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									Vincent GUILBAUD
105 Shady Creek Trl
27513 Cary, NC
(919) 463 0651

                          18 years experience

Engineer ESIEE (Masters in Paris-France)            1985 - 1990
Specialization: Signal Processing and Microelectronics


 Full Life Cycle         Specification, Analysis, Design, Development and Test of object oriented software.

                         Ergonomist, prototype and mockup Designer for either Windows or Web Based
   GUI Expert

                         Architecture, Business & Database Analysis and Design using UML diagrams.
  Server Skills
                         Proficiency in SQL.

  Team Leader            Project scheduling, client relations, tutoring.

                             HTML 4, CSS 2.1, DOM, YUI (Yahoo User Interface), SVG, Silverlight
Internet                     AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, Mobile Forms (Pocket PC), Cross Browser Experience
             Server          ASP.NET (5 years), IIS, ASP, ATL Server, JSP, InterDev
  W3C Standards              XML, XSLT, XPath, VXML, Web Services, LDAP, HL7 (healthcare)
                             Developed and own the full intellectual property of one of the best DHTML
    DHTML &                  Grid of the market. My reporting solution resides entirely in the browser and
 JavaScript expert           reproduces many features of a spreadsheet, including charts through SVG
                             that Google still doesn’t offer. Demo at

  Platform & Libraries .NET (up to 3.5), WinForms, CDK and SDK Win16 and Win32 (8 years),
                       MFC(6 years), OWL, OLE, COM, STL, CORBA, RogueWave, JDK 1.1
                             SQL, TSQL, ADO.NET, SQLServer, Access
     Database                ODBC, ADO, Sybase, Oracle

 Object Methodology UML and Rational Unified Process, OMT
                             C# (6 years), C++ (7 years), C, VB, VBA, VBScript, JavaScript, Java, IDL,
                             Assembler, Pascal, Perl
                             Visual Studio (up to 2008), Visual C++, Borland C++, Delphi, SQLServer Studio
Development Tools
                             & Reporting Services, Adobe Photoshop, Visio, CVS, PVCS, Source Safe
                               Professional Experience in USA
20-20 Technologies           11/2007 to present
Entire technical responsibility of the Design & Development of the migration of the inSight desktop
application, written in Borland Delphi, to the web. This ERP type application focuses on kitchen cabinets
with Financial, Order, Engineering, Materials and Production Management.
ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2008, C#, SQLServer 2005, Mobile Forms (Pocket PC)
DHTML Framework: Yahoo User Interface 2.6, DHTML, CSS2.1, Web Services (AJAX), IIS.

Woodmoor Group                 6/2004 to 11/2007
Entire technical responsibility of the Analysis/Design/Development and Test of the QMS/MyMentor/
Denial Web based suite of Applications used by hospitals for receivables.
Sole developer on this project, this application was such a huge success and increased
Woodmoor’s profitability to such an extent, that Accuro Healthcare acquired it in January 2007,
then MedAssets one year later. I am eager to make a demo of it.
I created several high level UI components, toolbar, tabs, menu, Query Builder, DHTML Grid, SVG
Charts to give the application a rich desktop look & feel.
Regularly tune and optimize store procedures in the database to obtain high performance for
hospitals having millions of records and patients.
Developed a high performance executable to read and load hospital files (HL7, 835 or Proprietary
format) in the database by using SQLServer Bulk Copy and memory optimization.
The reporting framework I have written (and for which I have intellectual property) lets you create very
efficiently (client side) virtually unlimited dynamic customizable charts by Drag & Drop.
ASP.NET, Visual Studio, C#, Access, SQL Server, DHTML, XSLT, Web Services (AJAX), IIS, HL7.

