How To Make Your Cruise Vacation Very Exciting

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					                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Cruises have traditionally been the preserve of the wealthy and the elderly. It is a perception that the industry,
    which has seen exponential growth in the last decade, is trying to move away from. Anybody can enjoy cruises
                                              the way he or she desires.
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                                          Cruising with the Mouse – Disney Cruise Line
                                                                By Colin Hartness

    Cruising with the Mouse – Disney Cruise Line                                 by Colin Hartness

There’s magic in everything that team Disney touches and their cruise line is no exception. Michael
Eisner himself commissioned a talented group of ship designers, cruise experts and Disney creators to
produce cruise ships that would appeal to adults and children of all ages. The result was two
nearly-identical ships, Disney Wonder and Disney Magic.

The ships are distinctively Disney, with the famous mouse silhouette prominently placed on the
smokestacks and appearing frequently throughout the ships. That’s not all; a fifteen-foot statue of
Goofy is the figurehead on Disney Magic while Donald Duck adorns the front of Disney Wonder. Of
course, cast members masquerade through the ship in costumes of the famous Disney characters.
Disney art is featured on the walls and images of Disney characters appear everywhere. Disney excels
at promoting everything Disney so expect onboard shops to be full of Disney memorabilia.

Disney Cruise Line offers three, four, seven and ten day cruises that sail from Disney’s own Port
Canaveral near Orlando to popular spots in the Caribbean, including St. Maarten, Nassau, Antigua,
Cozumel, St. Thomas, Grand Cayman Island, St. Lucia, and Key West. All cruises stop at for a day at
Castaway Cay, a private island developed by Disney solely for the enjoyment of Disney Cruise Line

The cruise can easily be combined with a stay at Walt Disney World; passengers can stay at Disney
World for several days before or after a cruise for one price that includes transportation on, what else,
a Disney bus to or from Port Canaveral. And with the latest technology, tourists check in only once and
the key card issued to them unlocks both their hotel and stateroom doors.

As expected, Disney Cruise Line caters to children with activities for all age groups all day long. In fact,
more than 15,000 square feet of ship’s real estate is devoted to children. Teens have a private area of
the ship dedicated to their interests that offers video games, movies, and a place to listen to CD’s.
Supervised teen sports are also available.

Disney Cruise Lines provides quality nighttime entertainment in a 977-seat theatre each evening with,

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

of course, a family orientation. While other cruise lines mimic Las Vegas entertainment, Disney
entertainment is similar to shows at Disney World. As might be expected, there is no casino on board
the Disney ships. However, adults can find evening entertainment in a number of lounges and

A special feature of the Disney cruises is the dining arrangement. Dinners are served at 6:30 and 8:30
pm in one of three family dining areas. Over a three day period, a passenger will have dinner in a
different restaurant each night, thus getting to experience the unique ambiance of each one. For a $10
cover charge, those wishing to avoid family dining can opt to eat at the upscale adult-only restaurant,
but only after gaining sought-after advance reservations.

If you or your children adore everything Disney, you will certainly enjoy a Disney cruise.

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by Colin Hartness - An excellent resource for Cruises! Check out more cruise articles at:

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                                     How To Make Your Cruise Vacation Very Exciting.
                                                                By Salihu Ibrahim

 Most people who have gone on a cruise vacation before regard it as the best of all types of vacations.
So they would rather get on a cruise ship and have a memorable, mind-blowing and a life time
experience of touring round the world.

Taking a cruise vacation is breathtaking and very exciting. All the cruise lines that are available work
tirelessly in their to outdo their competitor in providing their client a more than satisfactory service in
terms facilities and other packages.

Before you go cruising you have to consider things like the cruising destination, the facilities available
and the price package . Just ensure you plan your cruse and you will enjoy it. It is the first step of
getting satisfaction. You can follow the steps bellow if you must enjoy your cruise.

a.There are varying cruising offers from which you can choose. Choose a suitable package for you and
those you are going cruising with. The price for individual and group varies. Whichever you choose,
there is discount offered by most of the cruise lines. The facilities that you will use also effects the price

b.Duration of the cruise: You must plan for this too. Duration of cruises range from 3 day to 2 weeks
and more. The longer you stay on the cruise the more of it you enjoy.

c.Places and Destination: Choose the destination you want. Ensure such a place will give you enough
privacy to enjoy the cruise, either alone or with your family. If you are with your family, it is advisable to
choose a place that will interest the kids. You could also choose a different cruise line from the one
you have used before, so as to compare.

d.Choosing Cruise line: Do a little bit of investigation on the best of cruising lines that offer the best of
services by browsing the net and acquaint yourself with their offer. Compare their prices against their

e.Landing Ports: Get a port that is well known or find out if the port is reachable so you don’t spend
extra time, energy and probably more money to reach it .

To enjoy your cruise you must plan properly. In cruising, you may lose the excitement it brings you if
you go to the same destination and engage in the same and routine every year. Create some
unexpected excitement by choosing different a destination. If you adopt this method of cruising, you
will always have fun for you and your loved ones.

The Author, Salihu Ibrahim writes articles on cruise vacation. You can find more interesting articles on
alaska cruise at his website

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