Lesson One Task Answer the following based on Text by jennyyingdi


									Lesson One

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. Where do we start our travel?
2. What are our feelings when we drive into the redwood country?
3. Why is Portland called the “City of Roses”?
4. What is the feature of Seattle?
5. Can you tell something about the early history of Seattle?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) We could not stop for picture-taking when crossing Eureka and Oregon.
2. ( ) Route 101 is an ordinary highway without any special feature.
3. ( ) Rice, sugar beets, potatoes and some fruits are raised in the valley of the
Willamette River.
4. ( ) Portland is known as the city of roses for more than 700 kinds of roses are
grown there.
5. ( ) The volcano in Seattle is a dead volcano and never breaks out.
6. ( ) Seattle was occupied firstly by the USA.
7. ( ) Compared with package tour, personalized tour caters to the rich people.
8. ( ) The reason for package tour being so popular is that it offers a variety of
practical benefits that independent travel cannot provide.
9. ( ) On a package tour, the traveler still has a lot of things to do, such as buying
tickets, accommodations and so on.
10. ( ) The client can accurately calculate the total cost of the tour in advance on a
package tour.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

tip independent    raise    entertainment       professional   tax   tunnel

1. They ____for weeks before they reached the other side of the hill.
2. The French parliament’s upper house yesterday backed a proposal to ____the
   minimum age at which women may marry from 15 to 18.
3. He is a ___ artist; he lives by selling his pictures.
4. Some of the students have an ability of ____ thinking.
5. In England you must pay ____ on money you earn.
6. In the restaurant, they leave a ____ to the waiter on the table.
7. They are giving an ____ to their foreign guests.

Task 2

 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. The display of fireworks ___ many attractions. ( offer)
2. The eye can ____ itself to different distances. ( accommodate)
3. Those Lorries _____ to the order of the Communication Bureau. ( manufacture)
4. The track events will _____ dashes, middle distance races, long distance races, etc.
    ( including)
5. She is in the kitchen ____ the dinner. (preparation)
6. I often ____ myself with gardening. (recreation)
7. He is ____ in what he says and does. (accurate)
8. ____speaking, it’s a fine day today. (relative)
9. I have made ____ for my journey to England. (arrangement)
10. We can hardly ____ to buy books and pens. ( afford)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. As we travel north between the mountain ranges we come to the valley of the
   Willamette River.
2. A package tour offers travelers prearranged transportation, accommodations,
   meals, and other vacation preparations –all at a predetermined price.
3. A package tour is a combination of several travel components provided by
   different supplier, which are sold to the consumer as a single product at a single
4. The package tour industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the travel
5. Our tour includes a visit to a famous Rose Garden, where more than 700 kinds of
   roses are grown.

Write an itinerary with the information given in Chinese.

第一天, 飞机到上海,住虹桥酒店。然后参观外滩欧式建筑群,下午参观豫园,
第二天, 上午参观上海博物馆。然后去玉佛寺参观玉佛。下午自由活动。晚上

Lesson Two

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. Which travel agency is Zhao Lin from?
2. How many years does the new China enjoy?

3. How many hours are we ahead of Chicago?
4. When did the economic reform begin?
5. How large is the population of China?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) Zhao Lin is a local guide of the group.
2. ( ) All of the clocks and watches in China are set to Beijing standard time,
except Heilongjiang.
3. ( ) We are a developed country.
4. ( ) We don’t have enough hotels and restaurants to serve tourists.
5. ( ) Every hotel offers facilities for recreation.
6. ( ) Internet service is offered to business travelers.
7. ( ) Convention hotels often have facilities for conference.
8. ( ) The rating of hotels is based on the furnishings.
9. ( ) Resident hotels cater to transient, too.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

 would     free    access   premises    laundry   resort   spa   convention    budget

1. On behalf of my company and my colleagues, I ____ like to say “ You are
    welcome” to all of you.
2. We are having some ___time and money to tour.
3. If you have anything for the ____, just leave it in the bag behind the door of your
4. Food bought in this public house must be consumed on the ____.
5. Hawaii is an all-the-your-round tourist _____.
6. Our president is just taking a ____ holiday in Japan.
7. Not long ago, the ____centers are only those large urban centers like New York
    and Paris.
8. A ___ hotel stresses low rates, because only necessary rather than luxury services
    are given.
9. We’ll make no ___ in London.
10. There is an ____ road leading from the beach to the hotel.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. The People’s Republic of China enjoys a history of 55 years since it was ___ on
   October 1, 1949. (establish)
2. You must be ___ after such a long flight. ( tire)

3. Please ____ your watches when you come to China from Canada. ( set)
4. After the ____ of the economic reform in 1978, we are making progress towards
   ____. (begin, modern)
5. The ____cost of our staff members staying abroad is out of control.
6. The new hotel has finished building, but it’s not yet fully ____. (furnish)
7. Can you tell me what time ___ No. 1234 arrives in Shanghai? (fly)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. Chinese culture is considered as one of the oldest civilizations, while the PRC is
   among the youngest nations of the world.
2. Please sit back and relax.
3. At this time, I would like to say some words on behalf of our China International
   Travel Service.
4. As an experienced caterer with a history of about fifty years, we cater for all
   institutional organizations.

