; Students and the packaging material advantage when returning back to campus
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Students and the packaging material advantage when returning back to campus


TheBox in Qatar offer's customized storage solutions for personal and commercial purposes allowing you to store anything from household items to vehicle storage to sports sporting goods & even important documents. We also offer moving, painting & cleaning services in case you are relocating and also offer a space to store your goods at our storage facilities in Qatar.

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									  Students and the packaging material advantage when returning back to campus
Although envied for all the perks that are available to them, life can also be quite tough on students.
Many take up the option of living on-campus to save up on the commute during semesters. But the
exodus begins during the vacations, as most wind their way back home. Given the rather restricted
budgets, some students prefer to vacate their rooms during the time that they are going to be off-
campus and renting them back on their return. Progressive storage service operators are known to
extend a warm welcome to students who wish to rent their units.

It may seem like a trivial matter to those ignorant of the moving experience but there a strong reason
behind the popularity of storage facilities with students. For a student every Dirham saved is a Dirham
earned and one can never really earn too much, not as a student any way. Having shortlisted the
storage operator, the next step is to start collecting the packaging material for your moving war-

The pivotal role in a moving or storage war-chest is played by boxes, lots of them. Identify and
segregate the belongings into must move & must discard categories. The latter can be donated to
charity or put up at a yard sale that should generate some funds at the neighborhood recycling facility
in the neighborhood. This offers an excellent opportunity to spruce up those green leanings, help the
environment a little and sometimes, even provide others with a share of your happiness.

Make sure that the boxes being used are sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of storage. Corrugation
is referred to as the honeycomb like mesh that sits between the inner and outer wall of the box. Some
boxes have none and are called single-walled boxes. Others have this honeycomb mesh and are known
as double-walled or triple walled boxes, as the case may be. It is this corrugation that gives cardboard
boxes their strength, despite being rather thin and lightweight by nature.

If one is working on a tight budget, they can also spread the word around for some kind soul to donate
them. It is worth remembering though that donating is a two-way street, one must always pass on the
favor. Storage boxes are recyclable to a large extent and therefore end up being environment friendly
to boot. Those green credentials sometimes come handy when returning back to campus.

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