Tips to Improve Credit Score

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					                                 Tips to improve credit score

You’re business score is quite the same with your personal score. You have to maintain it and
keep it up if you want to expand your business in the future. Below are tips on how you can
improve your business credit score.

      Pay your bills on time- Just like with your personal score, missing out on payments is a
       sin when it comes to taking care of your score. If your record shows that you have
       missed tons of payments, credit lenders will see you as a risk.

      Don’t apply to multiple credits at once- Each time you apply for a new credit, lenders
       will check your credit report and credit scores and will leave a mark that other lenders or
       banks will see. If they see a lot of marks on it, they will think that you are struggling
       financially and of course, once again a risk. If you are to apply for another credit, go to
       the ones who are most likely to approve you.

      Keep-up a healthy cash flow- If you can show the lenders that you are financially
       responsible they’ll be willing to lend to you. You can prove that through your credit
       reports as well. Planning in advance will help too. Try your best to reduce the time given
       for your customers to pay their invoices. Negotiate with your suppliers and ask them if
       they can give you a longer time for paying them. In the business world, time is very
       important. So if you have the chance to extend it even just a bit, it will really help you
       plan things out.

      Look for dependable suppliers- Without your supplies, your business will be nothing.
       Make you sure your suppliers are reliable. If they deliver late, you’ll start late as well plus
       you’ll lose customers. It is best to screen your suppliers and do a little research first
       before making a deal with them.

      Avoid risky customers- Just as you would to your suppliers; screen your customers as
       well. Your business’ reputation will be at risk if you don’t. Just do it in a subtle way to
       prevent negative feedbacks from your customers.

      Report any mistakes or errors immediately- you are entitled to one free report from 3
       of the agencies every year. Make sure to check your business credit report regularly. Let
       the agency know as early as possible to prevent it from affecting your business credit

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