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 JUNE 2009

Issue 200301: Job opportunities for spouses             active or deemed unattainable at DA level (197,
at Fort McCoy and surrounding areas                     346, 408, 442, 513).
Status: Completed
Entered: October 2003
Final Action: Sep 04 Update Forum                       Issue 200304: Adequate housing for
Scope: There are a limited number of jobs at            mobilized soldiers
Fort McCoy available to spouses. Most are low           Status: Completed
paying, entry-level positions. This affects the         Entered: October 2003
quality of life issues for soldiers.                    Final Action: September 2005 Review
Conference Recommendation:                              Scope: Mobilized Soldiers deployed to Ft.
1) Provide education/orientation for spouses on         McCoy 1 year and beyond
what's available in the area.                           Conference Recommendation: Renovate
2) Prior to move, encourage spouses to use              existing facilities
resources available at ACS. ACS to ask what             Required Action: Building renovations are
individual is looking for.                              being completed at approximately two buildings
3) Command sponsorship must be a viable                 per year, with each building having
program.                                                10-18 rooms with private baths. Appropriated
Required Action: Army Community Service will            fund dollars have not yet become available
continue to provide both pre/post arrival               beyond FY05.
information as well as briefings by the Civilian        Progress: As of the AFAP Update Forum on 11
Personnel Advisory Center at the monthly                Apr 05, B-453 was completed, B-1213 will be
Newcomer Orientation.                                   completed in Apr 05, B-454 is scheduled for
Lead Agency: ACS                                        FY05, and B-452 to be completed in FY05/06.
Support Agency: CPAC                                    DMWR and DSS will each budget for
                                                        remodeling one building per year over the next
                                                        five years.
Issue 200302: To identify specific                      Sep 05 Update Forum: – With the vast
deficiencies in services & support available            reduction of mobilized support Soldiers and the
to remote duty stations                                 continued renovation of lodging facilities over
Status: Completed                                       the next five years by DSS, there should be
Entered: October 2003                                   adequate lodging. With the privatization of Army
Final Action: 2003 - Not worked                         Lodging, DMWR can no longer budget for the
Scope: It affects all remote family members.            proposed renovation.
Everything from dealing with TRICARE to                 Lead Agency: DMWR
childcare lacks support from the military. Where        Support Agency: DSS
remote assignments are concerned, it is not a
matter of reduced support & service, it is a
matter of having NO support service.                    Issue 200305: Separate hourly care at Child
Conference Recommendation: Issue not                    Development Center
forwarded as the group determined the query             Status: Completed
centered on several issues that currently are           Entered: October 2003
active or deemed unattainable at DA level (197,         Final Action: Sep 04 Update Forum
346, 408, 442, 513).                                    Scope: Affects all children with hourly childcare
                                                        needs. Children in hourly care expected to
                                                        adapt to full-time care schedule.
Issue 200303: COLA. Active duty members                 Conference Recommendation:
are more than 3 hours away from PX,                     1) Maintain current hourly care schedule based
commissary, shopettes, dry cleaners/sewing.             upon modifications already implemented based
Status: Completed                                       on the issue.
Entered: October 2003                                   2) Educate parents on available services during
Final Action: 2003 - Not worked                         in-brief.
Scope: This issue affects family not stationed          Required Action: Naptime procedures were
near a post. This means we pay more money               modified to accommodate children that require
every month with no compensation pay wise and           hourly care. They are now provided with quiet
are unable to have access to benefits of being          activities at naptime in lieu of being required to
active duty military. We also pay for                   nap with the fulltime care children.
prescriptions, not out of choice but by force and       Lead Agency: DMWR
we are not paid by the govt.
Conference Recommendation: Issue not
forwarded as the group determined the query             Issue 200306/7: Before school care for
centered on several issues that currently are           school age kids
Status: Completed                                        Response was that the current casualty
Entered: October 2003                                    notification process allows for a Casualty
Final Action: November 2004                              Assistance Officer to notify the Next of Kin only
Scope: Children of eligible personnel have no            upon death/serious injury of Soldiers who
programs to attend before school. Many                   are/were on Active Duty. However, USARC
personnel have to be to work before the                  response goes on to say that systems are
child/children can be dropped off to school. This        already in place for unit personnel to be
type of program is needed for safety & welfare of        assigned to help Next of Kin understand and
the children who attend school.                          access benefits and entitlements that exist for
Conference Recommendation:                               them as surviving family members.
1) Conduct on going needs assessments.                   Scope: Reserve Component Soldier's primary
2) Educate parents of childcare resources                next of kin are not entitled to a Casualty
available at Newcomers Orientation and through           Assistance Officer unless the Soldier is on a
other mediums.                                           duty status per Army Regulation 600-8-1.
3) Implement before school care at Community             Delays and possible loss of benefits,
Building in 801 Housing.                                 inconvenience, and pain and suffering
4) Add CYS to inprocessing check list                    compound the stress of bereavement.
(Command sponsorship).                                   Conference Recommendation: Make it
Required Action: There is an FCC provider in             mandatory that a Casualty Assistance Officer be
Woodridge housing that would provide before              provided to the primary next of kin of all military
school care. Those who are not in Tomah are              personnel regardless of component or duty
referred to Family Resources, a childcare                status.
provider referral service. FY04 CDC Needs                Required Action: Forwarded issue for USARC
Assessment will be reviewed to determine need            mid-level AFAP conference.
for program change. CYS presents information
at monthly Newcomer Orientation.
Progress: The FY04 Needs Assessment was                  Issue 200310: Automatic issuance of a
reviewed in Nov 04 with no requests for before           commissary card
school childcare. Openings still exist for before        Status: Completed
school childcare with the FCC provider at                Entered: October 2003
Woodridge Housing in Tomah.                              Final Action: DoD Reserve Component
Lead Agency: DMWR                                        Commissary Privilege Card was cancelled,
                                                         providing unlimited usage to members and
                                                         dependents. This action was accomplished by a
Issue 200308: The Iceberg at the                         memo from the Office of the Under Secretary of
Campground                                               Defense dated
Status: Completed                                        24 Nov 03.
Entered: October 2003                                    Scope: As a surviving spouse, I am entitled to
Final Action: Sep 04 Update Forum                        commissary privileges. However, I do not get a
Scope: The rear side of the iceberg is not visible       new card in the mail automatically every year.
from the beach. Limited visibility compromises           There is supposed to be a number to call to
safety of the swimmer. The lifeguard on the              request a new card. Who knows what the
beach and the one in the water do not                    number is? Why can't I just automatically get
communicate.                                             one?
Conference Recommendation:                               Conference Recommendation: Time &
1) Conduct routine commo checks                          information were insufficient to address the
2) Improve safety procedures SOP                         issue.
3) Tighten discipline of lifeguards                      Required Action: None taken at conference
4) Close backside of iceberg when lifeguard is
not available to monitor.
Required Action: Iceberg was removed.                    Issue 200311: Additional Health Benefits
Lead Agency: DMWR                                        Advisor at Ft. McCoy
                                                         Status: Completed
                                                         Entered: October 2003
Issue 200309: Casualty Assistance Policy                 Final Action: November 03
Status: Completed. USARC mid-level                       Scope: The scope of responsibilities of the Ft.
conference returned to installation with                 McCoy HBA takes him away from his office
comments                                                 leaving it unmanned. The situation will not get
Entered: October 2003                                    better in the near future due to the continued
Final Action: March 2004. USARC mid-level                mobilization/DeMOB of Soldiers through Ft.
conference did not elevate to DA conference.             McCoy.
Conference Recommendation: That a Health                 3) Post the recreation area sign on Hwy 21
Benefits Advisor be hired under contract to be           (approaching from Tomah) before the new main
renewed annually.                                        gate.
Required Action: Ft. McCoy is already working            Required Action: Task Griffin Services to
on filling a part time position to assist the HBA.       provide DSS POC with recommended corrective
Progress: An additional Health Benefits Advisor          actions & cost estimates. Program corrective
was hired for 20 hours in Nov 03. This                   actions into DSS budget.
increased to 30 hours in Mar 04 and to 40 hours          Progress: A sign was installed on Hwy 21
in Mar 05.                                               directing traffic traveling from Tomah to continue
                                                         past the Main Gate for access to the recreation
                                                         areas. Outdated signs on the installation were
Issue 200312/16: Family overnight visitation             updated.
for mobilized reservists staying in Ft. McCoy            Lead Agency: DSS
lodging facilities
Status: Completed
Entered: October 2003                                    Issue 200314: Skate Park for South Post and
Final Action: Apr 05 Update Forum                        801 Housing areas
Approval was received from the Installation              Status: Completed
Commander in Mar 05 for two Guest Housing                Entered: October 2003
facilities to be utilized by family members on a         Final Action: Sep 04 Review
space available basis.                                   Scope: Skating and boarding are popular
Scope: Ft. McCoy policy does not allow family            activities for kids of all ages today and growing
overnight visitation in quarters for mobilized           fast. Kids take to the streets, sidewalks, and
Soldiers.                                                wherever they can find a location to skate.
Conference Recommendation: Fort McCoy                    Many places are off limits or prohibit skating and
policy remains in effect, however, implement             boarding because they (the skaters) are a
SHORT TERM PLAN: Provide alternative                     nuisance and dangerous to pedestrians and
accommodations such as transient                         themselves and damage property not meant for
quarters/South Post trailers, for families to stay       skating. A skateboard park would provide a
and LONG TERM PLAN: Plan in place to build               properly structured place for kids to skate and
high-rise facility with family housing                   board - literally keeping them off the streets,
accommodations.                                          steps, rooftops and sidewalks.
Required Action: Secure funding, obtain                  Conference Recommendation: Build a fenced-
approvals, complete construction plans, and              in skate park for South Post Housing and 801
contractor bids and award.                               Housing.
Progress: As of the AFAP Update Forum in Apr             Required Action: Secure funding, obtain
05, the Wellness Plan has been superseded.               approvals, complete construction plans,
Therefore, no new construction can be                    contractor bids and award, and Safety Office
authorized at this time. To compensate for the           approval
delay in construction, approval was received             Progress: South Post Skate equipment
from the Installation Commander in Mar 05 for            purchased and will be completed in Sep 04.
two Guest Housing facilities to be utilized by           Funding not available for Woodridge site at this
family members on a space available basis.               time. Woodridge residents, the Housing Office
Lead Agency: DMWR                                        and Installation Legal Office have expressed
                                                         safety and liability concerns about a skate park
                                                         in the Woodridge housing area. Per Command,
Issue 200313: Location/direction signs for               a skate park will not be pursued at Woodridge.
