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					                                          CASEY CHESNUT
                                      brains-N-brawn LLC (web)
                                          469.358.6519 (cell)
                                       Please contact by email 1st

Objective:       Advanced C# .NET developer specializing in ubiquitous computing. This includes having
                 experience with a wide range of technologies and targeting many different platforms. 6
                 time Microsoft MVP in 6 different categories. 8 years working exclusively with .NET

                 Telecommuting positions are preferred.
                 Would consider full-time Research & Development (R&D) opportunities.

Availability:    Dallas, TX. Telecommute. Would consider travel

Honors:          Microsoft MVP – Client App Dev 2008
                 Microsoft MVP – Office Communications Server 2007
                 Microsoft MVP – Media Center 2006
                 Microsoft MVP – XML Web Services 2005
                 Microsoft MVP - .NET Compact Framework 2004
                 Microsoft MVP - Tablet PC 2003
                 Wisconsin .NET User Group Executive Committee 2005
                 AspInsider 2002, AspElite 2002

Certification:   MCSD .NET (Sep 2004), MCAD .NET, MCP
                 Transcript ID: 658671 Access Code: 12345678

Skills:          Advanced in these bleeding-edge technologies

         .NET – C#, VB.NET
         .NET 3.0 – Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) / XBAP, Windows Workflow Foundation
          (WF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
         Augmented Reality – ARToolKitPlus
         3D – Managed Direct3D, MD3DM, XNA, WPF 3D
         Media Center Edition – Add-Ins, Hosted HTML, MediaState API, MCML
         DirectX – MDX, Managed Direct3D Mobile (MD3DM), DirectShow
         Location Based Services – (LBS) MapPoint, NASA World Wind, Virtual Earth
         Speech / Voice – Speech Server 2007, System.Speech, SASDK, SALT, VoiceXml / VXML,
          SAPI, GRXML, N-Gram grammars
         Artificial Intelligence – Neural Networks, SOM, Hidden Markov Models, Image Processing
         Mobile / Wireless – Compact Framework (.NETcf), Mobile .NET, Pocket PC, SmartPhone, CE
         Digital Ink – Tablet PC WinForms, Ink in IE, Custom recognition, Smart Clients
         XML Web Services – XML Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
              o WSE 3.0, WS-Security (Xml-Encryption & Xml-Signature), WS-SecureConversation
              o WS-Attachments (DIME), WS-Addressing (WS-Routing) / Referral
              o WS-Eventing, WS-ReliableMessaging
         XML – XML, Schemas / XSD, XSLT, XPATH, SVG
         Web – ASP.NET Web Forms, minimal Javascript and DHTML
         Security – Web Service Enhancements (WSE) 3.0, Cryptography, Biometrics
         SQL Notification Services – 1st .NET location-based service (LBS)

Education:       2 Masters obtained in parallel while working full-time

                  MS Computer Science in Software Engineering, GPA: 3.7
                 University of Texas at Dallas; Dallas, TX [August 2000]
                 Masters Equivalent Program in Software Systems Engineering
                University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX [December 1999]
                 BS Computer Science, Minor in Philosophy, GPA: 3.3
                Trinity University; San Antonio, TX [May 1998]

Lectures:       Public speaking

       WI.NET User Group (November 2007) Augmented Reality with .NET
       Madison .NET User Group (October 2007) Media Center Development
       Madison .NET User Group (March 2007) Speech in Vista and Speech Server 2007
       Madison .NET User Group (November 2006) Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
       WI.NET User Group (June 2005) Presented Tablet and Speech technologies in .NET
       Student Ambassadors (April 2005) XML Web Services and .NET CF
       Harvard (December 2004) Presented .NET Compact Framework
       Mobile DevCon (March 2004) Presented .NET Compact Framework and WSE 2.0
       Harvard [David Platt] (December 2003) Presented .NET Compact Framework
       Carnegie Mellon (October 2002) Presented VoiceXml and Speech .NET
       OOPSLA (October 2001) Presented .NET XML Web Services tutorial.
       Dallas .NET User Group (April 2001 – January 2002) Founder of the user group. Made the 1 st
        introductory presentation in April 2001. Presented Web Services in June 2001.

Articles:       Over the last 5 years I have written 70+ advanced articles for the developer community.
                These articles cover a wide range of technologies and target a number of different
                devices. They are primarily self teaching exercises, but they also prove that my skill set
                listed above is not fluff. The articles are hosted at

                The picture below shows the different technologies and devices I’ve developed for
                (marked with an ‘x’)


brains-N-brawn LLC (January 2001 - Present)
Self-owned contracting company. Run my own web server from home.