Consultant at NETEDGE SOFTWARE                   7/2002 to 5/2004
            Worked remotely as a member of the QA team in Redmond.
            Responsible of the Testing of all C++ ATL and ATL Server libraries for Visual Studio
            2005. These libraries are recompiled every day and subject to thousand of automatic
 Microsoft tests generated by a series of Perl scripts. Each time a test failed, I had to investigate
            and find the problem in a very limited time as the machine running the test was locked
            until the issue was resolved.
            C++, Perl, ATL, MFC
            Migrate a rich MFC application about telephone billing to the Web.
            Create the Web GUI to match exactly the Windows one:
            menu, toolbar, status bar and Grid with resizable and movable column…
            The Server functions, written in ATL / C++, were called directly from the browser through
            Web Services (AJAX).
   US Lec
            The Grid was highly optimized and flexible for both the client and server to display
            millions of records instantly.
            Database access used either ADO and C++ or ADO.NET with C#
            JavaScript, HTC, DHTML, DOM, XML, XSL, ASP, VS.NET, ATL Server and AJAX Web
            Services, ADO, Access, Oracle.
            Realization of a Web Site in ASP.NET for the wood industry.
   Virtual Create a powerful and flexible multi-frames Dashboard with all types of charts.
  System Design and Implement a dozen of screens in C#.
            ASP.NET, Visual Studio, C#, SQLServer, DHTML, Web Services through AJAX , IIS

KNOWLEDGE VECTOR                    6/2001 to 6/2002
Entire responsibility and Realization of a web site to create/edit your own ‘radio’ programs for a
multimodal application accessible by telephone. Test of Audio Platform (Nuance, VNS)
Voice Application is developed using JSP, VXML, Perl, Apache.
Web Site is developed using InterDev, ASP, ADO, IIS, VB, COM, Access, IE 5, JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
 STINGRAY (division of Rogue Wave)                11/2000 to 5/2001
 Realization of a library of HTC components for IE 5.5 (JavaScript, DOM, DHTML)
 Developed two demos/prototypes of Web applications using XML, XSL and Web Services (AJAX)
 compatible with wireless devices and using .NET technology.
 JavaScript, HTC, AJAX, DHTML, DOM, XML, XSL, SOAP, ASP, C# and .NET.

 MERANT             11/1999 to 10/2000
 Specify, Design, Code and Test an Internet site of Web Based Training for Volvo.
 Create the User Interface with extended use of JavaScript and DHTML.
 Design and Implement the back end with a 3 layers architecture : ASP – COM objects - Database.
 Software was developed using VB 6.0, IIS, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, InterDev.
 JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, VB, COM, HTML, DHTML, IIS, Access, SQLServer, InterDev.

                              Professional Experience in France
 Consultant at ALTEN (SSII)                1/1992 to 10/1999
 During my 8 years in Alten in Paris, I worked on multiple projects and for many clients which you will find
 listed below :
             Among a team of 30 engineers, Design and Development of a client server application (Intranet)
  Alcatel    to manage PABX. I was responsible for the database. Rose, LDAP, Sybase Anywhere and
             Entreprise, ODBC, CORBA, Visual C++, Windows Services, Java, SQL
             Specification, Design and Development of a client server application for medical analysis
             laboratories. Team of 10 engineers. Select OMT, Orbix, Visual C++, Oracle, Ilog Views.
             Design and Development of test software for the control measurement instrumentation on
  Sagem      components and integrated systems of the Rafale Jet’s frontal optronic equipment.Visual C++,
             Creation of the interface, matrix calculation and results reporting for a multiple-gyroscopes
             computer model. Visual Basic for Application, MS Word and Excel.
             Design and Development of a configuration and exploitation program’s interface to be used for a
             multiple protocol switch/router (MEGAPAC). Borland C++.
             Specification, Design and Development of a program used to organize time schedules of
             hospital nurses, in collaboration with the University Hospital Center of Rouen. Borland C++.
 Publicis    Creation of a VBX control library. Visual C++, Visual Basic.
  Abbott     Design and Development of a program for organizing a medical analysis laboratory. C++.
             Specification, Design and Development of a program to survey the use of lubricants in the
             Peugeot car group. Borland C++, Quattro Pro for the database.
    Cifec    Study of an amplification board for a turbidimeter (measuring purity of water).

 Military Service           1/1991 - 12/1991
 Creation of simulation software for the Teaching Assisted by Computer department. Genius Application
 School of Angers. C under DOS.

                                          Other information
SPORT : Tennis (competition), Running (marathon), and Soccer
INTEREST: Music, Movies, Travel, Chess, Bridge, Computers and 1st Century History

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