Fort McCoy                                               Lead Agency: DMWR
Status: Completed
Entered: October 2003
Final Action: Sep 04 Update Forum                        Issue 200315: Food at the Dining Facilities
Scope: Signs approaching and on Fort McCoy               Status: Completed
are incorrect and misleading. Vehicle traffic            Entered: October 2003
cannot access the recreation areas from the              Final Action: Not worked
main post. There are no signs directing traffic to       Scope: Unable to determine
recreation area from Tomah before the main               Conference Recommendation: Need more
gate. Numerous signs on post are outdated.               facts to support issue.
Conference Recommendation: 1) Cover or
remove incorrect signs 2) Post new signs giving
correct directions                                       Issue 200317: Tuition Assistance Funding
                                                         Status: Completed
USARC mid-level conference returned to                     Issue 200320: Health care & access to health
installation with comments.                                care for families & spouses of Reserve &
Entered: October 2003                                      National Guard who are on active duty
Final Action: Mar 04. USARC mid-level                      Status: Completed
conference did not elevate to DA conference                Entered: October 2003
although it was recognized as a valid concern.             Final Action: An additional Health Benefits
The SME indicated that Army Reserve has been               Advisor was hired Nov 03 for 20 hours per week
more successful than most components in                    to provide increased services.
requesting and receiving increased TA funds.               Scope: Families of active duty personnel on AD,
When allocated funds have been expended,                   overseas, in MN & WI - reaction to public
additional funds can be requested.                         complaints from families as to 'support'
Scope: The current demand for tuition                      functions.
assistance exceeds the appropriated funds.                 Conference Recommendation: Possible use of
Tuition assistance is never funded to the level of         Army Retiree counsels in MN & WI, as an
identified need. This results in a financial               information resource thru 'appreciation days',
burden on Soldiers who personally fund their               those who are about to retire receive retirement
education when appropriated funds are not                  information as to benefits & entitlements. Direct
available, and it delays their professional                contact with families from DAV chapters here in
development.                                               Twin Cities Metro.
Conference Recommendation: 1) Make funds                   Required Action: Delegates did not fully
available to meet identified needs. 2) Build               understand the scope of this issue but felt that
flexibility in the funding process to allow for            the hiring of an additional Health Benefits
increased Tuition Assistance.                              Advisor could resolve the issue.
Required Action: Forwarded issue to USARC                  Progress: HBA hours were increased to 30
mid-level AFAP conference.                                 hours per week in Mar 04 and to 40 hours per
                                                           week in Mar 05.

Issue 200318: Government Purchases
Status: Completed                                          Issue 2005-01: Quality of Haircuts and
Entered: October 2003                                      Service at the Installation Barber Shop
Final Action: Delegates felt that exceptions to            Status: Completed
policy already exist thru the Federal Acquisition          Entered: October 2004
Regulation and, therefore, decided not to work             Final Action: Apr 05 Update Forum
the issue.                                                 Scope: 1) Customers are dissatisfied with the
Scope: It is mandatory to purchase products for            quality of service from the barbers.
use in government work from specific vendors               Dissatisfaction stems from the fact that the
when they can be purchased from local                      haircuts leave the customer with gouges and the
businesses at a much lower cost. It affects                attitude of the barbers is not customer friendly.
every tax-paying citizen.                                  2) Customer expectations are that the barbers
Conference Recommendation: Allow                           should be competent to cut hair to Army
purchases to be made locally instead of from               Standards and also meet the needs of a broad
mandatory source without having to prepare an              customer base.
exception to policy if local purchase is 1) less, 2)       3) Currently some customers elect to go "off
25% less, 3) 50% less.                                     post" to get a haircut that suits their needs.
Lead Agency: Contracting                                   Conference Recommendation:
                                                           1) Require that barbers are appropriately trained
                                                           and licensed to cut and style hair for a wide
Issue 200319: Internet cable modem for                     variety of customers (soldiers {male and
South Post & 1600 Block (B&Q/BOQ)                          female}, retirees and family members). 2)
Status: Completed                                          Implement quality assurance procedures for
Entered: October 2003                                      customers (suggestion box, solicit customer
Final Action: Sep 04 Update Forum                          feedback, POCs, etc.).
Scope: Soldiers want access to high speed                  Required Action: 1) Maintain licenses in the
internet.                                                  facility for review
Conference Recommendation: Service is now                  2) Review AAFES policy with independent
available. Soldier needs to contact CenturyTel or          contractor regarding customer complaints &
Mediacom to activate.                                      claims.
Required Action: Housing Office provides                   Progress: All barbers possess a current state
information on CenturyTel & Mediacom to                    license that is maintained on file. Customer
Soldiers at inprocessing.                                  satisfaction policy is periodically reviewed with
Lead Agency: DMWR                                          the independent contractor. Customer comment
forms are located in a number of areas in the             1) Conduct a needs assessment to address
Post Exchange. An awareness has been                      populations, operating hours, hours of services,
established as to a Ranger cut vs a Marine cut.           and programs. 2) Revise marketing of programs
Lead Agency: AAFES                                        offered. 3) Provide services conducive to Ft.
                                                          McCoy's populations' duty day.
                                                          Required Action: Needs assessment be
Issue 2005-02 Wait time at Installation Food              conducted. Build a sense of community by
Concessions                                               providing Community Family Life Programs.
Status: Completed                                         Progress:
Entered: October 2004                                     Apr 05 Update Forum: Commander would like
Final Action: Apr 05 Update Forum                         to see community and family life programs
Scope: 1) Wait times at Installation food                 provided. It was also suggested a needs
concessions is too long during peak training              assessment be completed.
periods. 2) Operational tempo exacerbates the             Sep 05 Update Forum: A needs assessment is
wait time (annual training, mobilization periods,         being conducted in the next few weeks.
etc. 3) It takes almost an entire meal period to          Community programming has been scheduled in
stand in line to get your food, leaving little time       cooperation with other installation activities.
to actually eat it.                                       Mar 06 Update Forum: A needs assessment
Conference Recommendation: 1) Fort McCoy                  was conducted Oct 05. Programs that have
provide estimated monthly troop strength based            been added since issue was first entered are: 1)
on McCoy's operational tempo to all                       A midweek Bible study – Jul 05; 2) Protestant
concessionaires (i.e. the DMWR at monthly                 Women of the Chapel Bible study – Oct 05; 3)
MWR Advisory Group meeting, the DPTMS at                  An adult Sunday school class after morning
Tenant Organizations and McCoy Staff                      worship services in the Protestant Chapel – Feb
meetings).                                                06; 4) A men’s inspirational book study will be
2) Concessionaires will develop a customer                held Thursdays beginning 30 Mar 06; 5) A
service plan to handle the customer flow,                 marriage enrichment retreat will be held Jun 06.
especially during projected peak periods.                 In addition to these programs, the Religious
Required Action: 1) Provide additional                    Support Office partners with Army Community
employee training on the new food court                   Service to provide periodic family enrichment
concept. 2) Add a second register & additional            programs.
equipment to speed up service times. 3) Retrain           Lead Agency: Religious Support Office
employees on credit/debit card payment.
Progress: 1) A second cash register and
additional equipment was added. 2) Individuals            Issue 2005-04 Ft. McCoy Medical & Dental
from other Post Exchanges were flown in to                Support
provide additional employee training.                     Status: Completed
3) Patrons do not have to sign for debit/credit           Entered: October 2004
transactions under $25. 4) A core group of                Final Action: Apr 05 Update Forum
individuals trained in Serve Safe has been                Scope: 1) Inadequate hours to support Soldiers
developed that can be called to come in and               at TMC and Dental Clinic 2) Current medical
work if patron volume gets high. 5) Projections           facility hour are 0700-1530. 3) Soldiers needing
are made at monthly staff meetings as to the              care outside the current duty hours have to
number of individuals that will be training on post       utilize facilities in the local communities.
each week.                                                Conference Recommendation: Ensure
Lead Agency: AAFES                                        commanders inform all soldiers of medical and
                                                          dental support during and after duty hours.
                                                          Required Action: Send memorandum to
Issue 2005-03 Fort McCoy Religious                        units/directorates requesting the dissemination
Programs                                                  of medical information to all staff and students.
Status: Completed                                         Progress: Memorandum sent Feb 05.
Entered: October 2004                                     Lead Agency: Command Group
Final Action: Mar 06 Update Forum                         Support Agency: Army Community Service
Scope: 1) No religious programs available on
Fort McCoy such as bible study & choir on a
year round basis, due to no continuity or limited         Issue 2005-05: Lack of signs on Installation
staffing. 2) Programs are available but                   taxis
underutilized.                                            Status: Completed
3) This may affect the spiritual welfare of the Ft.       Entered: October 2004
McCoy community.                                          Final Action: Apr 05 Update Forum
Conference Recommendation:
Scope: 1) Post taxis have no identification signs           Mar 07 Update Forum: Access to this entrance
on vehicles. 2) The lack of signs impacts the               will be limited during construction of new homes
customers, namely the physically challenged.                on South Post. Issue will remain active until
Conference Recommendation: Place "Post                      construction is completed.
Taxi" signs on vehicles.                                    Aug 07 Update Forum: Construction of
Required Action: Have magnetic signs made                   infrastructure is scheduled to begin this fall.
and used on post taxis.                                     Issue will remain active until the construction of
Progress: Magnetic signs are now being used                 new housing is completed.
on Post taxis.                                              Mar 08 Update Forum: The gate at the
Lead Agency: DSS                                            intersection of Wisconsin and Ginger has been
                                                            closed during housing construction.
                                                            Sep 08 Update Forum: A mirror will be installed
Issue 2005-06: Visibility of oncoming traffic               as an immediate fix to improve visibility of
at South Post intersections                                 oncoming traffic. DPW will research some
Status: Active                                              options with a cost analysis of each that will
Entered: October 2004                                       resolve the safety issue at this intersection.