     Microsoft; Mountain View, CA (February 2008 – October 2008)
    Developed speech web services. Normalized and geocoded data, created grxml and n-gram speech
    recognition grammars, etc.
     Edgenet BigHammer; Waukesha, WI (June 2006 – October 2007)
    Part of a 3 person team that developed a web-deployed 3D room visualization application (Edgenet
    Vision) using WPF and WCF. Focused primarily on XBAP security and deployment, the 3D content
    pipeline, and data services.
     Microsoft; Redmond, WA (Nov 2005 – May 2006)
    Prototyped a graphical application for an Advanced Strategy group that used the following
    technologies : CE, Tablet, and GDI.
     AQS; Hartland, WI (Nov 2004 – Oct 2005)
    Wrote an XML schema-based Rules Engine. It supported low level programming constructs as well as
    higher level Domain Specific Languages (DSL). Worked in a XAML-like framework for developing
    No Touch Deployment applications to a SOA backend. The system used multiple layers of code
    generation with WSE security for exchanging data.
     Promega; Madison, WI (Nov 2004 – March 2005)
    Extended some existing ASP.NET applications. E.g. adding security and exposing additional
     Adesso Systems; Boston, MA (May 2004 – June 2004)
    SmartPhone, Compact Framework, Xml-Encryption, Cryptography
     Johnson Controls; Milwaukee, WI (March 2003 – December 2003)
    Partnered with Microsoft to port a large Web Service application (175 WebMethods) from the full
    .NET Framework (XP) to the .NET Compact Framework (CE). Main development phases involved
    extending base class library of .NETcf (175 types, 1750 methods), creating a managed ASMX web
    service server for CE, and the actual port of the application logic (75K lines of code). Worked around
    175 porting issues across 35 namespaces due to limitations of the .NETcf. Also, ensured WS
    interoperability with the Soap Toolkit (COM / Scripting), Axis / Apache Soap (Java), and .NET
     FreeMarkets; Pittsburgh, PA (February 2002 – October 2002)
    Large (50+ developers) .NET development project for developing their next generation e-sourcing
    platform. Developed ASP.NET business process modeling tool for designing a Workflow (basically an
    online XML editor). Reflects against a strongly typed DataSet for its Model, to dynamically pickup
    schema changes. The View is through the MS TreeView control and dynamically building a DataGrid.
    The Control layer verifies and validates the process and runs an in-memory simulation to test the
    process for any loops or deadlocks.
     Calpine; Fort Collins, CO (October 2001 - November 2001)
    Developed backend Data Access Layer Web Service to receive XML requests, call 4 backend data
    stores (real-time, reporting, relational, and financial) process the results and return as Typed DataSets.
    Runs as a Windows Service which can be called with .NET Remoting for distributed communication.
    Makes ADO.NET calls to proprietary APIs which were wrapped with C# components. Also,
    developed wrapper for Office XP Web Components using XML Schemas/XSD.
     EDS; Fort Worth, TX (July 2001 – September 2001)
    Contractor for EDS’s Web Engineering division. Developed C# component for providing notification
    services. Developed C# Windows Service for determining that web sites/services were running.
     Sabre; Fort Worth, TX (March 2001 – June 2001)
    Contractor for Sabre’s Shared Web Hosting division. Provided consulting on how to leverage .NET
    Web Services to expand their business to external customers. Developed .NET Web Services to
    provide authentication and authorization services to an Active Directory LDAP server using the .NET
    Class Library, and native ADSI calls through a COM component from C#. Wrote white paper for
    hosting ASP.NET web applications.

Valtech Technologies Incorporated; Addison, TX (August 1999 – December 2000) [1.5 years]
International consulting, contracting, and training group specializing in advanced e-business technologies.

     Adecco; Long Island, NY (Fall 2000 - Winter 2000)
    Developing a web application for fully integrated staffing management. Developed front-end
    presentation/session layer using a J2EE Model-View-Controller framework consisting of WebMacro
    web pages, client-side JavaScript, XML data models, and Java handlers calling back-end EJB session
    beans. Provided mentoring services to Adecco developers.
     Zixit ZixMail and ZixCharge; Dallas, TX (Summer 1999 - Summer 2000)
    Developing systems to provide secure email and e-commerce transactions on the Internet. Developed
    Internet browser plug-in prototype using C++ and MFC to provide secure online credit card
    transactions using encryption technology. Performed UML analysis and requirements gathering for the
    following version. Designed and developed C++ client application component for reading, decrypting,
    and verifying encrypted email messages within Microsoft Outlook. Recently awarded PC Magazine's
    Editors’ Choice for email security.

Raytheon Systems Company; Garland, TX (1994 – August 1999) [1.5 years full-time, 4 years part-time]
Global leader of defense and commercial electronics.

     SIVAM – Full-time Summer 1998 to Summer 1999, part-time Summer 1997
    Developed integrated remote sensor system for reconnaissance and wide-area surveillance of the
    Amazon. Object-oriented rapid application development for n-tier distributed GIS database using Java
    and C++. Designed system architecture to manage spatial data that incorporates CORBA and EJB
    components with an Application Server to an Oracle 8i Database, to be consumed by ESRI ArcView
    and ArcInfo clients. Database design and modeling to map object-relational data into a relational
    database. UML systems analysis and design traced to requirements in RTM. Generated DOD standard
    SRS, DBDD, SDD, and SAD documentation. Heavy use of peer reviews to reduce bugs.
     SecureID – Part-time Summers 1996, 1995, 1994
    Developed system for creating tamper proof passports and identification cards using digital
    imaging, signature and finger biometrics, along with a barcode and magnetic strip.

Wants: Professional experience with : Artificial Intelligence, Telematics, Location Based Services,
Speech, Augmented Reality, MicroFramework

Interests: Weightlifting

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