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									Chris Colbert
95 Wall St. apt 2204
New York, NY 10005

Web Site Portfolio:

Front End - Lead Developer - SEO, CakePHP, JQuery driven AJAX, animations, and other functionality - AJAX, Jquery, CMS, MYSQL and clean css

Social Media - Twitter API, youtube API integration with custom CMS and Front End - Created campaign, now 750,000+ followers

Blog Platform Integration - Customized Wordpress Blog

PHP/MySql with back end - All Front and Back end, including e-cards and score system for game. - Full customized through CMS. Customization of the Content Management System

See what I’m currently working on at –

PHP / MySql / AJAX
D/HTML and CSS – Table-less cross browser and cross browser, including mobile, standards compliant
JS / AJAX / JQuery
MVC frameworks; CakePHP and CodeIgniter
Blog Platforms: Wordpress and MoveableType
Flash AS3 including dynamic interaction and 3D rotations
Tracking with Google Analytics and DoubleClick

Employment History:
Freelance Web Designer, Developer and Consultant

Web Developer
May, 2009 – Sept, 2009 Indelible Media
        HTML / CSS / AJAX
        Project lead
        Team Manager

Web Developer
May, 2008 – May, 2009 Situation Marketing
        Building and optimizing websites using PHP/AJAX/JQuery/CSS
        Review and QA of existing websites
        Brainstorming for new websites and integration of social networks and new technology
        Optimizing HCI

Web Developer
March, 2007 – September, 2007. Coolbirth (
        Design and Development of web sites
        Review and quality assurance of existing web sites
        Updating and adding features to existing web sites

Graduated from Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY) with B.S. in Computer Science, 208.

Graduated from Ithaca High School in 2004.

2009 OMMA Awards for Best in Show and Best Use of Twitter for Next to Normal Twitter

NY Times article for social media idea, Next to Normal Twitter

Editor’s choice award on

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