The following is some information about a local tour. Complete the information card
and write a welcome speech.

Travel service: CITS
Guests:32 British
Last stop: Beijing
Duration of stay: 2 days
Highlights of Itinerary:

Lesson Three

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. Are the Shandong cooks good at cooking seafood?
2. What’s the feature of Huaiyang cuisine?
3. What’s the difference between Western cooking and Chinese cooking?
4. Do you think the chef is important in Chinese cooking? Why?
5. Why do you pay great attention to aesthetic value of the food?

Task 2

Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) We have known the precise number of regional cuisine in China.
2. ( ) Guangdong dishes are famous for their aromatic and spicy sauces.
3. ( ) Dishes in Huaiyang cuisine are strong but not greasy.
4. ( )Chinese cooking always values creative and stylistic techniques while western
cooking doesn’t.
5. ( ) In Chinese cooking, the key to success in any culinary attempt is the recipe.
6. ( ) Chefs do not care about the selection and preparation of the ingredients.
7. ( ) The food should be good not only in favor and smell, but also in color and
8. ( ) Seasoning is the decisive factor in Chinese cooking.
9. ( ) Different ingredients need different cooking time and temperature.
10. ( ) There are over thirty cooking techniques in Chinese cuisine.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Cooking dispute     aroma    seasoned    decisive   ingredients   particular   ensure
various technique

1.  The room is full of the ___ of fresh coffee..
2.  Her daughter is very ___ about what she wears and eats.
3.  She is working with her new piano teacher to improve her _____.
4.  Flour and eggs are important ___ for cooking.
5.  If you want to ___ that you catch the plane, take a taxi to the airport.
6.  Do you like English_____?
7.  The question who will be the leading role in this film is still under _____.
8.  He has been to many famous cities of the world. We can say that he is a ____
9. There are ____ ways of getting there but we always go by train.
10. The teacher told him that conceit is the ___ factor for his failure in the exam.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. Shall we ___ the vegetables or eat them raw? ( cooking)
2. There is no ____ between the twins Lucy and Lily. ( distinct)
3. ___ herbs are often used in cooking. (aroma)
4. A highly ___ reference library will be built in this city. (specialize)
5. Her political ideas were too ____ to get support from ordinary people. ( complex)
6. The idea of a free holiday is rather ___ . (appeal)
7. They ___ with some spices and hot peppers so that the food tastes better.
   ( seasoning)
8. These T-shirts are available in a wide ___ of colors. ( various)

9. The constant changes in ___ made me ill. ( temperature)
10. We need more and more ___ who work for science. ( technique)

Translate the following into Chinese
The precise number of regional cuisines in China is still under dispute, but one thing
   is certain: Chinese dishes appeal to the senses through color, shape, aroma and
Dishes in this culinary school are strong but not greasy, light but delicate.
While in Western cooking the recipe is the key to success in any culinary attempt, in
   Chinese cooking the experienced and well-seasoned chef is the guarantee.
They see to it that the combination appeals to the eye as well as to the palate.
Those used in various geographical regions have helped to shape the different styles
   of Chinese cooking, and all kinds of salty, s3weet, sour, and pungent flavors can
   be found in those cuisines.

Lesson Four

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
What role do cities play in tourism?
What is the unique feature of metropolis?
What are the cultural facilities and activities cities offer?
What are the shopping opportunities?
How does a city attract business travelers?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) Urban tourism makes up 50 percent of the tourism industry.
2. ( ) Tourist destinations include both large cities and small ones.
3. ( ) Only the well-preserved original buildings are worth a visit.
4. ( ) Sport events are also a feature of urban tourism.
5. ( ) The monuments of a city are attractive to tourists.
6. ( ) Shanghai was once a city with a lot of foreigners.
7. ( ) Shanghai is so internationalized that Chinese culture is dropped.
8. ( ) Shanghai has grown into a metropolis as Paris and New York.
9. ( ) The western part of Shanghai has been left behind when a new city is taking
shape in the east of Huangpu River.
10. ( ) Shanghai culture is a mixtures of various cultures.

