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IBC Legal Conferences’ is proud to present

     OF THE

An Essential Analysis of the Future of the Costs Landscape after their Implementation
Wednesday 29th February 2012 • The Grange City Hotel, London                 Chair
                                                                             His Honour Michael Cook
Chaired by His Honour Michael Cook, with a keynote from
                                                                             Author of Cook on Costs
Lord Jackson himself, hear from over half the working
party formed to advise on the implementation of the                                         Keynote
reforms on the key challenges you will face:                                                Lord Justice Jackson
4 Hear directly from Lord Justice Jackson about the
      imminent implementation of his reforms                                 Plus
4 Uncover major new developments in CFAs                                     Nicholas Bacon QC, 4 New Square
                                                                             David Bott, President, Association of Personal
4 Analyse the changes in store for Part 36                                   Injury Lawyers (APIL)
4 Benefit from a cutting edge panel discussion on the future                 Don Clarke, President, Forum Of Insurance
      of costs and dispute litigation                                        Lawyers (FOIL)
                                                                             David Fisher, Catastrophic And Injuries Claims
4 Investigate the current developments in Summary                            Technical Manager, AXA Insurance
      Assessment of Costs, Judicial Case Management and what                 Judith Gledhill, Head of Personal Injury, Thompsons
      the likely reaction is to the implementation of proposals for
                                                                             Graham Huntley, Partner, Hogan Lovells
      change                                                                 International
4 Scrutinise the issue of proportionality of costs under the                 Hardeep Nahal, Partner, McGuireWoods
      new regime                                                             Rocco Pirozzolo, European Operations Underwriting
                                                                             Manager, QBE Insurance
4 Discover the latest on third party funding, giving practical
      consideration to making better use of funding                          John Usher, Trade Union Legal Adviser,
                                                                             TUC and USDAW
4 Consider the ramifications of Qualified One way Costs                      Jeremy Morgan QC,
      Shifting (QOCS)                                                        39 Essex Street Chambers
  Association & Media partners:

                                                                               SRA - 6 hours available
                                                                               BSB - CPD hours will also be available

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An Essential Analysis of the Future of the Costs L
IBC Legal brings you, the Impact of the Jackson
Reforms, the only conference where you will hear
from over half of the reforms’ working party! Set up by      8.30        Registration and coffee
the Civil Justice Council to implement the reforms, the
                                                             9.00        Chair’s Opening Remarks
Working Party will share their reaction and expertise
during the course of this insightful event focusing on                   His Honour Michael Cook
the major changes and developments you will face.                        Author of Cook on Costs
This year heralds a period of profound change in             9.15        kEYNOTE ADDRESS:
the costs field and the Impact of the Jackson                            Lord Justice Jackson
Reforms will deliver the key changes you need to be
aware of, including a keynote presentation from the
author himself Lord Justice Jackson.                         9.45        Jackson – Putting You In The Picture
                                                             	           • What will happen when?
You cannot afford to miss this timely conference             	           • How reforms are already taking effect
brought to you at a critical period for all those involved   	           • The judicial initiatives
in the litigation and costs process.                         	           • Q&A

Book early to get the best rates. Plus! Book this                        His Honour Michael Cook
event together with our 27th Solicitors’ Costs                           Author of Cook on Costs
conference and save another £100!
                                                             10.35       Refreshment Break
Visit for more details.

To take advantage of the early bird rate, visit              10.55       Qualified One Way Costs Shifting (QOCS)
                                                                         The Devil Will Be In the Detail –, email
                                                                         • QOCS financials - who will benefit from QOCS or call us on                             protection?
+44 (0)20 7017 5503                                          	           • In what circumstances might a party lose QOCS
                                                                           protection and face a costs order?
Make sure that you don’t miss out on this exciting           	           • QOCS and Part 36
event. If you can’t make it yourself, why not pass the       	           • Multi Party actions and Mixed Claims
brochure on to a colleague?                                  	           • QOCS and ATE
The speakers and I look forward to meeting you in                        Moderator:
February.                                                                Jeremy Morgan QC

                                                                         39 Essex Street Chambers
Kindest regards,
                                                                         David Bott
Sarah Cole, IBC Legal Conferences                                        President
                                                                         Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

  WHO SHOULD ATTEND:                                                     Judith Gledhill
                                                                         Head of Personal Injury
  • Solicitors                                                           Thompsons
  • Law Costs Draftsmen
  • Costs Negotiators                                                    Don Clarke
  • Costs Funders                                                        Forum Of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL)
  • Legal Executives
                                                                         Rocco Pirozzolo
  • Anyone Dealing With Costs or Funding Issues                          European Operations Underwriting Manager
                                                                         QBE Insurance

Register today! T: +44 (0) 20 7017 5503 F: +44 (0) 20 7017 4746 E:
Landscape after their Implementation
dnesday 29th February 2012 - The Grange City Hotel, London

          11.50   The Issue of Proportionality of Costs -                          Hardeep Nahal
                  Today and Tomorrow                                               Partner
                  A consideration of this much debated issue -                     McGuireWoods
                  currently and in to the future
                                                                  15.30            Refreshment Break
                  Nicholas Bacon QC
                  4 New Square
                                                                  15.50            A Look To The Future of the Dispute
          12.20   APIL’s Perspective - How Will the Jackson                        Resolution Landscape Post Jackson
                  Reforms Affect Injured Claimants                	                • Identifying new opportunities in the wake of
          	       • The impact on a claimant’s damages                               Jackson
          	       • How injured people with complex cases will    	                • The future of civil litigation and access to
                    be affected                                                      justice
          	       • Are the proposals fair?                       	                • Q&A
          	       • Rights, responsibilities and accountability
                                                                                   David Fisher
                  David Bott

                                                                                   Catastrophic And Injuries Claims Technical
                  Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
                                                                                   AXA Insurance

          12.50   Lunch                                                            Graham Huntley
                                                                                   Partner Hogan
          13.50   Summary Assessment of Costs and                                  Lovells International
                  Judicial Case Management in Complex
                  Litigation                                                       John Usher
          	       • Will summary assessment change?                                Trade Union Legal Adviser
          	       • The application of proportionality                             USDAW
          	       • Ongoing case and cost management
          	       • Use of CFAs                                                    Hardeep Nahal
          	       • Working with the judiciary                                     Partner
                  Graham Huntley
                  Hogan Lovells International                     16.50            Chairs Closing Remarks

          14.40   Update on Part 36 & New Solutions to            17.00            Close of Conference
                  Settling Claims
          	       • The plans to reform the rules governing
                                                                        Want to profile your expertise?
                    Part 36
                                                                        Promoting your business’ brand and expertise via one of our
          	       • Where are we now?                                   customised sponsorship solutions is a compelling way to raise your
          	       • The likely impact on settling claims                organisation’s profile, heighten industry awareness of your brand and
          	       • The costs consequences of the proposed              communicate your unique selling proposition to senior decision makers.
                                                                        We can tailor specific sponsorship and exhibition packages to help you
                    reforms                                             meet and influence the people who are going to ensure the growth
          	       • Q&A                                                 of your business now and in the future. With a clear understanding of
                                                                        your overall marketing strategy, we will work in partnership with you to
                                                                        develop a bespoke marketing solution to meet your objectives.
                  Don Clarke
                                                                        Please contact Ayo Fagbohun on +44 (0)20 7017 4196 or
                  President                                             e-mail
                  Forum Of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL)

              To register or for the latest programme please visit:
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