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                                                 Frankfurt Germany -- 12 insider tips
                                                             By Marcus Hochstadt

    Frankfurt Germany -- 12 insider tips by Marcus Hochstadt

 In the city with its international airport 650,000 humans live. It is a very modern large city and became
the ' turntable of Europe '. In Frankfurt important industrial enterprises and wholesale dealer are
resident like also many banks. Not only the German Federal Bank, but also the European Central Bank
(ECB) resides here.

Famous ‘Kaiserdom’ (emperor cathedral), which documents loved 'Roemerberg’ (Roman mountain)
and the historical ' Paulskirche ', in which the first freely selected German parliament met, besides the
political meaning of this fascinating city.

Yes, Frankfurt is a metropolis and full surprises as well as contrasts. Skyscrapers are directly apart
from half timbered houses; culture and commerce form here a unit. In addition, Frankfurt is a fair city, a
literature city and above all a culture city: here the cradle of the German jazz scene with many small
music taverns, in which you cannot only ease, is appropriate but also into the night much fun to have
canned. The moreover one you find many museums.

Frankfurt, because of its skyline also ' Mainhattan ' mentioned, is a large city in the country, between
the mountain courses by ‘Taunus’ and ‘Spessart’ and surrounded by a wreath/ring of world-well-known
health resorts, popular holidays areas and trip goals.

In the following I will give you 12 insider tips. Before I do it however you do the following: print out this
side, so that you have it immediately available, if you come to Frankfurt. It is nearly impossible,
everything that I wrote here to keep in the head and it would be unfortunate, if you are in Frankfurt and
get to face only the 'normal' points of interest.
Also go to for more information.

Besides that after your arrival you should go immediately to the tourist information. It is in downtown,
near the 'Roemer'. The road calls itself 'Auf dem Roemerberg' (on the Rome mountain) and the
telephone number is: +49-69-21238800. Ask them for a city map. Without a city map you will lose
yourself in this big city, and with the city map you will find everything I mention here.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

Bars and restaurants

1. One of the best cocktail bars in Frankfurt is the ‘Strandperle’ (beach bead). Particularly the
Caipirinha is unique! In the summer the bar surface expands to a terrace café high over to the river

2. The smallest jazz restaurant of Germany is the 'Mampf'. Since more than 30 years there are free
concerts to German meals. Apart from jazz also Blues, Swing, Latin and Flamenco are played. Simply
enjoy the good mood and fun inheres.

3. One of the few popular apple wine restaurants with yard garden is the 'Lorsbacher Tal'. It is in the
quarter 'Alt-Sachsenhausen’ (old axle living) and has a very cosy ambience and solid German meals.

4. The restaurant 'Pilar' is at the same time a bar. Fine noodles, salads and original Mediterranean
creations will be served. On the side panels of the restaurant hang sumptuous baroque paintings,
which offer an interesting contrast to the simple Design of bar, leather seat and wood table.

5. In the elevated ‘Villa Merton' (Mansion Merton) you find meals of the all-finest. If it permits your
travel budget, go here. The employees speak English and recommend to you gladly the specialities of
the house.

Sightseeing and culture

6. In the Goethe house and Goethe museum Goethe was born in the year 1749. He lived here until
1775. The house was outstanding reconstructed and contains paintings, handwriting and diagrams of
the large German poet.

7. On the 'Roemerberg’ (Roman mountain) regularly highlights and meetings take place. It is a long
stretched, five-angular place and is gladly visited by humans. At this place is the 'Frankfurter Roemer’
(Frankfurt Romans), the famous city hall of the city. It was reconstructed after the war. In the festival
room of the Roemer pictures of German emperors are to be admired.

8. In the 'Pauluskirche' (Paulus church), which was established between 1787 and 1833, the first
German national assembly met in 1848. It is a place of historical building method and historiography.