Word study
Task 1

Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Urbanization leisure downtown            events    neighbor     attraction   residence
incentive avenues   monument

1. Shopping is a tourist ___ in big cities.
2. The ____ level will go up one percentage point per year and eventually hit over 50
   percent by the year of 2020.
3. The ___ area appeals as much to the out-of-town tourist as to the more
   conventional local shopper.
4. Like its ___, it grew up as a farming community.
5. ___ system reform has allowed more freedom for people to migrate.
6. Cultural ___ occur frequently, including theatrical and operatic performances,
   concerts, ballet, and art exhibition.
7. The complex network of ___, open spaced and accompanying buildings are
   associated with a given city.
8. Historic neighborhoods are transformed into ___ of shops and cafes.
9. Business tourism has a number of advantages over ___ tourism.
8. Interestingly, ___ travel is used a reward for good performance at work.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. In the past decade, China ha set up more than 400 county-level cities with more
   than 50 percent urban ___. (reside)
2. One part of the town, a mile long and half a mile wide, has been carefully ___ so
   that now it looks like a village of more than 200 years ago. (restore)
3. Wishing to maintain the tourist appeal of its ____ appearance, the downtown area
   was organized as the historic district. (history)
4. He appearance of the street still ____ its great age, but the human activities along
   it are in part changed. ( suggest)
5. Besides these buildings, eighty-eight ___ houses have been kept, and many others
   have been rebuilt. ( origin)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. Shanghai boasts various theatres, where plays, acrobatics, traditional Chinese
   operas and concerts are presented.
2. With the rapid growth of Shanghai’s economy, nightlife in the city has really come
   of age in the past two or three years.
3. Though it lacks the manic energy of east coast cities of North America, Vancouver
   continues to attract new resident6s with its serene, safe, and sane lifestyle.
4. No other city in America can compare with the influence which Boston has had on
   the development of government, education, medicine, and the arts.

5. The most recent trends and forecasting studies by the World Trade Organization
   indicate that cities will continue to be in high demand by tourists of all sorts.

Write a Publicity of Tourist Cities.

Lesson Five

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. When did wooden structures appear in Chinese architecture?
2. What was the common style in palaces and temples in the northern part of China?
3. Can you describe the courtyard dwellings to foreigners?
4. How were the important buildings arranged in the palaces and the temples?
5. Say something you know about the temples.

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) China ha a civilization history for about 5,000 years..
2. ( ) Wooden structures appeared in Chinese architecture 2000 years ago..
3. ( ) The palace buildings are the most popular architecture in the northern part of
4. ( ) The courtyard dwellings are the least popular residential structure in China.
5. (    ) The Forbidden City is the world’s largest and best preserved ancient
6. ( ) Buddhism is the most important religion in China.
7. ( ) Xi’an was once the capital of 11 Chinese dynasties.
8. ( ) Terra-cotta warriors and horses are life-sized and vivid.
9. ( ) Qin Shihuang was the first emperor of China.
10. ( ) The warriors’ horses and chariots are arranged in battle formation.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Refer to known as    deriver from         appear    as well as      head    scripture
capital ancient architecture

1. He is an experienced ____ waitress.
2. Beijing is the ____ of China.
3. Terra-cotta army was ___ ___ “one of the Eight Wonders” in the world.

4.  The “dou-gong” ___ ___ corbel brackets in old Chinese architecture.
5.  A car ___ over the hills.
6.  People ___ knowledge ____practice.
7.  The Buddhist ___ is stored in tower at the back of temple.
8.  Confucius is the great ___ Chinese sage.
9.  Paintings of Buddhist and other stories provide valuable materials for the study of
    China’s ancient _____.
10. These precious relics are of great value to the study of ancient Chinese politics,
    economy ____ military affairs.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. _____ speaking, the building that faces south was called the master houses
   because the house is warm in winter and cool in summer. ( general)
2. Emperor Kang Xi was _____at the age of 12. (throne)
3. Chinese ____ painting dates back to about 6000 years ago. (tradition)
4. We all know a committee ____ of 9 members. (consist)
5. Dun Huang ____ relics have been studied by many scholars. ( history)
6. Beijing is a center of politics, economy and ____ of China. (cultural)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. The cultural style of a nation is often vividly represented through its typical
2. We should insist that theory should be connected with practice.
3. The collection of Taoist classics consists of as many as 5485 volumes.
4. Stone artwork falls into two categories: carved and painted.
5. The white pagoda left behind many poems of famous Chinese poets.

Write a brief introduction to a building. Location, style and structure of the building
should be included in your passage.

Lesson Six

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. When did Chinese gardens first appear?
2. When did the garden building see tits heyday?
3. How many kinds of traditional Chinese gardens are talked about in the text? What
   are they?
4. List the famous imperial gardens in Text A.
5. What are the characteristics of the imperial gardens?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) Most imperial gardens are located in the north of China and most of private
gardens are found in the south of China..
2. ( ) Garden building saw its heyday during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties..
3. ( ) The Summer Palace has an area of 560 hectares while the Imperial Summer
Resort in Chengde covers more than 290 hectares.
4. ( ) Most of the imperial gardens have three sections which serve administrative,
residential and recreational purposes..
5. (    ) The main buildings of the large imperial gardens are connected by an
imaginary line in the middle of the garden on a west-east axis..
6. ( ) Yangzhou displays the most and best traditional private gardens in China..
7. ( ) The landscape garden looks more artificial than natural..
8. ( ) Landscape gardens are placed for public recreation..
9. ( ) Private gardens were mostly built in the middle of the residential houses.
10. ( ) Buildings in private gardens are only for holding banquets..

