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                           How To Navigate the Bewildering Array of Internet Cruise Deals
                                                                By John Williams

  How To Navigate the Bewildering Array of Internet Cruise Deals
 by: John Williams

Why do people love cruises ? Why do so many cruise vacationers swear they wouldn't go back to hotel
vacations? Cruise travel represents a pinnacle of luxury. You travel around the world, or your chosen
area, in cosseted pleasure.

Every whim gets catered for. Every time you're hungry, food awaits. You go ashore to sightsee a new
place, but return to your own bed every night. A floating hotel, travelling to a new location every day.

But how do you choose your cruise deal ? How do you know what's good or bad ? Firstly, let's look at
the different types of cruises.

* Size

Ships range from city size ('000s of people) right down to small sailing vessels holding less than 10

* Location

Your choice of ship might depend on location. If you're cruising the Caribbean, you could try a sailing
ship. If you want a world tour, you probably should go for something bigger ?

Some of the newer ships from the major cruise operators allow you to cruise the world in luxury. Their
high-tech stabilizers mean your wine barely ripples, even in rough seas.

So for smaller cruises in benign weather e.g Caribbean or Med, you can choose large or small. For
longer cruises, such as an Atlantic crossing, Arctic visit etc., you need a big ship.

* Price

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Prices vary dramatically. Only a few years ago, cruises were an expensive luxury. Now prices fall
within any vacation budget. In fact, all inclusive special cruise deals can be much cheaper than
land-based vacations. For less than a 5* hotel, you can get 7-days all inclusive in a luxury location.

* Internet

How do you find these great deals ? As always, use the Internet. Sure, call your local travel agent, or
respond to newspaper ads, but you'll find the best deals online.

There's only a limited number of cruise ships. So you'll find exactly the same cabin standard, exactly
the same food deal, for widely varying prices.

Try to narrow down your preferred location before starting. How long do you want to go for ? Then start
searching the web. Try 'cheap cruises deals' for a search term, and see what comes up. Immediately,
you'll be faced with a bewildering array of choices.

Click on a few of these search results sites. Read some advice and info. Get an idea of prices to your
preferred location.

When you've seen some deals you like. When you've seen at least three different deals to your
preferred location. When you're tempted to book right there & then. Stop !

Before you book, you must seperate the wheat from the chaff. That bewildering array's about to
become clear. Put the cruise company name into your search engine. Put the destination into the
search engine. You're looking for reviews. You're looking for feedback from other people who've been
with that cruise company. You're looking for reviews about your destination.

Do this for each of your cruise vacation shortlist. Check there's no hidden catches. Check price fully
includes everything, and you won't be stung for lots of onboard extras.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you'll soon be embarking on the cruise of your dreams.

Discover valuable cruise information, advice and great special deals. Go to ==>

John Williams
© DigiLectual Inc. 2004

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                                          How to Find the Best Cruise and Stay Deals
                                                                 By Karl Guevara

Most people think cheap cruise and stay deals are low-cost or low-priced. This way of thinking needs
to be changed, since low-priced cruises might end up being even more expensive than we thought.
Cheap cruise and stay deals should mean good value for money; you get the best possible excitement
and services for the amount of money you spend. With this in mind, it is really not hard to find the best
cruise and stay deals. In this article, we are going to discuss how to find the best cruise and stay deals
based on the amount of money you are willing to spend.

 There is no doubt that cruises are the best way to spend vacations. Ships are getting bigger and
bigger, with more facilities on board, so much so that you can enjoy your vacation completely just by
staying on the cruise ship. It is also nice to combine cruises with land tours, which means you would
need to stay at a hotel for several days as well; it is a great way to enjoy vacations since you will have
the opportunity to explore your destination more. However, overpriced cruises and stays might not be
as enjoyable since you are spending a lot of money. So you need to be smart and find the best cruise
and stay deals available.

 The first step to finding the best cruise and stay deals is timing. If you are traveling during peak
season, make sure you book early – by early I mean REALLY early. Travel agents and advisors
usually have special rates for those booking early. You will be able to get great deals and discounts.
Bargaining is still needed, so you should compare cruise alternatives as well. Take your time and
explore your options to get the best possible vacation. Remember, it is not the low price that counts. All
you need to do is explore each cruise option and compare its value for money. Some cruises offer
more facilities than others, with additional benefits and tour packages, while still being reasonably
priced. This would be what you are looking for. Packages will give you a cheaper overall rate, so
consult your travel agent for packages available. If you are not comfortable with booking early, you
could also get discounts for late, or last minute, bookings. Keep in touch with your travel agent for last
minute deals. This way, you have more time to explore your options while still getting a great price.

 As you can see, finding best cruise and stay deals might not be that hard. All you need to do is be
diligent and explore your options thoroughly. Remember to compare not only price, but also value for
money. It really helps to book early, since you will be able to get great discounts for the cruise you
want, but keeping in touch with your travel agent for last minute deals would not hurt either. That is all
there is to know about finding best cruise and stay deals. Have a nice vacation!

Cruise 1st is currently offering excellent cruise and stay deals which can be
the perfect option for a family vacation.

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