Final Action: No                                            Mar 09 Update Forum: The mirror has arrived.
Scope: 1) Visibility at the intersection of                 The pole it sits on has been ordered. It will be
Wisconsin Avenue and Ginger is poor. 2) You                 installed by DPW the end of next week.
can't see oncoming traffic until you're halfway             Lead Agency: DOL/DPW
into the intersection because of the large fence.
3) This could cause an accident, especially with
cars that pick up speed approaching the                     Issue 2005-07: Fort McCoy weather warnings
intersection coming downhill from the left.                 received from Scott AFB
Conference Recommendation: DSS improve                      Status: Completed
visibility of oncoming traffic from all directions to       Entered: October 2004
ensure traffic safety at the intersection of                Final Action: November 2005
Wisconsin Avenue and Ginger on South Post.                  Scope: 1) The Fort McCoy weather warnings
Required Action: 1) Stop sign will be relocated             from Scott AFB are not easily interpretable. 2)
to within 12 feet of intersection. 2) Painted               Weather warnings are a courtesy to all others,
STOP bar will be placed 5 feet from edge of                 intended for aviation units. 3) Currently sent out
pavement. 3) An Intersection Warning sign will              in Zulu time and knots.
be placed on Ginger prior to the intersection to            Conference Recommendation: Include
alert the northbound traffic of the approaching             conversion formula on mass email.
intersection. 4) A Stop Ahead sign will be placed           Required Action: Add conversions to Corporate
on Wisconsin, approximately 175 feet from the               website under DPTMS area.
edge of Ginger.                                             Progress: Installation Commander
Progress: Actions to be completed as weather                recommended that a conversion chart for time
permits.                                                    and wind speed be included as part of the
Apr 05 Update Forum: Suggestions were made                  signature block from the individual who is
that a number of other options be looked at in              transmitting it to the installation.
addition to the four that were recommended by               Sep 05 Update Forum: – It was decided that
DSS. The suggestions were as follows: 1) Move               the weather warning translation should be
the fence back; 2) Establish a 3-way stop; 3)               placed in the Triad, Weekly Bulletin, and on an
Have one-way traffic enter the housing area on              MWR e-mail to the workforce. These actions
Wisconsin and exit on Middle Road. Installation             have been accomplished as of Nov 05.
Commander requested that traffic engineers re-              Lead Agency: DPTMS
evaluate solutions.
Sep 05 Update Forum: Improvements taken to
date have not resolved the issue of poor                    Issue 2005-08: Privately owned vehicles
visibility. Input will be sought from the                   (POV) for Medical Hold Soldiers
Installation Commander as there will eventually             Status: Completed
be over 100 units on South Post.                            Entered: October 2004
Mar 06 Update Forum: This issue will remain                 Final Action: Apr 05 Update Forum
Active. Due to the projected construction of new            Scope: 1) Soldiers assigned to Medical Hold
homes on South Post, the gate layout will be                may be here for many months without POV. 2)
changing.                                                   There is a Ft. McCoy verbal policy allowing
Oct 06 Update Forum: This issue will remain                 medical hold soldiers to have POVs IAW post
Active due to construction of new homes on                  regulations. 3) Affects Soldier morale
South Post with 13 to be added in FY07.                     Conference Recommendation: Disseminate
                                                            policy to Medical Hold Soldiers.
Required Action: Redefine "assigned to                  don't take into account the financial hardship on
Holding Company" as "assigned to Fort McCoy"            families who are in the lower income levels. 3)
entitling Med Hold Soldiers to the same vehicle         Non-taxable income is included in TFI for CYS
operating privileges as non-mobilized Soldiers          fee determination.
Progress: Any Soldier who has a valid license,          Conference Recommendation: Change DOD
registration, and insurance may have a POV on           Policy that determines the Childcare Family
the installation as long as abide by the law.           Income Levels and base it on Total Family Net
Lead Agency: HHC USAG                                   Income less all withholdings.
                                                        Required Action: Forwarded issue for
                                                        FORSCOM/USARC mid-level AFAP conference.
Issue 2005-09: Overnight visitors (family
Status: Completed                                       Issue 2005-11: Child Development Center
Entered: October 2004                                   (CDC) Program Fees
Final Action: Apr 05 Update Forum                       Status: Completed
Scope: 1) Family members are not allowed to             Entered: October 2004
stay overnight on post. 2) Soldiers assigned            Final Action: Sep 05 Update Forum
housing should be allowed to have short visits          FORSCOM returned issue stating current fee
from family members. 3) Soldiers assigned for           structure is equitable due to subsidy paid by the
long tours of 6 months to 2 years feel penalized        Army and an existing issue addresses reducing
for being here at Fort McCoy when they have             child care costs.
the space but not the right to family visits.           USARC did not prioritize the issue. The group
Conference Recommendation: Where it is not              felt other issues were more significant in terms
an imposition to other Soldiers, Soldiers               of scope and impact.
assigned over 6 months should be allowed to             Scope: 1) The amount of fees paid for pre-
have family visitors overnight for the weekend or       school age children which typically require less
short visits.                                           intensive care are the same as fees paid for an
Required Action: Provide an alternative to              infant which typically require more intensive
changing the Fort McCoy policy that does not            care. 2) A flat fee per child rate is not a benefit to
allow family overnight visitation in quarters for       the military family because the level of care
mobilized Soldiers.                                     required decreases as the child ages. 3) Ratio of
Progress: Installation Commander approved               providers reduces as the child ages so the fee
that two Guest Housing buildings in the 2000            should reduce proportionately as well.
block may be utilized by family members on a            Conference Recommendation: Establish a
space available basis.                                  separate fee rate for different pre-school age
Lead Agency: DMWR                                       categories.
                                                        Required Action: Forwarded issue for
                                                        FORSCOM/USARC mid-level AFAP
Issue 2005-10: Childcare Fee Rate                       conferences.
Determination                                           Progress: None. Issue returned.
Status: Completed
Entered: October 2004
Final Action: Sep 05 Update Forum                       Issue 2005-12: Casualty Assistance for
FORSCOM returned issue due to confusion                 Military Technicians
about definition of net income (withholdings or         Status: Completed
deductions); current method for family total            Entered: October 2004
income is fair; an active issue is relooking fee        Final Action: The Jan 09 HQDA AFAP GOSC
structure.                                              declared the issue complete as the assistance
USARC did not prioritize the issue. The group           provided by unit administrators meets the spirit
felt that the rates determined by Total Family          of the requirement.
Income are fair due to discrepancies with               Scope: 1) According to AR 600-8-1, Casualty
deductions and itemizations associated with             Assistance Officers are only assigned to next of
basing fees off net income.                             kin if the individual is performing in an Active
Scope: 1) The CYS fee scale is based on Total           Duty/Title 10 status at the time of death. 2) Next
Family Income (TFI) which includes all earned           of Kin of deceased Army Reserve Military
income (wages, salaries, tips, long-term                Technicians (dual status-military/civilian) are
disability benefits, voluntary salary deferrals,        unaware of all the military benefits that they are
quarters allowances, subsistence allowances,            entitled to receive. 3) Entitlements of the Army
in-kind quarters and anything else of value, even       Reserve Military Technicians while not in an
it not taxable, that was received for providing         Active Duty/Title 10 status at the time of death
services). 2) TFI categories are too broad and          are SGLI and VA benefits, depending on
qualifications. Military Technicians should be            official travel. 2) Travel voucher is not recorded
treated as a special case because of the                  at DFAS upon receipt, but instead upon entry
requirements to be able to maintain military              into the travel system.
standards while serving in a civilian job.                3) Personnel are forced to use other methods of
Conference Recommendation: USARC                          payment until reimbursed.
establish a policy directing that Regional                Conference Recommendation: 1) Log in travel
Readiness Commands automatically assign a                 vouchers within 48 hours upon receipt at DFAS.
Casualty Assistance Officer to the surviving next         2) Traveler should be notified of incorrect
of kin of Military Technicians whether they are in        vouchers within 48 hours of identification. 3)
a civilian or military status at the time of death.       Ensure that travelers are trained on proper
Required Action: Forwarded issue for                      completion of vouchers.
FORSCOM/USARC mid-level AFAP                              Required Action: Forwarded issue for
conferences.                                              FORSCOM/USARC mid-level AFAP
Progress: FORSCOM transferred issue to                    conferences.
USARC. USARC prioritized for CAR approval
for inclusion into HQDA AFAP. The issue was
worked by delegates at the DA AFAP                        Issue 2006-01: Family changing area at
Conference in Jan 06 and was reworded to                  Rumpel Fitness Center
become “Casualty Assistance for Families of               Status: Completed
National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers in               Entered: October 2005
an inactive status.” This issue was prioritized as        Final Action: March 2008
one of the Top 5 issues by the delegates. It will         Scope: There is no changing area for families.
enter the HQDA AFAP and be submitted to the               Children age 5 and over are required to use their
General Officer Steering Committee (GOSC) for             gender appropriate locker room at the fitness
review.                                                   center. This causes a moral and safety issue for
12 Jun 06 GOSC Meeting: The issue is being                parents accompanied by a child of the opposite
staffed for comment at the organization                   gender.
commanding and/or managing the population of              Conference Recommendation: Construct
Soldiers in question: the NG Bureau, USAR                 family changing area.
Command, and the Army Human Resources                     Required Action: DMWR will conduct a needs
Command-St. Louis to determine the workload               assessment to see how many families think
and resources that would be necessary.                    there is a need for a family changing area. If
Aug 07 Update Forum: DA AFAP Issue 585                    numbers warrant, DMWR will get with DSS to
remains active. USARC and the NGB need to                 see what can be provided within the current
provide historical death rates of all inactive duty       space constraints.
deceased Soldiers in order to provide a cost              Progress: As of Jun 06, a temporary family
estimate. If the Army concludes that it would             changing room is available behind the front
like to change the law, the other Services are            issue counter. A work order is being initiated to
offered the opportunity to concur/non-concur to           add a permanent family changing room.
the proposed legislation.                                 Oct 06 Update Forum: A work order was
Mar 08 Update Forum: This issue was not                   initiated to get both space and cost estimates for
briefed at the 4 Dec 07 DA AFAP GOSC so it                adding a permanent family changing room.
will remain active until briefed as a future GOSC.        Mar 07 Update Forum: Utilization of the
                                                          temporary family changing room has been low to
                                                          date. A check will be conducted to see if
Issue 2005-13: Official Travel Pay                        signage is posted letting clientele know there is
Reimbursement                                             one available. Nothing has come in yet on the
Status: Completed.                                        space and cost estimates.
