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					                                 What is Combofix?
ComboFix is a freeware program designed to remove spyware from your computer. Created
by sUBs, the software can scan your PC for the presence of various spyware. It can detect
Look2Me, QooLogic, SurfSideKick and other spyware.

Program Information

The antispyware program can automatically detect and remove the spyware. However, you
have the option of deleting them yourself. Aside from spyware, it can also remove malware.

When you run the program, it will scan your computer. A report will be generated. You can
use this to remove malware and infections that were not automatically deleted.

How to Use ComboFix

Step 1

Disable or uninstall any other real time antivirus you have. Remove any antispyware or
antimalware you have installed. These programs may conflict with the software.

Step 2

Go online and download the software. Make sure you download the latest version. Save the
program to a folder or your desktop.

Step 3

Close any open applications. Double click the icon named ComboFix.exe desktop. The
installation process will begin. The installation should proceed automatically. Follow the
prompts if there are any. Logs will be created after the installation.

How to Remove Rootkits

You can also use the software to remove rootkits. It is a type of spyware that modify your
wallpaper and even stop an antivirus app from working. However, it is possible to remove it.

Step 1

Open ComboFix. If you haven’t downloaded the file, follow the instructions above.

Step 2

Accept the disclaimer. The program will make a starting point. Be patient; this can take a
while. This restoration point will allow you to get back to a setting that works.

Step 2

Connect to the Web. The program will download the Microsoft Recovery Console.
Step 3

Click the Yes button to begin scanning the computer. Scanning time will take a while. It will
depend on how badly infected your system is. As the app removes the spyware, the computer
may behave strangely. There is nothing unusual about this.

Step 4

Wait for the program to restart the computer. Your system will run a bit slower. This is
normal because the antispyware will be running in the background. When it is finished, a text
file will be generated.

The file will contain all the malware and spyware that were removed. The rootkit will be
removed. Restart the computer. Your computer will now run normally.

Tips and Warnings

Always keep the program updated. New spyware and malware are always coming out. Never
download files from suspicious looking websites. Scan any programs before you attempt to
install it.

This spyware remover is pretty easy to use. New computer users will have no problems using
them. At the same time, advanced users can change the other options too.


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Description: Spyware and adware can wreck your computer and the applications installed in it. One of the more effective antispyware programs is ComboFix. Use ComboFix and get rid of spyware, adware and other malicious programs.