; Tips For Traveling With Babies and Toddlers
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Tips For Traveling With Babies and Toddlers


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									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                               Traveling with Babies & Toddlers
                                                        By Sarah Delaporte

    Traveling with Babies & Toddlers by Sarah Delaporte

You may be surprised at how often babies will sleep to & from the destination. Be sure to have their
favorite stuffed animal ready & blanket for the trip (also a pacifier & bottle if the child is young enough).
For babies & toddlers, bring along cassette tapes filled with stories & music that is age appropriate.
You can sing along to help entertain them.

Other items that you will want to take with you are :

A foldable playpen

An age appropriate car seat

A diaper bag

Something to keep the sun out of the child¯ eyes

For children ages 1 ? years, bring items to play with. Such items can include: scotch tape, window
clings, books, coloring books, crayons, a couple plush animals & finger food.

Be sure to bring out toy at a time. When you get out one toy, put the others away. This way the items
stay new. Switch toys every 10 ?5 minutes (longer if the child is older). This keeps the toys & books
new and exciting. You will want to have at least 12 toys. 12 toys is appropriate for a trip of 12 hours or
less. To be on the safe side add a couple extra or buy a few at stops on the way there. This will allow
you to rotate for two hours without having anything boring. You will not need a ton of toys for under a
year old, as they will sleep most of the way there (at least hopefully ?if you child isn° prone to sleeping
in the car ?you will have to improvise).

You will want someone next to the young child at all times to make sure they stay happy during the
entire trip. It can be upsetting to the driver if the baby is constantly crying.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

For those crying fits: First try the basic easy things by offering a bottle, pacifier, blanket, doll/stuffed
animal, finger food or new toy. If these don° work and the child continues to cry for longer than five
minutes, pull over at a rest stop. Check the child¯ diaper, look for rashes, or places the skin may be
rubbing against the car seat, and check for food or items underneath their bottom. If none of these
work, re-adjust the child in their chair & keep driving. If the child is old enough to talk, ask them what is
bothering them. If nothing works and the child continues to cry, strap him/her back in the car seat and
continue to drive. This time don° stop the car until 30 minutes or longer has passed. During this half
hour try the things you tried initially. If all is hopeless, ignore the child. Before 30 minutes, it is very
likely the child will calm down or fall asleep unless something is seriously wrong. If you stop every time
the child cries, he/she will cry MORE! If you do end up stopping a second time (after 30 minutes), first
re-check the diaper (it is not uncommon to have two incidents in a half hour) and second check to see
if the child is ill. If the child is old enough (2-3 years) and there is nothing wrong (diaper etc) & the fit
continues, it may call for disciplinary action (always give the child try to give the warning before
disciplining ?this way the child chooses his/her own fate). A quick note: choose a driver that can handle
crying for 5- 10 minutes without getting too irritable.

It is true that there may be the occasional crying, but for the most part the trip should go well for both
you, the riders and your child.

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                                                Travel Toddlers Toys For Your Child
                                                            By Christopher Peace

Can you tell me what a good travel idea is for toddlers toys?

 There are many different toddlers toys that will make the travel time go much faster. When traveling
with a toddler, you need to have a game that will engage the toddler’s time and imagination. These
games will help pass the time. One good toy is Tim’s Building Machines Book and game set. Another
good one of note is Travel Bingo. These games engage the imagination and curiosity of the toddler
while passing the time when in a travel situation.

What exactly is Travel Bingo?

 Travel Bingo is specific toddlers toys that allow them to mark what they see during travel such as cars,
airplanes and other such things. This is a wonderful game to play with a toddler and this is very similar
to the game of License Plate or counting cars by color. These games keep your toddler busy and
usually avoids the question.. ”Are we there yet?” This entertaining game will keep your toddler looking
for things to match and seeing just how many he or she can find. It is played similar to a bingo game,
except the one with the most finds wins. This is a durable game that will last trip in and trip out.

This sounds like a good game to play with a toddler.

 It is. This toy is just one of many toddlers toys that can be used when traveling with a toddler. Another
toy of note is the Polite Pigs card set. The Polite Pigs card game is a game that teaches toddlers good
manners. This will also help to pass the time when in a car. These and other games are available at
any toddlers toys store in the toddler section. These games help to pass the time and engage the
youngster to where travel time is fun and not so frustrating. It keeps the attention and doesn’t cause
the toddler to become cranky. This will keep them busy and will add to the enjoyment of the trip in

Sounds like these games really pass the time.

 They do help pass the time and by using these toddlers toys, you also engage the imagination as well
as teach new skills that are not there presently. You help your toddler to grow and at the same time
help him or her to grow and have a fun time doing it. These games help to keep your toddler and you
busy and pass the time. These fun games are a pleasurable way to pass the time and it is fun for your
toddler to explore all the ways that travel happens, especially if you are using the Travel Bingo. Each
toddlers toys has a learning experience attached to it and your little one will enjoy the fun as well as the
learning that goes on with these games. So it is a good way to pass the time during travels by playing
these games with your toddler.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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