Entered: October 2004                                     Aug 07 Update Forum: Signage was posted. A
Final Action: Sep 05 Update Forum                         work order for design and cost analysis had
FORSCOM returned stating DFAS has already                 been initiated to add a permanent Family
implemented initiatives to facilitate                     changing room.
improvements to travel pay reimbursement                  Mar 08 Update Forum: Due to very limited
processes.                                                room usage, the work order for construction will
USARC did not prioritize due to the changes               be cancelled. The current designated room will
being made in the travel system. The new DTS              remain available for Family changing.
system should alleviate many of the problems              Lead Agency: DHR/DMWR
with delays and payments that claimants have
Scope: 1) Personnel are experiencing financial            Issue 2006-02: Hours of operation at Fort
hardship due to untimely reimbursement for                McCoy CYS Childcare
Status: Completed                                           Conference Recommendation:
Entered: October 2005                                       1) Notify the entire community of CYS survey
Final Action: Oct 06 Update Forum                           opportunities.
Scope: Some parents can not use the facilities              2) Publicize survey results to the local
due to current hours. The current hours are                 community.
from 0630-1715. Army Regulation 608-10                      3) Publicize decision rationale.
Section 4 paragraph 5-11a states “Operational               Required Action: Conduct a needs assessment
hours must support Soldier mission                          to include the entire Fort McCoy community.
requirements.” Fort McCoy mission exceeds                   Mar 06 Update Forum: A CYS needs
current hours of operation.                                 assessment was sent out via an MWR e-mail on
Conference Recommendation:                                  16 Mar 06. This assessment will go out again
1) Expand CYS hours to support Fort McCoy                   under a CYS survey specific heading to
missions.                                                   encourage participation.
2) In addition to revised hours, allow flex time at         Progress: A CYS survey was conducted in May
the beginning and end of the duty day.                      06 by post wide
Required Action: The Apr 05 CYS needs                       e-mail to 1,500+ accounts with a total of 39
assessment validated the requirements of                    responses received. Results were reviewed by
current users who did not want to pay more for              DMWR and the PAIO. As a result, closing hours
additional hours. Accommodations are made for               will increase to 1730 (15 minutes later) for a trial
patrons who are late due to mission                         period beginning 3 Jul 06 and ending 29 Sep 06.
requirements.                                               An evaluation will determine if the hours of
Mar 06 Update Forum: A CYS needs                            operation will be permanently changed. The
assessment was sent out via an MWR e-mail on                CDC will notify all patrons of the change in
16 Mar 06. This assessment will go out again                hours. DMWR will contact all non-users who
under a CYS survey specific heading to                      provided contact information to inform them of
encourage participation.                                    the results and recommendations.
Progress: A CYS survey was conducted in                     Oct 06 Update Forum: Results of the survey
May 06 by post wide                                         were provided to the Fort McCoy community via
e-mail to 1,500+ accounts with a total of 39                an MWR e-mail and posted on the MWR
responses received. Results were reviewed by                website. Results were also posted in the CYS
DMWR and the PAIO. As a result, closing hours               newsletter and presented to the Parent Advisory
will increase to 1730 (15 minutes later) for a trial        Committee.
period beginning 3 Jul 06 and ending 29 Sep 06.             Lead Agency: DMWR
An evaluation will determine if the hours of
operation will be permanently changed. The
Child Development Center (CDC) will notify all              Issue 2006-05: Horseback Riding Trail
patrons of the change in hours. DMWR will                   Status: Unattainable
contact all non-users who provided contact                  Entered: October 2005
information to inform them of the results and               Final Action: Mar 06 Update Forum
recommendations.                                            Scope: 1) Horseback riding on Arcadia Ave
Oct 06 Update Forum: The majority of patrons                poses a hazard and/or danger to drivers, riders,
picked up their children before 1700 with 3                 and the horse. 2) Currently, there is no
picking up between 1715 and 1730 a couple                   horseback riding trail on the Northeast corner of
days a week. Hours will revert back to 1715.                Fort McCoy. There are private homes nearby.
Staff will remain past 1715 upon request and at             The northeast corner is not used for firing
no extra charge to accommodate patrons                      ranges or tank trails. Warrens Drop Zone is just
delayed due to mission requirements. Operating              south of Arcadia Avenue. 3) A horseback riding
the CDC with extended hours would add an                    trail would provide safety for riders, horses, and
additional $13K in losses.                                  drivers, both military and civilian.
Lead Agency: DMWR                                           Conference Recommendation: Allow
                                                            horseback riders to ride in the forest on the
                                                            Northeast side of Arcadia Avenue to pass
Issue 2006-03/04: CYS Surveys                               through Fort McCoy.
Status: Completed                                           Required Action: Gain Command
Entered: October 2005                                       approval
Final Action: Oct 06 Update Forum                           Progress: This issue as deemed unattainable at
Scope: CYS surveys are not satisfactory to Fort             the Mar 06 Issues Update Forum for the
McCoy community. Not the entire community is                following reasons: 1) Fort McCoy has no vested
aware of the availability of multiple surveys and           interest in opening its borders to anyone seeking
results. Community wants explanation of the                 to gain access to the installation for personal
decision process.                                           use; 2) Policing of the area may be required; 3)
Allowing this could set a precedent for future            Entered: October 2005
requests; 4) Liability issues; 5) Recreational            Final Action: Mar 06 Update Forum
horseback riding may be developed in the                  Scope: 1) Some Soldiers are not completing the
Pineview/Whitetail Ridge master plan.                     in-processing checklist, specifically medical and
Lead Agency: DPTMS                                        dental and DEERS. 2) Some Soldiers and
                                                          dependents are under informed about TRICARE
                                                          and United Concordia coverage. The Fort
Issue 2006-06: Pay Issues Resolution Time                 McCoy representatives provide information on
Status: Completed                                         medical and dental benefits. Both TRICARE
Entered: October 2005                                     and United Concordia have comprehensive web
Final Action: December 2006                               sites.
Scope: Resolution of pay issues takes in excess           3) As a result, there are problems occurring with
of 30 days. (DFAS self-imposed goal is 30 days)           medical and dental coverage.
It takes DFAS Indianapolis 30-180 days to                 Conference Recommendation: Direct
resolve pay issues. Unresolved pay issues                 Commanders to ensure that they include
adversely affect the financial status of personnel        TRICARE, ACS, and DEERS on their in-
served by DFAS and their families.                        processing checklists.
Conference Recommendation: Mandate pay                    Required Action: A memorandum will be
issue resolution within 30 calendar days from             drafted to be signed by the Installation
date of receipt at DFAS.                                  Commander encouraging tenant activity
Required Action: Issue forwarded to                       Commanders to have their personnel inprocess
FORSCOM for the Apr 06 AFAP Conference                    through
Progress: Awaiting disposition of the issue from          TRICARE, DEERS, and ACS and to attend the
FORSCOM.                                                  Fort McCoy Newcomer Orientation to become
FORSCOM Conference Recommendation:                        aware of the information necessary to make
Delegates felt that the intent of this issue was          informed decisions.
covered in current DA AFAP issue #473,                    Progress: Memorandum signed by Installation
Untimely Finance Transactions.                            Commander was sent in Jan 06 to tenant activity
                                                          Commanders encouraging them to have
                                                          their personnel inprocess through
Issue 2006-07: Gun deer permits and archery               TRICARE, DEERS, and ACS and to attend the
permits on post                                           Fort McCoy Newcomer Orientation to garner a
Status: Completed                                         better awareness of the programs and services
Entered: October 2005                                     available.
Final Action: Mar 06 Update Forum                         Lead Agency: DMWR
Scope: 1) Military personnel do not get priority
in the issuance of cantonement archery and gun
deer permits on Fort McCoy.                               Issue 2006-09: TRICARE inprocessing and
2) IAW AR 200-3, para 2-10 a (2), military                ACS/EFMP referral
personnel can apply at the same time as anyone            Status: Completed
else for these permits. The Installation                  Entered: October 2005
Commander can approve an exception to policy              Final Action: Mar 06 Update Forum
for those military who are TDY, deployed                  Scope: 1) Fort McCoy TRICARE
overseas, or enroute to PSC to Fort McCoy to              representatives do not have a procedure in
obtain a permit after the quota has been filled.          place to inform the ACS EFMP program
Conference Recommendation: Continue to                    manager that there is a family with a special
follow procedures outlined in AR 200-3.                   needs member. 2) TRICARE representatives
Required Action: Per conference                           cannot release information without a written
recommendation, no new action is required as              release from the sponsor or legal guardian. Fort
the Installation Commander can approve an                 McCoy has an EFMP program manager. 3) The
exception to policy to obtain a permit after the          EFMP member may not receive the needed
quota has been filled.                                    services. Soldiers may end up paying out of
Progress: Issue was reviewed at the Mar 06                pocket expenses.
Issues Update Review and it was agreed that               Conference Recommendation: Mandate
the current exception to policy will suffice.             communication between TRICARE
Lead Agency: DPTMS                                        representatives and ACS regarding referral of
                                                          EFMP members/potential members.
                                                          Required Action: Health Benefits Advisors and
Issue 2006-08: Medical and Dental Benefits                ACS work together to ensure families who need
Awareness                                                 EFMP services are informed of the program.
Status: Completed
Progress: ACS provided EFMP packets and                    assessment of military families to determine
registration forms to the Health Benefits                  what size population this issue affects. If few
Advisors Office for referral purposes.                     are affected, Installation Commander suggested
Lead Agency: DMWR                                          units integrate assistance into their Command
                                                           Sponsorship program.