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Component       partition symmetry scale        geometric masterpiece        subordinate

1.   Revenues form oil are the biggest single ___ in the country’s income.
2.   The “Mona Lisa” was Leonardo’s ____.
3.   Muslim art is characterized by ____ patterns.
4.   He ____ his wishes to the general good of the group.
5.   You could hear what he was saying on the phone through the _____.
6.   We admired the ____ of the building’s design.
7.   He built a ____ model of the aircraft carrier.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. The educational system there ___ by an emphasis on success in exams.
   ( character)
2. These plants must ___ from direct sunlight. (shelter)
3. The terrible scene ___ on his memory. (engrave)
4. He ___ by the novel. (enchant)
5. A religious service will be held in ____ of those who died in the war.
6. Princess Diana’s ____ manners are always within the memory of people. (elegant)
7. The human face is more or less ____ . (symmetry)
8. She’s been on ____ since the accident. (tranquil)
9. Plenty of fresh air ____ to good health. (contribute)

10. Owning a private car is still a ____ to a family in developing countries.

Translate the following into Chinese
1. Garden building saw its heyday during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the
   imperial garden Yuanmingyuan was regarded as masterpiece in the period.
2. Different from the classical European gardens, in which geometric patterns
   dominate, Chinese gardens are made to resemble natural landscapes on a smaller
3. Traditional Chinese gardens fall into three categories, namely, imperial, private
   and landscape gardens.
4. Buildings in the garden were used for receiving guests, holding banquets, reading
   or writing poetry.
5. The winding corridors connect various buildings and also provide a veranda as
   shelter from the rain and shade from the sun.

Lesson Seven

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. What is the Taoist understanding of the universe?
2. What is the core of Taoist religion?
3. What is “Wu Wei”?
4. What cultural relics has Taoism left with us?
5. Is Taoism a religion or a philosophy? What’s your opinion?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) Taoist religion reveres Zhuang Zi as its founder.
2. ( ) In its broadest sense, Dao is the way the universe functions, the path taken by
human beings.
3. ( ) Over the course of its long history of development, Taoism remained constant
and uniform.
4. (     ) Taoism has exerted a profound influence on Chinese philosophy and
5. ( ) Mahayana Buddhism was introduced into regions inhabited by the Dai, and
other ethnic minorities.
6. ( ) The earliest Buddhist temple is the Baima Temple (White Horse Temple) in
7. ( ) China’s pagoda architecture and statue art are mostly the work of Hinayana
Buddhist designer.

8. ( ) Mahayana Buddhism is more popular in China.
9. ( ) Wudang Mountain is one of the four mountains in China particularly sacred
to Mhayana Buddhists.
10. ( ) Hinayana (also called Pali) Buddhism was introduced form India..

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Authority      modest      principle      classify         wear away          attitude
highlight   brilliant    add to     harmony

1.  The poems are completely in ____ with Athenian attitude towards beauty.
2.  Stars are ____ in the clear night sky.
3.  The mayor used his ____ and got his son a position in a world-famous bank.
4.  If you are a librarian, a key skill you require is how to ____ books according to
    their contents.
5. She is very ____ about her success.
6. Our regular visit to my parents-in-law’s hose every Saturday evening ___ their
7. The inscription on the stone ___ ____.
8. Bob never allowed himself to be bullied into doing anything that went against his
9. What’s your _____towards religions?
10. In Edinburgh, campaigners held a “climate carnival ” to ____ the effects of global

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. His ____ to the project was small but significant. ( contribute)
2. The economy in most Asian countries slipped into a recession after several years
   of ____. (expand
3. Rock music is ___ with many young people all over the world. (popularity)
4. The classic Chinese _____ by Lao Zi and Confucius, for example, was written in
   literary Chinese, which is different from the language spoken by everyday folks.
5. Personal computers are of _____ interest; everyone is learning how to use them.

Translate the following into Chinese
1. Mahayana Buddhism reached its peak of popularity during the Sui and Tang
   Dynasties (581AD---907 AD)
2. Taoism, along with Buddhism and Confucianism is one of the three great religions

   of China. Its name stems from “Dao”, its highest object of faith.
3. Taoists often use the image of water to illustrate such effortless action. Water
   always settles to the lowest level and yet can wear away even the hardest of
4. Over the course of its long history of development, Taoism has exercised a deep
   influence on Chinese economy, philosophy, literature, as well as social customs.
5. Mahayana Buddhism’s influence is seen in the thousands of Chinese classics.
   Many of them are of high literary value.

