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Eat the Walls!


2. Dig about a one foot wide space along the circumference of the room.. .leaving about two feet of grass where the room entrance will be. Or, if you don't have or want grass, you can plant a soft groundcover. I love camomile. The soil where you have tilled will be where you plant your edible wall plant seeds. So make sure you remove the grass and weeds from this space.3. Amend your soil. Rock dust will add minerals to the soil, which in turn adds minerals to your plants. Fertilize the soil as necessary or mix in a layer of compost. I have found that when I've grown food in healthy organic soil I can actually taste the difference.To keep the outdoor room going, every four weeks sow new seeds around the circumference of the outdoor room. This will keep the walls lush. Depending on your climate, even in the winter you can have a low-laying room; many plants prefer the cold and perform better in winter. Throw some kale, cabbage, lettuce, beet, and carrot seeds into the soil.

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