                                                           May 2006: A transportation needs assessment
Issue 2006-10: Child Development Services                  survey of 240 households has been conducted.
leave policy                                               Sixteen responses were received. The results
Status: Completed                                          showed that none of the respondents stated that
Entered: October 2005                                      lack of a personal vehicle or state driver’s
Final Action: December 2006                                license prevented them from visiting Fort
Scope: MWR daycare facilities require payment              McCoy.
for leave days in excess of 2 weeks per year.              Lead Agency: DMWR
Authorized patrons are allowed more than two
weeks of leave per year. Paying for services
after two weeks leave allowance is exhausted               Issue 2006-12: Guest Policy at Rumpel
may cause a financial burden.                              Fitness Center
Conference Recommendation:                                 Status: Completed
1) Synchronize leave policy with patrons’ annual           Entered: October 2005
leave. 2) Require a set fee to hold your child’s           Final Action: Oct 06 Update Forum
place.                                                     Scope: Guest use is limited by local policy.
Required Action: Issue forwarded to                        Some authorized patrons’ guests are not
FORSCOM for the Apr 06 AFAP Conference                     allowed to use the fitness center or pool. This
Progress: Awaiting disposition of the issue from           creates dissatisfaction among authorized
FORSCOM                                                    patrons.
FORSCOM Conference Recommendation:                         Conference Recommendation: Revise Rumpel
Delegates felt that two weeks is the standard              Fitness Center guest policy.
vacation time at any childcare center and                  Required Action: Provide staff paper to
anything more would cause a financial burden               Installation Commander with information on
for the center and staff. Two weeks is adequate            peak usage periods and costs associated with
and reasonable. There are exceptions in certain            allowing guests.
cases that will grant leave beyond two weeks               Mar 06 Update Forum: The DMWR will initiate
without fees.                                              a staff paper to the Installation Commander with
Lead Agency: DMWR                                          the necessary information for making a decision
                                                           on policy revision. It was suggested that no
                                                           more than one guest be allowed per family.
Issue 2006-11: Fort McCoy transportation                   Progress: In June 06, the installation
service from Sparta and Tomah                              commander approved a new guest policy
Status: Completed                                          whereby each eligible family is authorized one
Entered: October 2005                                      guest for each visit Monday thru Friday 0900-
Final Action: Oct 06 Update Forum                          1030 and 1400-1530. This will include
Scope: 1) There isn’t any Army funded                      instructional classes such as aerobics, swim
transportation to Ft. McCoy from Sparta and                lessons, etc.
Tomah for dependents. 2) Fort McCoy activities             Lead Agency: DMWR
are not accessible to dependents without public
transportation. In accordance with the March
1997 GOSC, the installation commander has the              Issue 2006-13: PX Food Court hours
authority to allocate funds to support a                   Status: Completed
transportation system. Issue #360 g (4)(5). 3)             Entered: October 2005
Not utilizing facilities on the installation forces        Final Action: Mar 06 Update Forum
dependents to use local markets which increase             Scope: Food Court hours of operation are not
out-of-pocket expenses.                                    aligned with Fort McCoy mission. Current hours
Conference Recommendation: Installation                    of operation are 1030 to 1800. Unavailability
Commander direct a needs assessment to                     discourages customers from using AAFES Food
determine if there is sufficient interest to pursue        Court.
implementing this service.                                 Conference Recommendation: Require
Required Action: Four options were suggested               coordination between AAFES and Installation
by lead agency as possibilities. One of those              Command to determine projected troop
was for a needs assessment to be conducted                 population. Adjust hours and personnel to meet
Progress: At the Mar 06 Issues Update Forum,               demand.
the DMWR stated that they will conduct a needs
Required Action: It was determined at the Mar           Scope: 1) While traveling on Highway 16, it is
06 APAF Update Forum that the installation              difficult to see the directional sign for Fort
CSM, AAFES, and DMWR already work closely               McCoy gates during limited visibility.
to review projected troop population for any            2) This creates a dangerous situation when
given period. In addition, the CSM briefs               traffic is traveling at highway speeds. This
incoming units on the services available. There         entrance, at the corner of CTY A and HWY 16,
is at least one eating establishment open on the        is used by Family Housing residents and Fort
installation until 10PM daily.                          McCoy employees.
Lead Agency: AAFES                                      3) Lighted signs will allow drivers the adequate
                                                        time needed to react to making the turn.
                                                        Conference Recommendation: Install a light
Issue 2006-14: Upkeep of Cemetery on Fort               on or below the Fort McCoy directional sign.
McCoy                                                   Required Action: It was stated at the Mar 06
Status: Completed                                       AFAP Update Forum that the sign is already
Entered: October 2005                                   reflective, there is poor luck with solar-powered
Final Action: Mar 07 Update Forum                       lighting, and the cost of electrical service to the
Scope: The cemetery is located on the road that         sign would cost approximately $32K. The
the public uses to access Whitetail and                 current sign is the standard used by the
Pineview. The condition of the cemetery and             installation and the State of Wisconsin
surrounding area is in need of upkeep and               Department of Transportation.
repair. The unkempt condition of the area is            Lead Agency: DSS
disrespectful to the families with a loved one
buried in the cemetery and also indicates to the
public that Fort McCoy has neither regard or            Issue 2006-16: Fort McCoy Severe Weather
respect for the cemetery.                               Warning System
Conference Recommendation: The                          Status: Active
surrounding fence should be painted, repaired or        Entered: October 2005
replaced. The fence bordering the recycling             Final Action:
area should be heightened. The grounds should           Scope: 1) Warning sirens are unable to be
be maintained – grass kept cut – shrubs                 heard indoors in various areas on the installation
trimmed.                                                cantonment area. 2) The location and number
Required Action: At the Mar 06 AFAP Update              of the sirens make it difficult to hear when inside
Forum, DSS stated that the cemetery is part of          certain locations on Ft. McCoy.
the Township of Angelo. The Installation                3) Inability to hear early warning sirens can be
Commander asked that the Public Affairs Office          detrimental to personnel on Ft. McCoy.
(PAO) solicit the Town of Angelo to provide             Conference Recommendation: Install an
repairs, possibly as a volunteer project.               adequate number of sirens around the
Oct 06 Update Forum: The PAO reported that              installation that can be heard from the inside of
the cemetery is in the township of Lafayette.           all buildings within the cantonment area.
The PAO contacted both the township and the             Required Action: The DPTMS has a project in
Monroe County Historical Society. No response           the works to add more poles and speakers, and
had been received from either party to date.            DSS is in the process of converting transmitters
The issue will remain open until the end of 2006        in buildings for voice announcements. At the
and close at that time if contact is not made.          Mar 06 AFAP Update Forum, the installation
Mar 07 Update Forum: The PAO reported they              Commander suggested talking to Fort
talked to someone from the Township of                  Leavenworth about the 911 system they have in
Lafayette who said they will deal with the              place.
upkeep of the cemetery in the spring. The               Progress: Per 14 July Triad, a new solar-
installation commander will also see if the             powered Siren/Early Warning System is now
Challenge Academy is interested in taking this          operational that will give better coverage of the
on as one of their public service projects.             garrison. It can broadcast a variety of items and
Aug 07 Update Forum: The Fort McCoy                     also has area isolation capabilities.
Challenge Academy will consider upkeep of the           Oct 06 Update Forum: It was decided that
cemetery as a community service project on a            further testing should be conducted to see if
class by class basis.                                   there may still be pockets where the Siren/Early
Lead Agency: DSS                                        Warning System cannot be heard.
Issue 2006-15: Unlit sign on Hwy 16 directing           Mar 07 Update Forum: There are still some
traffic to Fort McCoy gates                             dead spots where the system cannot be heard.
Status: Completed                                       Dates will be set up to conduct more testing.
Entered: October 2005                                   Aug 07 Update Forum: The DPTMS will be
Final Action: Mar 06 Update Forum                       conducting tests to familiarize personnel with the
system and to replace and add sirens as                    30 day leave policy will be considered for
necessary. The DPTMS will establish a reverse              implementation in the next iteration of the Army
911 notification system to alert installation              Fee Policy Year 2008/2009. CYS does not
personnel of emergencies.                                  support the implementation of daily usage of 30
Mar 08 Update Forum: There are still                       days of leave as it would require additional
improvements that need to be made to the                   clerical staff which would increase patron fees.
system.                                                    Leave in block amounts (30 days or weekly)
Sep 08 Update Forum: Improvements are still                requires only a minor modification to the current
being made. There are currently two systems                management information system. Since the
that do not interact with each other. An FY09              daily usage policy that was the Ft. McCoy piece
funding request will be submitted to obtain                of this issue is not being supported, it is being
additional poles and create one system for all.            considered unattainable at this time.
Work will also continue on the reverse 911                 Lead Agency: DHR/DMWR
Mar 09 Update Forum: Software will be
purchased and installed to network the two                 Issue 2007-2: Drinking Water Quality
interior notification systems. A separate mass             Status: Completed
notification system is being installed Apr 09.             Entered: October 2006
Testing of the systems is to be standardized.              Final Action: Mar 07 Update Forum
Lead Agency: DES/DPTMS                                     Scope: Soldiers have been informed that water
                                                           in older barracks is unsafe to drink. Soldiers
                                                           who purchase their own water will limit
Issue 2007-01: Child & Youth Services (CYS)                consumption, creating a health risk. This affects
Patron Leave Policy                                        all Soldiers training on the installation and is a
Status: Unattainable                                       safety issue.
Entered: October 2006                                      Conference Recommendation:
Final Action: March 2008                                   1) Install water filtration systems where
Scope: CYS Patron Leave Policy does not allow              warranted.
flexibility to take earned leave as desired. CYS           2) Recommend that units flush the water lines
fee guidance dictates patrons take only one                prior to use and inform them that water buffalos
week increments of earned leave. This does not             and/or bottled water from Troop Issue Support
allow for use of leave at user’s discretion without        Activity (TISA) are available upon request.
financial penalty.                                         3) Post the Annual Consumer Confidence
Conference Recommendation:                                 Report on water quality in all barracks.
1) Eliminate restrictions within current leave             Required Action: Sent to DSS for ways to
policy.                                                    resolve
2) Change policy to allow for daily vs. weekly             Mar 07 Update Forum: It was reported that the
increments of leave taken.                                 water in all buildings is safe to drink. The main
Required Action: Issue forwarded to the                    water line is flushed annually and Consumer
FORSCOM mid-level conference to be held Mar                Confidence reports are published annually in the
07.                                                        Triad. Water taps should be allowed to run for
Progress Mar 07 Update: This issue became                  15 minutes if the water looks cloudy due to
FORSCOM Issue FC-07-26. The title was                      bubbles. If the problem persists, units may
changed to ‘Modification of Child & Youth                  contact the water treatment plant to ask for the
Services Patron Leave Credit.’ The delegates               water main to be flushed. Information will be
put forth two recommendations:                             presented to all units training at Fort McCoy.