The following is some information about “Islam In China”. Please add some more to
write into a passage.
Islam in China
Founder: the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century.
Introduced to China: During the Tang Dynasty, via the Silk Road and by Arabs.
Followers: the Hui ethnic group.
Customs: Forbidden to eat pork, dog, horse, birds. Men wear white caps and women
wear headscarves or veils.

Lesson Eight

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. How is Chinese opera different from the western opera in tradition?
2. How do the local operas differ from each other?
3. How does Chinese opera represent the life?
4. What are the major characters in Chinese operas?
5. What are other forms of entertainment found in Chinese theater?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) Chinese opera has change a lot in history..
2. ( ) Most of the operas are the same in themes and costumes.
3. ( ) The typical characters can be known by their voices.
4. ( ) Martial arts are an integral part of many Chinese plays.
5. ( ) Peking Opera is the only one called “the national opera”.
6. ( ) Traditional sports are a form of recreation for Chinese people.
7. ( ) Yangge is popular with the Han people.
8. ( ) All people take up Wuchu for self-defense..
9. ( ) Taijiquan is popular with the aged because it is a set of slow movements..
10. ( ) Some children games are out of fashion.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Keep-fit   martial  forms    represent              feature     boasts        heritage
entertainment dance    games

1. Most of them are not meant to become a master of ____ arts but to do so for
2. China, as a country with many ethnic groups, holds a rich resource of intangible
    culture ___,.
3. The earliest ____ of acrobatics in China came into being over 2000 years ago.
4. Opera viewing has long been a popular ____ enjoyed by both the common people
    and China’s royalty and aristocracy.
5. Baozheng ____ the best sort of official the Chinese people wish to see in office:
    honest, upright and incorruptible.
6. The ___, known as “Beside a River on a Moonlight Night,” is a solo dance.
7. An outstanding ____ of shadow boxing, therefore, is its great adaptability.
8. This botanical garden ____ of some species that you can hardly find elsewhere in
9. The hotel has a well-equipped ____ gymnasium with all the fitness apparatus.
10. There were music, ____ and dancing for our entertainment.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. Though many new forms of entertainment has been introduced or invented,
    traditional entertainments have still their ___. (follow)
2. Dozens of local operas are ____ throughout this country, most in dialect and with
    distinctive local music and dance. (performance)
3. In recent years, ____ centers have become the favorite places for millions to visit.
4. To be ____ to the time and place of the story, the filmmakers hunted everywhere
    for appropriate settings, costumes and props . (faith)
5. One major street settings, which beautifully ____ the scenes of 1920 Beijing, was
    built inside the studio. (produce)
6. The actor mainly relies on the symbolic ____ of his four limbs to show that he is
    opening a door, stepping over a threshold, or mounting a horse. (move)
7. A ____ of Taijiqun is that all movements are carried out in a half squatting
    position. (character)
8. With its ____ movements and good effects on health, Wushu has a strong appeal
    to a great number of people. (grace)
9. Each color in facial painting ____ a certain characteristic of the figure. (symbol)
10. In ancient China, human beings were ___ the most valuable treasure of nature.
    (regard as)

Translate the following into Chinese.
1. In the country, folk music is popular with older people.
2. Walking through a pet fish market always makes you feel relaxed.
3. Different kinds of entertainment are offered frequently as a part of packaged tours.
4. Natural scenery usually attracts tourists because of the entertainment it can offer
   in enjoying the scenery.
5. Turandot is really a more European interpretation of China rather than a genuine
   Chinese opera.

Write an e-mail message to a friend about a recreational destination in your city.

Lesson Nine

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. How important is the Spring Festival in China?
2. What do people usually do before the Spring Festival?
3. When do the celebrations begin?
4. Is the reunion feast important for the Chinese people?
5. Do people all over China celebrate the Spring Festival in the same way? If not,
   give some examples.

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) The Spring Festival isn’t as important to the Chinese people as before.
2. ( ) Before the spring Festival, people often give their houses a thorough cleaning
so that the new year will bring them happiness and good luck.
3. ( ) The Spring Festival celebrations begin on the Eve of the lunar New Year.
4. ( ) The Spring Festival lasts only three days.
5. ( ) People often stay at home during the Spring Festival.
6. ( ) The Bai nationality lives chiefly in Lijiang..
7. ( ) The Bai people are good at hunting.
8. ( ) The Torch Festival is the most important festival for the Bai nationality.
9. ( ) Guests are offered three cups of tea when visiting a Bai family.
10. ( ) The head of the family often make tea for the guests.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Known as        respect       vary     stay up     essential     hospitality     have
an area of   in addition to   pay homage to    avoid

1.  The aged should ___ in a civilized society.
2.  People’s intelligence ____ from season to season.
3.  it is -___ that population in China be controlled.
4.  Thomas Jefferson, ___ the third president of the United States, is also a good and
    tireless writer.
5. Nowadays many high school students have to ___ late to finish their homework.
6. In modern society, people ___ having meals at home.
7. ____ books, we can also obtain knowledge from some other sources.
8. Canada is the second largest country in the world. It ___ 9700000 square
9. They spent a month going to Arab to ____ the big stone in Mecca.
10. As is known the Chinese people are of great ____..

