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                          The Gryphon Globe
Gryphon Globe
ALL ABOUT THE BIG SCHOOL YOU’RE PART OF                                                                Volume 2

             Gryphons Gear Up Against Bullying
                                               by: Jessica Hernandez

   There were famous beauties
gathered in Cambridge to prevent
bullying this month, including a
couple of Greater Lowell students
Matthew Fadden, Francis Ndicu,
and Christina Pare attended the
forum organized by Lady Gaga.
  Pare was also presenting an
anti-bullying poster she designed
which won a silver key in the
Boston Globe Art Show. “I had lot
of fun and I guess you could say
I’m a celebrity now,” said Pare.
    Known for her original clothing
and outspoken songs, Lady Gaga
now adds to her accomplishments                Lady Gaga also spoke to several students about her early years of
an anti-bullying campaign at           being bullied and how she was determined to create a “braver, kinder
Harvard University along with          world.”
                                       Senior Graphics and Design Student Christina Pare stands next to her self
Oprah Winfrey.                         portrait, which earned her a spot onstage with Lady Gaga in Cambridge.
    Lady Gaga also spoke to
several students about her early
years of being bullied and how            Ndicu said he was also impressed, it was a lecture about youth
she was determined to create a         empowerment and helping everyone build an atmosphere of love.”
“braver, kinder world.”                   And Matthew Fadden said he was completely starstruck at seeing his
   “I was impressed by how             idol and the gifted huminatarian speak at Harvard, “I love Lady Gaga,” he
outspoken she was,” said               said!
Christina Pare.

         The Future of Prom Shopping
                                               BY.Queren Lima
    Ever think about one-stop shopping for dresses, jewelry, a hair dresser, flowers, and even limousines?
        That’s the vision for next year’s prom expo, the brain child of teachers Mrs. Piper, Mrs. Harrington, and
medical teacher Mrs.Roy.
        Mrs. Roy said, ‘’ I thought of this idea because of those wedding expos and I thought of a prom expo for
kids … to chose everything they need. They can go to one place and see everything they want all in one day.”
        The event will hopefully double as a fundraiser for the prom and will be held here at the school,
allowing students from any school in the area to pay a small price and secure all of their prom necessititeis in
one spot. Stay tuned for more details next spring!
Carpenters Hit the Big Screen                                  Music Review                    The Word in
   Some Gryphons just got their first fifteen minutes of       *Top ten list from ITunes
fame.                                                          1.We are Young
                                                                                               the Mall is...
   Two carpenty students, Kevin Angove and Jayson
Cardenas were recently featured on the television              2. Boyfriend
                                                                           -Justin Beiber        Changes are
show Flip this House.
    The two guys were skilled enough to get a Co-Op
                                                               3. Somebody That                  coming to the
                                                               I Used to Know                    Student Council
job, with Donaldson Home Improvement, but the job                                    -Gotye
got great fast.                                                4. What Makes You
    Angove said one one of the first days of the job           Beautiful                         Students and staff
they were being filmed for the tv show. It was intense,                     -One Direction       raised $529 for
a lot of pressure, but really fun,” said Kevin about           5. Wild One         -Flo Rida     pennies for
being on television.                                           6. Call Me Maybe                  patients
      While he’s currently not working on Co-op, he said                –Carly Rae Jepsen
the entire expereience was enjoyable and that there            7. Glad You Came
                                                                             –The Wanted         32 Skills USA
was nothing he didn’t like about the gig. Angove has
                                                               8. Drive By        -Train         medals were won
plans to stick with carpenty after graduation because          9. Stronger
he said he especially enjoys the hands-on experience
                                                                                                 at this month’s
                                                                        -Kelly Clarkson          competition
of it all – and he wouldn’t mind being on tv again.            10. Party of Me -K.Perry

 Book Review                       By: Queren Lima
          Hey readers, here’s another great book for you to check out, “Immortal” by
 Erica Barnes.
          This book is about a character named Khalid who wants to change his ways–
 after a life of gang and trouble. Throughout the book, it’s hard to put down and you
 want to know what’s going to happen to Kahlid and if he’s going to make the right
        The only reason the ending was disappointing was because the author should
 have kept on writing!All I wanted was more, and you will too so check on “Immortal”
 at the library today!

      The                            Mall                          Goes                          Medieval

The annual Superintendent’s Dinner, a major fundraiser for the school, was held at the mall on February.
The celebration revamped the mall into a medieval hall fit for a banquet, thanks to the effort and creativity of
several staff and students.


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