1) Extend CYS Patron Leave Credit to 30 non-               COL Sentinella suggested a sign be placed in
chargeable days annually and 2) Authorize daily            dining facilities concerning water quality.
usage of Patron Leave Credit. This was one of              Aug 07 Update Forum: CSM Dubois was going
the FORSCOM conference Top Five Issues and                 to check to see if signs had been placed in the
will be forwarded for inclusion in the DA AFAP             dining facilities.
Conference in Nov 07.                                      Mar 08 Update Forum: Signage has been
Aug 07 Update Forum: The DA AFAP                           placed in dining facilities and barracks.
conference will be held 2-7 Dec 07 where issue             Lead Agency: DSS
will be reviewed.
Mar 08 Update Forum: This issue was not                    Issue 2007-03: World War II Barracks
entered into the DA AFAP Book at the Dec 07                Status: Completed
conference. The disposition from HQDA read as              Entered: October 2006
follows: CYS is analyzing a 30 day child care              Final Action: Mar 07 Update Forum
leave policy. If it is determined to meet the              Scope: Barracks are in severe need of being
needs of the childcare patrons and the Army, a             refurbished, i.e. lack of electrical outlets &
dividers in toilet. Morale of troops would                Required Action: Sent to DMWR for ways to
increase.                                                 resolve
Conference Recommendation: This issue was                 Mar 07 Update Forum: An installation wide
not worked as DA AFAP Issue #589 deals with               needs assessment will be conducted concerning
“Funding for Barracks Sustainment, Restoration,           anticipated patronage. Research is being done
and Modernization (SRM).”                                 regarding a cooperative agreement with local
Required Action: HQDA direct and monitor a                suppliers if the needs assessment results do not
stringent focused funding strategy for barracks           warrant construction.
to ensure funding programmed for barracks                 Aug 07 Update Forum: An installation-wide
SRM is spent on barracks.                                 needs assessment was conducted in May 07
Progress: In FY07, it is anticipated SRM funds            concerning anticipated patronage of an on-post
for all categories will be fenced.                        equestrian facility. Only 8 of 29 horse owners
Mar 07 Update Forum: 25 barracks are                      are interested in boarding and services.
currently being renovated. DSS budgets for at             Research is being done on a cooperative
least four buildings per year. A request to               agreement with 7 local vendors to provide
renovate all buildings in the west, southeast, and        services at a reduced fee to owners and non-
east corners of the Installation has been                 owners since the needs assessment does not
submitted.                                                warrant construction.
Lead Agency: DSS                                          Mar 08 Update Forum Progress: Two local
                                                          businesses in Sparta and Warrens expressed
                                                          willingness to provide reduced rates. There will
Issue 2007-04: Can you receive the Military               be a written agreement with these businesses
Channel & Fox News channel on TV?                         and the information will be placed on the MWR
Status: Completed                                         website.
Entered: October 2006                                     Sep 08 Update Forum Progress: One local
Final Action: March 07 Update Forum                       vendor will provide equestrian discounts that are
Scope: It was determined that the Military                listed at the Military Specials link under DFMWR
Channel could be set up through an individual             on the Corporate webpage.
account. Getting the Fox News Channel would               Lead Agency: DHR/DMWR
require contract renegotiations. This would
allow Mediacom to increase prices on the
complete contract that includes 1537 outlets.             Issue 2007-06: Expand the Child Eligibility
Each activity would incur the additional costs if         criteria outlined in 608-10 para 1-6 to include
renegotiations were done. Current pricing is              National Guard and Reservists not on active
locked in until 2009 when the contract expires.           duty or training
Conference Recommendation: The delegates                  Status: Completed
felt this issue did not warrant being pursued at          Entered: October 2006
this time due to the added costs of contract              Final Action: Mar 07 Update Forum
renegotiations.                                           Scope: The Fort McCoy surrounding
Required Action: Concurrence of Installation              communities are home to many National Guard
Commander                                                 and Reserve families and they are not provided
Mar 07 Update Forum: Commander concurred.                 an opportunity to utilize Child and Youth
Lead Agency: DOIM                                         Services unless they are on active orders or
                                                          during training. The eligibility criterion includes
                                                          Active Duty military personnel as well as APF
Issue 2007-05: Equestrian facility on Fort                and NAF DOD civilian personnel. Our Reserve
McCoy                                                     and National Guard families are part of the Total
Status: Completed                                         Army Family regardless of on Active Orders or
Entered: October 2006                                     during times of training and should be afforded
Final Action: Sep 08 Update Forum                         the opportunity to utilize the services that we
Scope: Ft. McCoy does not offer any equestrian            provide for the Active Duty personnel and APF
facilities. Stables can offer a range of year             and NAF personnel.
round services to include educational,                    Conference Recommendation: The
recreational and therapeutic programs. These              conference workgroup did not pursue
programs would improve the quality of life and            recommending changes to the regulation as
promote a positive learning environment.                  they unanimously concurred with the current
Conference Recommendation:                                eligibility criteria in AR 608-10 para 1-6. They
1) Establish functional equestrian facilities.            felt that slots may be lost for active duty Soldiers
2) Provide appropriate acreage for activities.            by changing the regulation.
3) Authorize riding on existing trails.                   Required Action: Concurrence of Installation
Mar 07 Update Forum: DMWR reported there                  program to break-even financially. 3) A
is no room to expand the current facilities. Most         babysitter referral list is available for patrons
programs are full with some having a waiting list.        requiring child care on evenings or weekends.
Commander concurred with delegate                         4) CYS can assist patrons in obtaining extended
recommendation.                                           hours by utilizing the services of the child care
Lead Agency: DMWR                                         resource and referral agency that serves the
                                                          Fort McCoy community. 5) CYS is willing and
                                                          able to work with units who would like to
Issue 2007-07: Family Oriented Facilities                 establish a program called Volunteer Child Care
Status: Completed                                         in a Unit Setting (VCCUS). CYS will train unit
Entered: October 2006                                     members in child care techniques and activities
Final Action: Mar 07 Update Forum                         in order that one unit can provide child care to
Scope: The limited facilities offered at Fort             another unit's family members in exchange for
McCoy are either child inappropriate, seasonal            child care to be provided in return at a future
only, or of very limited availability. The two            time.
facilities that are child friendly are not geared         Required Action: Concurrence of Installation
towards learning while having fun, and have no            Commander
animal exposure. My family is affected by this            Progress: Commander concurred.
lack of family centered activities; we are forced         Lead Agency: DMWR
to seek experiences elsewhere when we would
rather spend time and money at McCoy.
Conference Recommendation: Delegates                      Issue 2007-09: TRICARE Coverage for
unanimously agreed that there are many family-            Newborns
oriented activities already available on the              Status: Completed
installation for all seasons. Morale, Welfare, and        Entered: October 2006
Recreation can be contacted for a listing of              Final Action: August 2007
activities.                                               Scope: A newborn is covered under TRICARE
Required Action: Concurrence of Installation              at the level provided to the mother for the first 60
Commander                                                 days, then coverage for the infant defaults to
Progress: Commander concurred.                            Standard. The defaulted change for the infant
Lead Agency: DMWR                                         results in claims that are subject to deductibles,
                                                          co-pays and cost-shares - a more expensive
                                                          option. Soldiers and family members caught
Issue 2007-08: Fort McCoy needs childcare                 unaware of TRICARE benefits status experience
during weekends                                           financial and emotional hardships.
Status: Completed                                         Conference Recommendation:
Entered: October 2006                                     1) Eliminate the default to Standard coverage for
Final Action: Mar 07 Update                               newborns.
Scope: 1) Ft. McCoy doesn’t have childcare                2) Maintain present coverage indefinitely unless
during weekends. 2) Ft. McCoy Child                       otherwise directed by a parent.
Development Center (CDC) is only open M-F                 (Mother + baby = same coverage)
6:30-5:30. There are no alternate programs. 3)            Required Action: Issue forwarded to the
Ft. McCoy has now boosted operations to 7                 FORSCOM mid-level conference to be held Mar
days a week, 24 hours a day. We have many                 07.
Soldiers that not only work odd hours but                 Progress: Issue was returned to the installation.
weekends as well. Whether mobilized here or               FORSCOM delegates believe that measures are
AGR or Reserve, we have many single Soldiers              in place to prevent problems listed in the scope.
& married that re not able to find child care on          The Tricare Regional Director can extend the
weekends. The military does not offer the                 enrollment up to 120 days on a case-by-case
program or even an alternate program.                     basis.
Conference Recommendation: The                            Aug 07 Update Forum: Installation Commander
workgroup decided not to work this issue for the          concurred.
following reasons.                                        Lead Agency: HBA
1) A procedure is in place for unit commanders
to request a special opening of the Child
Development Center for extended hours, to                 Issue 2007-10: Cell phone policy not posted
include weekend care.                                     at Gates.
2) Historically, the special operating hours have         Status: Completed
often been cost prohibitive for the limited               Entered: October 2006
number of patrons wanting to utilize the care             Final Action: Mar 07 Update Forum
and still allow for the Child Development
Scope: Policy of no cell phone usage while               Entered: October 2006
driving is not posted when coming in the Main            Final Action: August 2007
Gate. Other safety issues such as seatbelt               Scope: Soldiers with extended family members
usage, dimming headlights, etc. are posted.              needing assistance are not being recognized at
Cell phone usage while driving is not only a             Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP). The
safety issue but a command policy that could             number of extended family members assisted by
leave personnel subject to possible fines. This          Soldiers is growing. A mobilized/deployed
is not fair to expect people to know if they are         Soldier concerned about the welfare of their
not stationed and/or employed here. This affects         family would be distracted from their mission.
Soldiers training, mobilizing or attending school        Conference Recommendation:
here, family members/dependents, retirees,               1) Identify deploying Soldiers with extended
delivery drivers, and members of the general             family assistance issues.
public coming to search for employment of                2) Include an assessment at an SRP to identify
obtain a fishing/hunting permit.                         extended family care needs.