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. People try their best to arrive home in time to attend the Spring Festival ___.
2. China is a country with many nationalities. It is a ____ country. (nation)
3. Ladies and gentlemen! Flight No.1930 is to ____ in ten minutes. Please get ready.
4. They are going to ___ their guests, their close friends, in their spacious dining
   room this evening. (entertainment)
5. Henan is a heavily ___ province. Its population has already reached more than 90
   million. (population)
6. ____ some salt to the soup and it will be delicious. (addition)
7. She is sure to have ___ staying with her lovely cousin. (funny)
8. During the Spring Festival, people often visit their friends and relatives to
   exchange their ___. (greet)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. So does China, the multinational country, with some festivals shared by many
2. Also, pictures of the God of Doors and wealth will be pasted on front doors to
   drive away the evil spirits and to greet the arrival of the New Year.
3. No matter how far away from home a person is, he will always try to get home in
   time for a big reunion feast of Jiaozi and Niangao.
4. .In addition to the exchange of commodities, there are other activates such as
   horse racing, performance of operas, folk singing and dancing.
5. As the newly-married couple try to enter their chamber, friends and family try to

   pinch the bride as she passes. The pinch is a sign of good wishes.

Write a short passage about “the Dragon Boat Festival”.

Lesson Ten

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. What kinds of treasures do mountains offer?
2. What are the physical features of mountains?
3. What activities can you take in mountains?
4. What does a mountain have for wildlife lovers?
5. What do mountain people treasure?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) Mountain life is at a slow pace and more inactive.
2. ( ) Mountain activities are all adventurous.
3. ( ) Mountain resorts tend to have healthcare service.
4. ( ) Trails in mountains are specially made for tourists.
5. ( ) Mountain people tend to live in communities.
6. ( ) Lushan stands between the Yangtze River and the Poyang Lake.
7. ( ) The flock of cranes on the Poyang Lake is the greatest in number.
8. ( ) The Donglin Temple is known as the birth place of Linji Sect.
9. ( ) Several religions are practiced on Lushan.
10. ( ) The villas on Lushan are mainly built in the early 20th century.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Slopes    heritage       trails   cluster        species   lush    pilgrims     valley
rolling   wildlife

1. the selection standards included reputation, cultural ___, ecological environment
   and scenery.
2. The wilderness includes a ___ of peaks at the western end of the Muggins
3. Ride the steepest railway in the world down to a ___ and hidden valley.
4. At Scenic World Blue Mountains enjoy 360 degree views, taking in the famous
   Three Sisters, the Magnificent Falls, and the near endless vista of the Jamison ___.
5. Recreations such as backpacking, day hiking, sightseeing, photography, and rock

    climbing are enhanced by the topography and scenic character, as well as
    botanical, ____ and cultural values.
6. The carved wooden sighs, the clapboard houses ,the church steeple, the covered
    wooden bridges, eth absence of stoplights, the ___ hills and farmland all
    characterize Stowe as the typical Vermont Town you see in postcards and dreams.
7. The neighborhood will include a spa and fitness center to relax in after a day on
    the ___.
8. The ___ are many, and the views are some of the most beautiful in Southern
9. Although a cable car is provided, the real ___, often elderly women, travel on foot
    up to the summit.
10. The hundreds of ___ of alpine flowers will also delight not only women, but all
    nature lovers, for free.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. Stroll along the Walkway through towering rainforest, and ____ both your spirit
   and soul! (fresh)
2. Quietly glide out of the valley aboard the Flyway, ____ the breathtaking panorama
   of the stunning World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains National Park. (take in)
3. With luck, it is still possible to find the rare edelweiss ___ on a mountain slope.
4. Alpine women ___ their embroidery. ( take pride in)
5. ____ here and there on the mountainside are lonely wooden cottages. (dot)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. Over the centuries these mountains became places of pilgrimage for Chinese
   Buddhists from all over the country.
2. Mountains are one of the last wild places, where people can escape from the
   pressures of modern living and relax.
3. For centuries, China’s holy mountains were protected by Taoist and Buddhist
   monasteries and the respect of the pilgrims who visited them.
4. China has scores of ethnic communities and most of these live in the mountains.
5. Many of the mountains were originally sacred sites belonging to the indigenous

Write a brief introduction to Mount Huangshan.

Lesson Eleven

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. Which water system does the Lijiang River belong to?
2. What features are typical of the Lijiang River?
3. Which hill is the best known on the Lijiang River?
4. Which places are famous for the picturesque reflections?
5. Imagine what human activities can you see along the river.