9. The 'Senckenberg Museum’ is the largest scientific museum in Germany. You find here a descriptive
collection of approximately 500,000 exhibits, which arrange for you an overview of the development of
our animated nature over millions of years. It is simply impressing.

10. The 'Palmengarten’ (palm garden) shows a domestic, tropical and subtropical Flora. The
emphases of the 20 hectares large park are over 300 orchids, ‘Bromelien’ and about 1,600 different
cactus species. Concerts also often take place here.

11. In the 'Frankfurt Zoo' approximately 6,000 animals (650 kinds) live together in extensive outdoor
installations and houses. If animals interest you, you must go here. Plan however at least five hours for
your attendance.

12. When it becomes evening, you absolutely MUST go to the 'Berger Strasse’ (Berger road)! On 2 km
(1.3 miles) you find taverns, Bars, Cafés and restaurants for each taste! Here you surely will NOT

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                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

become boring. If I am in Frankfurt, this road is a must for me, again and again.

Enjoy your trip!


 Marcus Hochstadt travels extensively to countries, continents and Germany itself as a sales manager
and entrepreneur since more than 14 years. He knows in almost each German city the points of REAL
interest. Watch out for his free monthly special report with more valuable insider tips at

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                        Car Hire Frankfurt Airport - Best Way To Travel Through Germany
                                                               By Lakshmi Reddy

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Germany. Germany does not only boast of a long
history; the country also has some of the best places that Europe has to offer. The country is the
perfect place for a honeymoon or a summer visit. If you would like to maximize your stay in Germany
and see all the things that the country has in store for you, you should definitely consider hiring a car.

 Just imagine what you can do with a car in a foreign country. You’d have all the comforts of your own
driven car. You will have the luxury of driving from one place to another without having to worry about
anything else. You can get around easier. You can drive from museum to another, one city to the next
at your own convenience.

 The great thing about car rental Germany is that it is available online. You can visit a car rental shop
online and rent a car even before you leave your home so that once you reached Germany, you can
just go jump right ahead to visiting the best cities and best Churches in Germany. The process is fairly
simple and it can be done so quite quickly.

 Once you’ve reached Germany, the first city that you should definitely visit is Frankfurt. You cannot
leave Germany without spending at least a couple of days at Frankfurt. The city is actually divided into
the Northern and Southern regions. If you are going to speak of history, this city boasts of a 1200-year
worth of history.

 Similar to most German cities, Frankfurt did not escape the wrath of the Royal Air Force during the
World War II. However, unlike the other German cities, Frankfurt did not take time to reconstruct the
old city. What Frankfurt did, however, was to embrace the new world and it chose to modernize the old
city. Not surprisingly, Frankfurt has become the country’s center of commerce and finance. The city
boasts of a metropolitan and dynamic culture where you’d find numerous museums, galleries,
restaurants and theaters.

 With a car that you can probably hire at the Frankfurt Airport the minute you reached Frankfurt, you
can visit the various tourist sites like the Städelsches Kunstinstitut or Goethe's childhood home, the
Goethehaus; or the Sachsenhausen, the preserved quarter of the old Frankfurt; or the St.
Bartholomäus Cathedral where you can appreciate some great Gothic art.

 If you’re lucky, you can also visit Frankfurt’s infamous international fairs, the Spring and Autumn Fair.
These fairs are famous in Frankfurt which is not surprising since they are as old as the city itself. They
date back to the early 13th century.

 There are still a lot of places that you can visit if you go to Frankfurt. You can visit the city directly by
plane or you can travel by land depending on where you’ve come from. Regardless of how you’ve
reached the city, it is advisable, however, that you secure for yourself the services of a hired car. You
would definitely enjoy Frankfurt if you can go around at your own pleasure.

Your Car Rental Germany can be the best way to see the great sights of Germany. There is so much
to do and see there, and the city of Frankfurt is a great place to start, so get your Car Hire Frankfurt or
if you arrive via the Frankfurt airport a Car Hire Frankfurt Airport. Shop online and drive away with the

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