:

                  Native language: _____Yes _____No

                  _____Very fluent, speaks almost like a native
                  _____Good skills, can communicate ideas effectively
                  _____Communication somewhat labored but can get idea across
                  _____Needs help in expressing basic ideas
                  _____I do not have first-hand knowledge of this person’s skills in German.

8. Any other relevant comments you would like to make:

          Print Name: ____________________________________________________________

          Signed: _______________________________________________________Date:_________________

          CAMP 4/10 ler

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