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Dr. Mark Zientek, Linden chiropractor offers individuals who have been involved in an auto accident safe and natural relief from pain. The doctor uses a holistic approach to care that addresses the immediate pain and provides the patient with the solutions that will improve the body's ability to heal and regenerate more quickly and effectively.

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									Chiropractor In Linden, NJ, Dr. Mark Zientek, Provides Pain Relief For
Auto Accident Pain

Linden, NJ, 10-MAY-2012 - Dr. Mark Zientek, Linden chiropractor, has
recently been recognized for his success in providing safe and effective
pain relief to individuals who have been injured in an auto accident. The
doctor uses both chiropractic care and other therapies to relieve the
immediate pain and improve the body's ability to heal and regenerate. In
addition, Dr. Zientek offers patients long-term solutions that will
improve overall wellness and increase an individual's ability to function
without pain.

When interviewed recently Dr. Zientek stated, "I encourage anyone
involved in an auto accident to visit my office as soon as possible after
the incident. Many people who are involved in an accident do not feel
pain for several hours or days after the event. However, when a care plan
is initiated before stiffness, pain, swelling and other symptoms begin,
we can often address issues and reduce, or eliminate, pain that could
potentially require a long period of recovery."

During the initial consultation Dr. Zientek discusses the details of the
accident with the patient to determine all areas of the body that were
potentially injured. The doctor will ask the patient about their normal
activities, previous medical history or injuries and diet. A physical
examination will be performed as well as x-rays to identify any discs
that may have been impacted by the injury such as herniation, compressed
discs and/or pinched nerves. The doctor also conducts flexibility and
mobility tests to determine the full extent of the injury to the entire

After reviewing all of the information collected, Dr. Zientek creates
individualized wellness programs that include addressing the immediate
pain through the use of gentle, low-force manipulation and other
therapies such as massage to reduce inflammation and increase the flow of
oxygen to the damaged tissues surrounding the injury. The doctor may also
use hot/cold therapy to stimulate circulation and healing as well as
nutritional therapy to increase the vitamins and nutrients that the body
needs to heal more effectively and maintain long-term wellness.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Mark
Zientek, Linden chiropractor, to help individuals who have been involved
in auto accidents get relief from pain and heal more safely and naturally
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