Conference Recommendation: This issue was                3) Provide resource information to the Soldier.
not worked by the delegates as DPTMS stated              Required Action: Issue forwarded to the
they will post a “No Cell Phone Usage While              FORSCOM mid-level conference to be held in
Driving” with symbol that will be added to the           Mar 07.
informational signs at the Installation ACPs.            Progress: Issue was returned to the installation.
Required Action: Sent to DPTMS for posting of            Delegates felt this was a rare issue that could be
signage                                                  resolved through the implementation of a Family
Mar 07 Update Forum: Instead of posting more             Care Plan and should be addressed upon in-
signs, the Command Group thought it would be             processing and/or prior to SRP.
more effective to have the cell phone regulation         Aug 07 Update Forum: Installation Commander
printed on the back of visitor’s passes.                 concurred.
Aug 07 Update Forum: Cell phone policy is
now on the back of visitor passes.
Lead Agency: DPTMS                                       Issue 2008-01: Fishing Maps Revision
                                                         Status: Completed
                                                         Entered: October 2007
Issue 2007-11: Uniform Issue and Allowance               Final Action: Sep 08 Update Forum
Status: Completed                                        Scope: Maps do not clearly show directions to
Entered: October 2006                                    fishing areas. The locations of the fishing areas
Final Action: August 2007                                are hard to find because directions are not
Scope: The uniform allowances do not reflect             clearly listed on the maps. There are
costs of current and changing requirements.              inconsistencies with what is distributed by
This increases out-of-pocket expenses for                Permit Sales and Pineview Campground of
Soldiers, creating a financial hardship. Both the        fishing maps and directions. There are no
changing requirements and the added expenses             directions to the fishing areas south of Highway
impact professional appearance, pride and                21. The directions to the North Flowage are
morale.                                                  hard to follow unless you are
Conference Recommendation:                               familiar with the area. Maps that are unclear
1) Issue all required uniform items and eliminate        present a risk of someone entering into a
the uniform allowance. Authorize                         training area creating a safety and security
reimbursement for items that are not available in        issue.
time to meet mission requirements.                       Conference Recommendation:
2) Require semi-annual reviews to adjust                 1) Revise the fishing map to include color coding
uniform maintenance allowances.                          of the proper routes to fishing areas.
Required Action: Issue forwarded to the                  2) Provide detailed written directions with a
FORSCOM mid-level conference to be held in               common start point (similar to Map Quest) to all
Mar 07.                                                  fishing areas to be included with the new maps.
Progress: Issue was returned to the installation.        3) Require all Fort McCoy facilities selling fishing
Delegates opined that HQDA active issue 601,             permits to distribute the same fishing maps and
Full Compensation for Uniform Changes, covers            directions.
the recommendations of this issue.                       Required Action: DES/DPTMS provide an
Aug 07 Update Forum: Installation Commander              issue paper to address a viable solution to issue
concurred.                                               Mar 08 Update Forum: Current map was not
                                                         considered user-friendly. Leadership felt color
Issue 2007-12: Soldier’s extended family                 coded map could be provided or placed online
members                                                  so individuals could print their own.
Status: Completed                                        Inconsistencies with what is distributed by
various onpost agencies were not addressed.                  time child does not go to child care for the day.
Fort McCoy is transitioning to the WI Automated              Ft. Hood, TX offers hourly care you can
License Issuance System (A.L.I.S.) where                     schedule 2 weeks in advance. This type of
individuals will be able to purchase both a state            scheduling allows spouses to have predictable
license and a Fort McCoy permit at any A.L.I.S.              child care and plan personal events accordingly.
agent.                                                       Conference Recommendation: The work
Sep 08 Update Forum: Due to actions                          group decided not to work this issue because:
implemented, this issue was deemed completed.                1) Part time and hourly care is on a first-come
Progress: Maps are now color-coded and                       first-serve basis, per the subject matter expert.
provided to customers at both distribution points.           Per SME input on FY07 Occupancy Report, the
Lead Agency: DES/DPTMS                                       CDC was never at 100% occupancy for the past
                                                             2) Reservations can be made up to two weeks in
Issue 2008-02: Crosswalk between PX and                      advance.
McCoys                                                       3) The Family Child Care program in Woodridge
Status: Completed                                            Housing offers more flexibility and options in
Entered: October 2007                                        child care arrangements.
Final Action: Sep 08 Update Forum                            4) A babysitting referral list is also available
Scope: There is no direct crosswalk between                  upon request from ACS or the CDC.
McCoys and PX. The crosswalk placement                       Required Action: Review and approval by
between                                                      Installation Commander to be deemed
McCoy’s, PX and the tactical parking area is                 completed.
inadequate. Currently, there is only one                     Mar 08 Update Forum: Conference
crosswalk located between the gravel tactical                recommendation was approved.
parking area and the PX and is not handicapped               Lead Agency: DHR/DMWR
accessible. Signage and crosswalk markings
are not sufficient, creating a safety hazard for
drivers and pedestrians.                                     Issue 2008-04: Availability of Tricare Prime
Conference Recommendation:                                   for Retirees
1) Cancel work order #07017 CONST                            Status: Active
CRSSWLK/B.1571-1538 submitted                                Entered: October 2007
18-SEP-07. Relocate the current crosswalk and                Final Action:
signs to the area in Picture B from the tactical             Scope: Tricare Prime is not available to all
parking area to the PX. Construct a second                   qualified personnel. Tricare Prime nation wide is
crosswalk as shown in Picture C from McCoy’s                 not available to all retirees. Retirees in non-
to the PX. Stripe the parking spaces in the PX               Prime Service Areas do not receive the
parking lot as appropriate for pedestrian traffic.           same benefits as retirees in Prime Service
2) Install flashing warning signs on 10th Avenue             Areas.
before the crosswalks.                                       Conference Recommendation: Authorize
3) Reduce the speed limit on 10th Avenue in the              identical coverage of benefits for qualified
vicinity of the crosswalks.                                  retirees nation wide.
Required Action: DPW provide an issue paper                  Required Action: Sent to IMCOM-West Region
to address a viable solution to the issue                    to enter into Mar 08 FORSCOM AFAP
Progress: A new tactical parking lot was                     Conference.
established and two sidewalks were poured in                 Progress: Issue was voted one of the top five
Oct 07.                                                      FORSCOM AFAP conference issues and will go
Mar 08 Update Forum: Other suggested safety                  forward to the FY09 DA AFAP Conference to be
actions will be implemented 3 Qtr FY08 to                    held Jan 2009.
make improvements to this area.                              Sep 08 Update Forum: Issue will be looked at
Sep 08 Update Forum: Crosswalks were                         by delegates at the DA AFAP Conference in
restriped and signage relocated to increase                  Jan 09.
safety.                                                      Mar 09 Update Forum: Have not received a
Lead Agency: DOL/DPW                                         disposition on this issue to date.
                                                             Lead Agency: Health Benefits
Issue 2008-03: Flexible Schedule at Fort
McCoy Day Care Facility
Status: Completed                                            Issue 2008-05: Paid parental leave for
Entered: October 2007                                        Federal Employees after birth
Final Action: March 2008                                     Status: Completed
Scope: Fort McCoy only offers full-time care.                Entered: October 2007
Part-time or hourly care is only available if a full-        Final Action: September 2008
Scope: There is currently limited paid parental           with one going directly to DeCA. DeCA requires
leave for federal                                         an annual survey of 50 patrons during a one
employees. By offering increased family friendly          week timeframe. Signs have been posted
benefits, the government would be more                    throughout the store stating the availability to
competitive with private agencies and increase            order items not currently in stock.
recruitment and retention. Employees would                Mar 08 Update Forum: Due to various actions
benefit as it would alleviate some of the                 implemented, this issue was deemed completed.
financial stress related to unpaid leave Family           Lead Agency: DeCA
Medical Leave
Act (FMLA).
Conference Recommendation: Pursue                         Issue 2008-07: Reservation policy at Pine
legislative proposals to increase family friendly         View Campground
leave benefits.                                           Status: Completed
Required Action: Sent to IMCOM-West Region                Entered: October 2007
to enter into FORSCOM AFAP Conference in                  Final Action: Sep 08 Update Forum
Mar 08.                                                   Scope: The unpublished reservation policy at
Mar 08 Update Forum: FORSCOM has not yet                  Pine View Campground discriminates against
provided a disposition on this issue.                     service members and retirees. Reservations at
Sep 08 Update Forum: FORSCOM disposition                  Pine View are taken more than a year in
stated the following: Given the current climate of        advance and admit the general public.
an army at war and existing leave entitlements,           There are no lodging units set aside for military
the workgroup felt that Federal employees                 and families who are traveling on PCS leave,
receive a fair and currently sufficient amount of         regular
leave for the birth of a child; however, if the           leave or R & R leave. There are only ten sites
installation feels strongly about the issue it            held until Thursday for active duty military and
should be resubmitted later.                              then are released to the general public. All other
Lead Agency: CPAC                                         Military Recreation Areas in CONUS are
                                                          restricted to members of the US Military,
                                                          retirees, DoD civilians (some facilities) and
Issue 2008-06: Product Selection at Fort                  employees of the state where the supporting
McCoy Commissary                                          Installation is located (some facilities). No other
Status: Completed                                         Military Recreation Areas in CONUS accept
Entered: October 2007                                     reservations a year in advance. (Source:
Final Action: March 08 Update Forum                       “Military Living’s Military RV, Camping &
Scope: The selection of products in the new               Outdoor Recreation Guide”) By
commissary has been greatly reduced.                      allowing the general public to use Pine View
Customers shop in the local community since               Campground in order to fill its reservations, Pine
there are less products available at the                  View is
commissary. This decreases the value of the               competing with campgrounds in the local
benefit of commissary usage and increases out-            community for the local dollar instead of keeping
of pocket                                                 it an
costs for qualified users.                                exclusive benefit for military families and DoD
Conference Recommendation:                                civilians.
1) Conduct a survey throughout the local                  Conference Recommendation:
military/retiree community to determine product           1) Set aside 25% of sites and lodging units for
selection and gather feedback on their                    the exclusive use of Military, Retirees and DoD
experiences with the new commissary. Provide              Civilians to be held until Friday at noon of each
results of the survey to the community.                   week.