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) The peaks of Fresco Hill look like nine horses.
2. ( ) The Lijiang tour usually ends at Yangshuo..
3. ( ) The banks of the Lijiang River are covered with bamboos and other trees.
4. ( ) The Lijiang River tour is sometimes dangerous because of the rapids..
5. ( ) The Lijiang River is rich in precious stones..

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Scenic    scuba    surfing    rafts   reflections   shores      bank

1. The famous ___ spot Halong Bay of Vietnam consists of many small karst peaks
   scattering on a vast sea..
2. From ____ diving and snorkeling to tennis, golf and sailing, there is always
   something to make everyday and every evening memorable.
3. The Lijiang River is embellished by vivid ___ of scenery along the river and
   fertile lands covered in brocade or veiled in mists.
4. The trees close to the ___ of the stream cast shadows over the brown surface.
5. Our prices are higher because we use ____ that are not loaded with too many
   guests for the water level.
6. Each pool was like a lake with pink and blue houses clustered on the ____.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. He ____ himself with a bath in the spring. (refreshing)
2. The picturesque ___ of the Black Water River is just like a 100-kilometer painting
   gallery. (scene)
3. The underground river of the Crown Cavern is a best spot ___. (explore)
4. Visiting the Lijiang River on a rainy day, you will see the most ____ mirages of
   the river scenery. (charm)

5. The Zi River belongs to the Yangtze River water system, ___ for 426 km.
   ( extend)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. The former Secretary- General of the World Tourism Organization said that
   Hainan was like “a pretty pearl glittering for Chinese people and the world as
2. The water quality of the Lijiang River is even better than all the other rivers
   flowing through a city in China.
3. Over 60% the scenic region here is covered by flowers and verdant bamboos.
4. Nearly all the tour groups in Beijing are to visit the Great Wall, the Summer
   Pl\palace, the Forbidden City, Beihai APark and the Tian’ anmen Square.
5. The fantastic scenery of the Lijiang River is just like a 100-kilometer painting
   gallery consisted of emerald hills, clear waters, verdant bamboos and mirrored

Write a brief introduction to a river you know very well in 100 words.

Lesson Twelve

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. What are the typical Chinese crafts recommended in the text?
2. Where would you recommend for tour shopping?
3. Where can a tourist get quality silk products in China?
4. What features traditional Chinese medicine?
5. What should a tourist check when buying antiques?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) The tourist areas have little facilities for shopping.
2. ( ) All tourists like shopping on free markets.
3. ( ) Many foreigners love Chinese tea.
4. ( ) Foreigners would not buy the four treasures of study because they are of no
use for them.
5. ( ) Antiques before 1796 is not allowed to be taken out of the country..
6. ( ) Chinese silk is characterized by its softness to touch, resistance to heat, and
breathing very well.
7. ( ) China is the first producer of silk in the world.
8. ( ) Suzhou is the better place to buy silk than Hangzhou.

9. ( ) Every cloth shop in Suzhou has in-house tailors.
10. ( ) To be very careful is the golden rule of buying silk in markets.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Bargain    oriental commodities  numerous            original    musts     name brand
reasonable     available  enjoyable

1. The eye-catching items in the showrooms may draw your attention away from
    your ___ purpose in coming to the factories.
2. You can have plenty of fun looking at various stuff in free markets, and you may
    just find a real ___.
3. A wide variety and selection of commodities are ____ at cheap prices.
4. ___ products, low prices, a comfortable shopping environment, and enthusiastic
    service make the shopper’s paradise very attractive.
5. There are several “____” if you go shopping in Hong Kong.
6. Hangzhou is another excellent place to shop for ____ silk.
7. Going shopping makes leisure time ____.
8. A quick look at some of Shanghai’s ____ shows that it truly is a
    “Thousand-Country Market”.
9. Supermarkets offer customers a feeling of freedom of choice at ____ price.
10. ____ foreign buyers are attracted by Chinese special antiques.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. Besides the hundreds of shops, you will see ____ shopping malls and markets
   everywhere in China. (count)
2. The ___ of shopping malls can be traced back to the 1850s. (develop)
3. It is ____ that you will. Escape from Shanghai without doing some shopping.
4. If you are ____ to shop, however, it is easier to do so in the morning, before lines
   build. (determine)
5. Commodities ____ on the basis of service, price and marketing. (competition)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. Always ask for receipts and above all, make sure you understand everything
   written on them.
2. Flea markets are full of stuff that is weird, old and cool.
3. There are many imitations and inferior works, so look carefully before you buy
   Chinese antiques.
4. Jade carving is characterized by its distinct national style of simplicity,

   gracefulness and delicacy.
5. Cloisonné enamel is beautiful and elegant in moulding, splendid and graceful in
   design and dazzling and brilliant in colors.

