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					English Grammar Worksheet                                                   The City School Gulshan Campus B
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Match a suitable adverb of manner from the box to each of the following sentences. The first one is done for

a.   clearly             b. accurately            c. enthusiastically       d. cautiously e. sleepily

f. cheaply               g. foolishly             h. speedily

1. He bought it at the sale.

2. The careful boy crossed the road this way.

3. How did they move when he was in a hurry?

4. He hit the target so he aimed in this manner.

5. The silly boy acted this way.

Pick out the conjunctions in the following sentences. Then underline the subordinate clauses.

1.    After reading the book he went to bed.
2.   He switched off the fan before he went out.
3.   We will wait until the teacher comes.
4.   I cannot be sure till I hear from him.
5.   Whenever it rains heavily the road is flooded

Join the following sentences with suitable conjunctions.

1. I was in hurry. I did not speak to him.
2. As I was in a hurry, I did not speak to him.
3. Do not say anything harsh. She is timid.
4. I have asked him about it many times. He has not replied.
5. He is not clever. I like him.
6. They worked hard. They could win the prize.

Insert quotation marks to show which part of the sentence is in direct speech. Add any other punctuation
marks that are missing.

1.   Netball starts very soon said Janet will you be joining again this season.
2.   I am not sure replied Susan because my mother wants me to concentrate on my studies.
3.   Well I m going to join up added Janet my mum says its important to exercise
4.   Perhaps your mum could talk to mine suggested Susan I’d really like to play again
Rewrite the following play script using quotation marks and suitable “saying” verbs in the box. (Work to be
done in copy)
 Exclaimed        suggested        sighed            urged            pleaded       complained    Said   asked
Mum: Are you ready yet, Joe? The whole family is waiting for you.
First one has been done
Mum asked “Are you read yet, Joe?” “The whole family is waiting for you”
Joe: I’m looking for my red jacket. I can’t find it anywhere.
Mum: I think you left it in the kitchen.
Joe: I did, but it’s not there now. I‘ll look in the dining room.
Mum: Please hurry Joe or we’ll be late for the game. Why don’t you wear your blue one instead?
Joe: But I want my red jacket. It’s my favourite. Perhaps you washed it.
Mum: Oh, yes! You’re right. I did wash it. Look in the laundry. Its on the washing machine.
Joe: Whew! I’m really glad you remembered. Now I’m ready.
Mum: Then, let’s hurry. We don’t want to be late for the start of the game.

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