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Become a Shark – Pool Tips for a Fish out of Water!

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Tips for the novice pool player from how to break to how to shoot.

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So it’s Friday night, and you’re out on the town with your mates. You’re well dressed and you’ve had a few
drinks. Isn’t life grand? You puff away on your cigarette, sipping a pint, and round the pool table
considering your next shot. You are keenly aware of the gorgeous woman sitting at the bar, watching your
every move. Follow these pool rules, and show her that you are as slick as your slicked-back hair!

Now you may be wondering who gets to break? The traditional way of determining who gets to break is a
method called "lagging". Both players line up their ball at the head string (the line on the table). Shoot your
ball to the far rail, and bank it straight back towards yourself without touching the rail you are standing
closest to. Have your opponent do the same. Whoever has the ball closest to the rail, without touching it,
gets to break. Hitting a side rail is an immediate disqualification.

When you are racking the balls, they should be frozen or touching slightly. The lead ball must be on the
foot spot (the dot on the felt). The "8" ball must be in the center of the racked balls. The white or "cue" ball
must be located behind the head string. When breaking, you want to use enough power to split the balls.
Ideally you want to sink a couple balls, preferably one of either "solids" or "stripes". This way you have the
option of shooting for any ball on the table during your next shot. If you "scratch", or sink the white ball off
the break, it automatically becomes your opponents turn.

The object of the game is to sink all of your balls before your opponent, and then sink the "8" ball in the
pocket you have indicated. Take your time and line up your shots properly. Try not to use too much power
when shooting. Yeah… looks cool to hit them hard, but it’s not exactly cool to miss your shot. Try to
take your easiest shots first, and try not to leave your opponent with clear shots. Try to use a proper stance
when shooting, and bow your head to be in line with the cue. Your best bet is to simply practice on your
own, before you go out and play competitively. Be careful playing in bars too, as you might get hustled.
Now be a good sport, go introduce yourself to that babe at the bar!
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