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									                          OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL

TITLE OF PETITION:                       Protection of Marriage Amendment________________

PETITION NUMBER (to be filled in by AG staff):____________01-10____________________

PROPONENTS’ CONTACT          Bryan G. Rudnick
OFFICE ADDRESS:          1277 Main

                              Waltham, MA 02451

PHONE: 781-647-1942_____FAX:_781-647-1950___________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS:             

BUSINESS ADDRESS:__see above______________________________________________

PHONE:                                                           FAX:_____________________

PROPONENTS’ ATTORNEY                  Carl
Valvo__________________________________(if any)
ADDRESS:                       1 International Place, Suite 820, Bosotn, MA 02110

PHONE:                                617-439-7775_FAX: 617-330-8774___

E-MAIL ADDRESS:_______________carlvalvo@aol.com_________________________

Will the proponents propose a summary by August 6, 2001?            Yes [ ]        No [ ]

Will the proponents submit a memo of law by August 10, 2001?        Yes [ ]        No [ ]

Please note that the above information will be made available to the public and particularly to
possible opponents of certification. You and your attorney (if any) will receive copies of any
materials submitted by the public regarding certification.

AG STAFF PERSON RECEIVING PETITION: Peter Sacks________DATE: 7/31 , 2001
                                            [AG Petition # 01-10]

                                 THE PROTECTION OF MARRIAGE

     The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall be amended by adding to the articles of
amendment thereto the following article:--

                      It being the public policy of this Commonwealth to protect the unique relationship of
            marriage in order to promote, among other goals, the stability and welfare of society and the best
            interests of children, only the union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a
            marriage in Massachusetts. Any other relationship shall not be recognized as a marriage or its
            legal equivalent, nor shall it receive the benefits or incidents exclusive to marriage from the
            Commonwealth, its agencies, departments, authorities, commissions, offices, officials and political
            subdivisions. Nothing herein shall be construed to effect an impairment of a contract in existence
            as of the effective date of this amendment.

           Pursuant to Article 48 of the articles of amendment of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of
    Massachusetts, as amended by Article 74 of said articles of amendment, the undersigned qualified voters of
    the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hereby submit the foregoing measure for approval by the people.

    Bryan G. Rudnick                            Sarah M. Pawlick                 Edward P. Kirby
    45 Charlesbank Way, Apt A                   26 Bullard Street                379 Harvard Street
    Waltham, MA 02453                           Sherborn, MA 01770               Whitman, MA 02382

    Naftoly Bier                              Ira Axelrod            Joseph J. Reilly, Jr.
    63 R Union Street                         127 Winthrop           202 Ash Street
    Brookline, MA 02135                Brookline, MA 02445 Waltham, MA 02453

    Evelyn T. Reilly                         Joseph R. Nolan       James L. Neal
    202 Ash Street                     242 Common Street       8 Whittier Place, #3J
    Waltham, MA 02453                        Belmont, MA 02478     Boston, MA 02114

    Marshal T. Moriarty                         Philip F. Lawler                 Jack E. Robinson, III
    127 Lumae Street                            3 Heritage Lane                  61 Arborway
    Springfield, MA 01119                       Lancaster, MA                    Boston, MA

    J. Edward Pawlick                           Virginia Messmore                C. Joseph Doyle
    26 Bullard Street                           371 Washington Street            175 School Street, #2
    Sherborn, MA 01770                          Norwood, MA 02062                Boston, MA

    Laurie A. Letourneau                        Rebecca Nicol Jackson            Sandra B. Martinez
    561 South Street                            77 Upland Road                   1 Carter Drive
    Shrewsbury, MA 01545                        Waltham, MA 02451                Chelmsford, MA 01824

    Bruce Hall                                  Thomas Duggan, Jr.
    18 Old Meadow Rd                            21 Brookfield Street
Dover, MA 02030   Lawrence, MA 01843

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