Project title:     Organizing Information Communication and Technology
                   Primary Teachers (ICT Contract teachers)

Duration:          6 months

Starting date:     (indicative): 15th august 2004

Project language: English

Preparation date: July /august 2004

Author:            Sheik Nashir Ramjan

Position:          General Secretary

1. Background and justification

  The name of my union is the Government Teachers union. It was officially
  registered on the 10th December 1945. The G.T.U. has a membership of 4500
  and is one of the most important affiliate of the Mauritius Labour Congress
  which represents more than 60,000 members.

  In the wake of globalisation, the situation in the employment sector has
  undergone serious changes. Actually the unemployment rate is above 10%.
  Many school leavers and some of them after pursuing their studies in the I.T
  sector, find it difficult to get a decent job.

  Most of them do take employment in the public or private sector on a
  contract basis. In such situation state provided social protection and social
  services are very restricted. Exploitation and infringement of workers’ rights
  are common. It is therefore high time for trade-unions to extend their services
  to these sectors

  The main aim of this action plan is to assist I.T. teachers in the primary
  education sector to organise themselves to ensure social security and social
  protection to all of them.

2. Target Groups

  This work-plan is meant for 400 I.C.T. Contract Teachers

3. Development objectives

  This work-plan will contribute to that every worker in Mauritius is organised
  in trade-unions .More than 95% of public sector workers are organised. The
  objective of my union and my regional centre is to campaign for all workers
  of the different sector to be organised.

  The aim is also to organise workers and to empower their organisation in the
  field of social protection and social security and to promote and support:

    (i)       an established structure responsible for social protection and security
    (ii)      their effective participation in the national/regional/international
              tripartite discussion
    (iii)     workers education program in the field of social security and social
    (iv)      an effective communication network among trade-union in the field
              of social protection and social security

4. Immediate objectives 1

      (i)       To get I.C.T. teachers organised in Unions and

      (ii)      To have Social Security and Social Protection extended to this
                category of workers and to ensure job security after their contract

      (iii)     To understand the procedures and supervisory mechanisms of
                international labour standards and have a detailed knowledge of
                I.L.O. Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
                and Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining.

      (iv)       To understand current labour issues such as globalisation, gender
                and women workers rights, policies on HIV/AIDS

      (V)       To train them to make optimal use of the power of information

      (vi) To understand OSHE

Immediate objective 2:

      (i)       All I.C.T. teachers will be members of the union.

      (ii)      Representatives of this union will be representing them at regional
                centres and participate in collective negotiations

5. Activities

 One day meeting with all I.C.T. teachers at national level

   Teachers Centre at Quatre-Bornes…………………………….

 4 One-day workshop for representatives of I.C.T. teachers

      Teachers Centre at Quatre-Bornes……………………………….

Mass meeting at national level for 400 hundred I.C.T. Teachers

Venue:          Teachers Centre

Theme:          Organising I.C.T. Teachers

Resource persons: Union leaders

Budget: RS 62,000. (1 Euro= RS 32)

(II) 4 one-day regional workshops for I.C.T. representatives

    Venue:           Teachers Centre
    Theme:           Organising I.C.T teachers
    Resource persons:            union leaders, Representative of the Ministry of
      Education, Representative of the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and
      Representative of the Ministry of labour.
    Budget:          RS5, 250.(for one workshop)

Total Cost of Project:                  Euro        2600.00

Funding: Union inputs

          Mauritius Labour Congress

          Education International

   8. Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation

The monitoring will be effected by a representative of the Union who will also
act as coordinator of the project. He/she will be in close contact with
representatives of the I.C.T .teachers.

A meeting will be held at the end of the project with all the representatives for a
final evaluation.

26th May 2004

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