Lesson Thirteen

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. What are the materials and tools used in traditional Chinese painting?
2. What is the brush made from?
3. What are the characteristics of the traditional landscape painting?
4. What are the features of the “bird and flower” Painting?
5. What else can you find on a masterpiece of traditional Chinese painting?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) In traditional Chinese painting black ink is the only color used.
2. ( ) Chinese paintings use the same canvas as the Western works do.
3. ( ) The landscape painting is the best representative of guohua.
4. ( ) The paintings are mounted mainly for storage.
5. ( ) The weal print on a painting tells us who the painter is.
6. ( ) Cloisonné enamelware is a Chinese invention.
7. ( ) Folk paintings are different from guohua.
8. ( ) The four famous embroidery are mostly in the southern part of China.
9. ( ) Jingdezhen is one of the most famous producers of china.
10. ( ) Jade refers to a specific precious stone.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Features   compositions are home to                 ornaments      ink-stick     craft
wares brushwork mixture form

1. It is clearly a woman although it has no facial ___.
2. Mountains ___ 90 percent of China’s forests, 77 percent of its pastures, 76 percent
   of its lakes and 98 percent of its hydropower resources.
3. Usually paper is chosen as the ground for the monochrome ink painting, and silk
   is preferred for the highly colored_______.
4. Chinese ink is made form a ____ of soot, tung oil, pine rat, gelatin, herbs and
5. Knots are widely used as ____ for clothing and decorations in houses.

6.  Naturally the ____ and the ink tones became all important.
7.  In China, painting is looked upon as the noblest ___ of artistic expression.
8.  The ___ is the unique pigment of Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy.
9.  Folk craftsmen used inexpensive and common materials to create fresh and lively
    ___ to suit local tastes.
10. The logo for Beijing’s bid to host the 2008 Olympics was based on a traditional
    knot ___ design.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. He ____ states of mind, the state we most often seem to experience in nightmares.
2. The evidence of the style is ____ in the sculpture and decorated metal work.
3. The earliest earthenware was ____ by hand; the potter’s wheel came much later.
4. ____ works have become highly complex and exquisite today. (embroidery)
5. Look out for jade objects – the Chinese excel in the art of jade ____. (carve)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. Porcelain differs from pottery in that its basic material is china clay.
2. The production of silk thread and fabrics gave rise to the art of embroidery.
3. Using colorful silk threads, they are beautiful plaited ornaments made in various
   kinds of auspicious patterns.
4. Lacquer ware consists of up to 500 coat of lacquer applied to a copper base and
   carved into designs.

Write an introduction to a painting..

Lesson Fourteen

Task 1
Answer the following questions based on Text A.
1. Which city is considered as the engine of China’s economy?
2. What does Guilin represent in China?
3. What may a foreigner appreciate Chinese culture?
4. Who is regarded as the greatest teacher in Chinese history?

Task 2
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1. ( ) Tourists will leave Guangzhou for Macau tomorrow morning.

2. ( ) Xi’an is regarded as the home of Chinese culture.
3. ( ) Tourists haven’t enjoyed the minority culture from mountains.
4. ( ) There are some troubles and mistakes not caused by those big differences
between the two nations.
5. ( ) The guests agreed to come back for a visit.
6. ( ) All the international travelers should reconfirm their seats 72 hours ahead.
7. ( ) Transit passengers should buy airport fee, too.
8. ( ) Children under 12 are exempt from safety inspection.
9. ( ) Personal articles can be carried aboard an aircraft.
10. ( ) Commercial samples are not allowed on passenger flight.

Word study
Task 1
Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.

Strengthen      return      upon      coming        formalities   domestic     transit

1.   First of all, we thank you for ____.
2.   It will ____ further business and cultural cooperation between our two countries.
3.   And I would like to welcome you back, sometime in the future, for ____ visits.
4.   ___ your return to Great Britain, please bring my friendship home, and my best
     wishes to your families, your relatives, your friends and your colleagues.
5.   There are a few ___ to be gone through before you enter a foreign country.
6.   Only fruits, sweets and refreshments are served on ____ flights.
7.   We are _____ passengers to Geneva, please tell us when to change plane.
8.   Please contact your air ___ for details.

Task 2
 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words.
1. After ten days, your trip to China is ____. (draw to a close)
2. Because ours is a ____ flight, we should change plane at Beijing airport.(connect)
3. Passengers are not permitted to smoke in ____ non-smoking sections. (designate)
4. Hotel suggests ____, especially when the initial reservation was made well in
5. There is nothing more ____than to meet friends afar. (delight)

Translate the following into Chinese
1. Though it’s not long enough for you to know everything in China, it’s long
   enough for us to build up our friendship.
2. The tour couldn’t have been that successful without your support.
3. Certain articles may be taken into the cabin free of charge in addition to the free
   baggage allowance.

4. A selection of duty-free goods and other items are available fro purchase at the
5. Let me take the opportunity to express my hearty thanks for your cooperation.

Write a farewell speech.


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