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      How to Hire "Purple Squirrels", Innovators, GameChangers and

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     Thursday, June 14, 2012         10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
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     Duration: 60 Minutes            Instructor: Dr John Sullivan

     Location: Online                Price : $145.00   (for one participant)

                                                                                        Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                    Dr John Sullivan
    Powerhouse companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have                                   Professor of Management,
    demonstrated that you can make huge profits and dominate both                                  San Francisco State
    your current industry, as well as new industries if you have sufficient                             University
    talent to continually innovate. Although every employee is expected
    to contribute to innovation, you can't produce continual dramatic                   Dr John Sullivan is a well-known
    innovations like Apple and Google do without the leadership                         global talent management thought
    provided by these key individuals. Facebook calls them Pioneers, GE                 leader and guru. For years he has
                                                                                        accurately predicted HR and talent
    calls them game changers but most of us just call them innovators.
                                                                                        management trends. He is an
                                                                                        internationally known HR thought-
    The recruiting term for them is "purple squirrels". They are so named               leader from the Silicon Valley who
    because, just like "purple squirrels", they are extremely rare and                  specializes in providing bold and high
    hard to capture. Unfortunately, most corporate recruiting programs                  business impact strategic solutions.
    are designed primarily to catch large numbers of active job seekers.                He’s a prolific author with over 900
    And as a result, most firms struggle to attract even a few innovators               articles and 10 books covering all of
    and the approach used by some even (unintentionally) scares away                    Talent Management. He is an
                                                                                        engaging corporate speaker who has
    these highly valuable individuals away before an offer can be made.
                                                                                        excited audiences at over 250
    So if your CEO admires these top performing firms and your
                                                                                        corporations / organizations in 30
    executives are demanding that you get your share of this                            countries on all 6 continents. His
    exceptional talent, you have no choice but to "rethink" your current                ideas have appeared in every major
    recruiting approach and to learn from the unique and aggressive                     business source including the Wall
    practices of the very best firms.  This highly interactive session will             Street Journal, Fortune,
    demonstrate the best strategies, show you the very best branding                    BusinessWeek, Fast Company, CFO,
    and recruiting approaches and it will also answer all of your critical              Inc., NY Times, SmartMoney, USA
                                                                                        Today, HBR and the Financial Times.
                                                                                        He has been interviewed on CNN and
                                                                                        the CBS and ABC nightly news. Fast
                                                                                        Company called him the "Michael
     Why you should attend:
                                                                                        Jordan of Hiring". He served as Chief
    If your executives are screaming for more exceptional performers                    Talent Officer for Agilent
                                                                                        Technologies (the HP spin-off). He is
    and innovators, you can’t expect to find them using traditional
                                                                                        currently a Professor of Management
    recruiting strategies like job boards, job fairs, newspaper ads and a
                                                                                        at San Francisco State and CEO of
    visit to the campus Career Center. And if you're currently struggling               DJS and Associates consulting. His
    to attract top talent, you need to be prepared for even more                        articles can be found on his popular
    competition (and thus weaker recruiting results) as the economy                     website and
    rebounds. Years of shrinking budgets and minimal training has                       on www.ERE.Net. ...more
    undoubtedly weakened your recruiting effectiveness to the point
    where you will soon no longer be competitive. And to make matters
    worse, firms like Google, Apple, Facebook and numerous startups                    Suggest a Topic      More Webinars
    have not been standing still. Instead they have developed exciting          
    and aggressive new strategies and tools that literally "wow" top                     Your Necessity is our Priority
    candidates. And if you don't act quickly, you simply won't be able to
    catch up… ever. Webinar leader Dr John Sullivan is a well-known
    global recruiting thought leader and guru. He was called the "Michael
    Jordan of recruiting" by Fast Company Magazine because of his
    unique ability to help firms recruit exceptional talent. He has lived in
    the Silicon Valley for over 20 years, so he has access to the
    exceptional recruiting practices that often begin there.

     Areas Covered in the Session:

        l   Defining what you mean by a purple squirrel, an innovator, a
            game changer or a pioneer
        l   How to make the business case that these individuals are
            worth the effort
        l   How your employer brand can help or hurt you recruit these
        l   What are the best ways to identify these exceptional
     l   The role of social media in identifying and attracting
         exceptional talent
     l   The very best approaches for attracting purple squirrels from
     l   Why you must build relationships with these individuals?
     l   Direct and indirect ways to convince them to apply
     l   Why you must screen, treat and interview innovators
     l   What it takes to sell them on your opportunity?
     l   Common errors and mistakes to avoid when recruiting purple

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  Who Will Benefit:

     l   Staffing Professionals and Hiring Managers
     l   Recruiters
     l   Sourcing Specialist and Staffing coordinators
     l   Managers involved in hiring and interviewing
     l   Employment Branding Specialist
     l   Social Media Recruiting Strategy Specialist
     l   Talent Management Managers
     l   Talent/Employment Strategy Managers

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