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Not only that, but a common coal-tar-based asphalt sealer used to prolong the life and improve the appearance of driveways and other asphalt surfaces has been found to be a significant health and ecosystem threat. Research detailed in a recent article in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, has found that Sealcoat made from a refined coal-tar pitch emulsion has about one thousand times more polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than regular asphalt emulsion. The the soil and homes adjacent to the surfaces coated with coal-tar-based sealant were found to have high concentrations of PAHs, both after application and three years on. The article cites other findings that children living in homes adjacent to sealed pavement were likely exposed to about fourteen-fold higher doses of PAHs than those living adjacent to unsealed or non coal-tar sealant treated pavement.The concrete industry promotes something called "pervious concrete pavement," which is a concrete mixture that contains little or no sand. Instead, water and cement materials are used to create a paste that forms a thick coating around aggregate particles. This results in a system of highly permeable, interconnected voids that drain quickly.

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