2) Increase product selection based on results of         2) Limit reservations to 90 days in advance for
the survey. Post signs in the commissary                  the General Public.
stating the availability to order items not               3) Publish and post the campground and
currently in stock.                                       reservation policies in the Triad, the Bulletin,
3) Revise marketing strategy by utilizing                 Echoes, the website and at the website and the newsletters (i.e.           campground itself.
Echoes, Triad, Bulletin).                                 4) Assign an impartial task force to review
Required Action: Commissary provide an issue              current campground and reservation policies as
paper to address a viable solution to the issue           compared to other military installations to ensure
Progress: Product selection has increased by              the focus remains on the military community.
over a thousand line items since the Grand                Required Action: DHR/DMWR provide an issue
Opening in Apr 07. Two forms of customer                  paper to address a viable solution to the issue
comment cards are made available in the store
Mar 08 Update Forum: In all but one weekend              Issue 2009-02: Personal Property Shipping
in 2007, the majority of the 10 camp sites               Office (PPSO) at Fort McCoy
reserved until Thursday of each week for                 Status: Completed
military were turned back into the inventory and         Entered: October 2008
released on a first come first served basis. The         Final Action: March 2009 Update Forum
average number of sites turned in was 8-10               Scope: Lack of an on-site PPSO representative
weekly.                                                  makes it difficult to coordinate household goods
Progress: Ten percent of trailers will be added          shipment/movement to and from Fort McCoy
to this inventory with the same release policy as        and the surrounding area.
the camp sites. This hold and release policy will        Installation Management Command Northeast
be posted on the MWR Pineview Campground                 (IMCOM-NE) allocates funds to Fort McCoy
web page.                                                Base Operations that supports Fort Snelling
Sep 08 Update Forum: Information has been                PPSO. Over the past three years, Army
posted to the Pine View Campground link on the           Community Service exit evaluations completed
DRMWR website.                                           by Soldiers leaving the
Lead Agency: DHR/DMWR                                    installation show that many want to have a
                                                         Transportation Office located at Ft. McCoy.
                                                         Soldiers and DA civilians state they don’t like
Issue 2009-01: Physical Fitness Time for DA              playing phone tag or e-mailing to get info as it is
Civilians                                                too impersonal, and 3 hours is too far to drive to
Status: Active                                           Ft. Snelling for a personal interview. This affects
Entered: October 2008                                    all personnel who are PCSing to and from Ft.
Final Action:                                            McCoy and the surrounding area.
Scope: Some commanders are not allocating                Conference Recommendation:
Department of Army civilians time to conduct             1. Relocate the PPSO from Fort Snelling to Fort
physical fitness training and education during           McCoy.
the work week. Currently AR 600-63 allows a              2. Establish a Personal Property Shipping Office
commander approved three hours per week for              at Ft. McCoy.
a one time six-month fitness, physical exercise          3. Move PPSO contact numbers from the Fort
training, monitoring, and/or education activities        McCoy extranet to the main Fort McCoy website
as the mission permits. Lack of fitness and              titled “Inbound/Outbound”.
health programs adversely affects everyone,              Required Action: DOL provide information on
from the individual who is suffering from health         feasibility.
related issues, to the employer, as sick leave           Progress: At the 26 Mar 09 Update Forum,
often increases from those who don't engage in           DOL stated that WI is only 27% of the Fort
regular physical activity as well as productivity        Snelling customer base. Individuals PCSing will
reduction due to alertness being lessened, to the        soon coordinate the transportation of HHG
country as health care costs continue to rise in         online through the Defense Personnel Property
order to take care of unhealthy individuals.             System. The Sort Snelling contact information
Conference Recommendation:                               will be put on the public website, the extranet,
1. Major Army Command (MACOM)                            and the corporate net.
commanders will implement and enforce AR                 Lead Agency: DOL
600-63 Para 5-2.
2. Implement a flex work schedule to allow
employees to continue the fitness program after          Issue 2009-03: GI Bill Unable to Transfer to
the present command authorized one time six              Spouse
month program.                                           Status: Active
3. Amend AR 600-63 to expand the one time six            Entered: October 2008
month fitness, physical exercise training,               Final Action:
monitoring, and/or education activities to be an         Scope:
ongoing program allowing three hours per work            1. Unable to transfer GI bill to spouse
week.                                                    2. When Soldier does not want to use GI bill,
Required Action: Sent to IMCOM-Northeast                 they are unable to transfer to a spouse
Region to enter into Mar 2009 FORSCOM AFAP               3. Anyone who is offered the GI bill and does not
Conference.                                              want to use it,
Progress: It was determined by the delegates at          they should have the right to transfer it.
the FORSCOM AFAP Conference that civilians               Conference Recommendation: Delegates
should use their own time for physical fitness           chose not to work this issue as DA AFAP Issue
because the cost to the government of time lost          497 - Distribution of Montgomery GI Bill Benefits
from work is too great.                                  to Dependent(s) remains active. Subject matter
Lead Agency: CPAC                                        expert staff position stated that the Post 9/11
Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2008,                  Issue 2009-06: Army Education Centers/Army
Chapter 33, allows for transferability of GI Bill to        Reserve Education Centers (AEC/AREC)
dependents, both spouses and children, and                  Entitlements for AC/AGR/RC Spouses
amends Chapter 30, Chapter 1606, and Chapter                Status: Active
1607 to include transferability. Hold this issue            Entered: October 2008
and relook when the implementation procedures               Final Action:
are developed for the new Chapter 33 GI Bill.               Scope: Spouses of AC/AGR/RC Soldiers do not
Effective date of the Chapter 33 GI Bill is 1               receive the same CLEP/DSST testing services
August 2009.                                                at AEC/ARECs. Currently, all Army Reserve
Required Action: None taken                                 Education Centers that conduct CLEP/DSST
Lead Agency: Education Center                               testing will only test spouses of Army Reserve
                                                            Soldiers free of charge. Formerly, exams such
                                                            as CLEP/DSST were available to AC/AGR
Issue 2009-04: Equal Post-Secondary State                   spouses at a reduced rate. These tests
Educational Benefits for Dependents                         frequently help students meet degree
Status: Active                                              requirements, thereby reducing the total costs
Entered: October 2008                                       for meeting educational goals and
Final Action: Mar 09 Update Forum                           achievements.
Scope: As numerous states currently have                    Conference Recommendation: Reinstate
programs where students sign a pledge stating               funding to provide CLEP/DSST testing services,
they will attend a school within their respective           free of charge, for all military spouses regardless
states, dependents of active duty, AGR, or                  of component.
mobilized statuses often have to move around                Required Action: Sent to IMCOM-Northeast
the country or even overseas in which students              Region to enter into Mar 2009 FORSCOM AFAP
cannot gain the opportunity of receiving the                Conference.
same educational benefits as students who live              Progress: The FORSCOM Disposition stated
in their home states. Although there are many               that testing has only been funded for the
scholarship programs within the Army that assist            Reserve Component by the Reserve
in the rising costs of tuition for students, it is          Component Command. This program has
unfair that students cannot participate in state            historically been underutilized, showing a need
programs to assist with tuition due to the fact             for increased awareness of the program.
that their parents move where the mission                   AC/AGR do not budget for spousal testing;
requires them to.                                           however, this issue is being looked at for FY10
Conference Recommendation: Delegates                        budgeting.
elected not to work due to a 2002 Active DA                 Lead Agency: Education Center
Issue 521: In-state College Tuition. They felt
dependent reserve students should not be given
special consideration for grants or scholarships            Issue 2009-07: Long Term TDY/PCS Options
other than what is already available                        Status: Active
Required Action: None taken                                 Entered: October 2008
Lead Agency: Education Center                               Final Action:
                                                            Scope: Currently, IAW JFTR, Chap 2, para
                                                            U2146, orders for 20 weeks (140) days or more
Issue 2009-05: Family Team/Confidence                       mandate a PCS for Soldiers attending schools.
Building Course                                             The JFTR does not allow Soldiers to choose
Status: Completed                                           between PCS or long-term TDY. This may
Entered: October 2008                                       require Soldiers to relocate children one or more
Final Action: Mar 09 Update Forum                           times during a school year. Multiple relocations
Scope: Family members and Soldiers despise                  may cause Families to experience additional
the limited choices of activities offered. Team             financial burdens and/or emotional hardships
Builder course with physical activity and maybe             (i.e. BAH, EFMP considerations, etc).
even horseback riding.                                      Conference Recommendation: Amend JFTR
Conference Recommendation: Delegates                        to allow Soldiers a choice between PCS or long-
chose not to work because IMCOM installations               term TDY while attending military schools.
offer sufficient family programs. Local Family              Required Action: Sent to IMCOM-Northeast
recreational information is available as part of            Region to enter into Mar 2009 FORSCOM AFAP
the Welcome Bag when inprocessing, at                       Conference.
Newcomers Orientation, and Fort McCoy                       Progress: This issue was prioritized by
website (                               FORSCOM AFAP delegates and will be sent to
Required Action: None Taken                                 the FY10 HQDA AFAP Conference.
                                                            Lead Agency: DFAS
Issue 2009-08: Sick Leave for Federal
Employee Retirement System (FERS)
Status: Active
Entered: October 2008
Final Action:
Scope: Upon retirement the FERS employees
who have accumulated sick leave are unable to
donate, cash out, or receive credit in any way for
unused sick leave and it is therefore lost.
Legislation pending in the U.S. Senate, HR
1108, does not allow for cash payout and adds a
service credit used in calculating the annuity
compensation but does not address the
donation of unused sick leave. The Office of
Personnel Management reports FERS
employees have sick leave balances lower than
CSRS employees, and the current policy is
costing taxpayers $68 million annually.
Conference Recommendation:
1. Allow sick leave balances to be “cashed out”
upon retirement
2. Allow sick leave to be donated under the
Leave Transfer Program
3. Factor in the hours of sick leave available
when determining retirement eligibility dates and
Required Action: Sent to IMCOM-Northeast
Region to enter into Mar 2009 FORSCOM AFAP
Progress: FORSCOM disposition stated that
there is pending legislation regarding this issue.
Lead Agency: CPAC


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