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					September - December                                                                                                                                        2005

      Spa newS
 It’s our 15th Birthday and we are celebrating!
 Wow! We are 15 years old! I am happy and proud! I am proud                                   Enjoy	and	help	us	celebrate!
that we made it! I am proud of all of the amazing people I have
                                                                                                ·	Daily	giveaways/savings	with	a	minimum	$15.00	
worked with, still work with and have learned valuable life
lessons from. I am proud of our integrity & professionalism and
                                                                                                   ·	Weekly	draws	for	$150.00	Summit	Gift	Certificates!
our contribution to our community. I am proud that we have
                                                                                                      ·	Draw	at	the	end	of	the	month	for	a	$1500.00	
had a lot of national recognition and have been voted best
                                                                                                       Summit	Gift	Certificate!
spa in metro for seven years in a row! I am also deeply
                                                                                                       ·	15%	off	all	products	purchased	during	the	
thankful and filled with gratitude for all of the people that
have assisted us on our journey and most importantly YOU
                                                                                                    ·	Three	special	“Birthday	Treat”	services	(facial,	
our very valued client!
                                                                                                       massage,	pedicure)	for	$50.00	each.	Purchase	one	
  It is time to celebrate! I have developed a sacred belief                                            or	all	to	enjoy	now,	save	for	your	own	birthday	or	
system about birthdays and how I feel they are best                                                   give	to	a	friend	for	theirs!	(see	page	4	for	details)
celebrated. You are encouraged to embrace this sacred system
for your own birthday! Here it is - I think that we should take at
least one day of the year to truly celebrate ourselves! I believe that there
is nobody better able to plan your birthday party than you are! That’s right - no
                                                                                    The Official Birthday Party
                                                                                    Friday, September 30th
hoping and waiting for others to acknowledge how special you are - leaving          7:00 - 9:00pm in each location
room for disappointment. I also believe that thoughtfully planning a wonderful
day for ourselves helps to realize what makes us happy, to focus on our aging       •	Door	Prizes!
and growing as a positive inevitable experience and to create great memories.       •	Our	$1500.00	Summit	Gift	Certificate	Draw!
It could be as simple as enjoying your favourite foods with your favourite people   •	Double	Wellness	Reward	Points	on	all	purchases	including	
or having your first massage or as extravagant as going on your dream vacation.       Gift	Certificates!
The most important is to be kind and compassionate to your self all day!            •	15%	off	all	purchases!
                                                                                    •	Cake	and	Champagne
  How do we plan to celebrate our 15th birthday? First by celebrating for the
entire month of September! Second by making you, our very valued client and         Come and enjoy our celebration!
the main reason we get to be 15 years old, the center of the celebrations!          With gratitude,
                                                                                    Susan Alward, Owner/Esthetician

                                                  Autumn Makeup Launch
                                         Featuring the Summit's Director of Makeup and Senior Makeup Artist Bree Hyland
                                    Join	us	for	a	fun	evening	of	new	Autumn/Winter	looks,	demos	and	applications!	
                                 Monday,	October	3rd - BEDFORD location • Tuesday,	October	4th – HALIFAX location
                                       Both	events	run	from	6:30	–	9:00	PM.	You	are	welcome	to	stop	by	anytime	
                                       you	wish	during	the	event	and	there	will	be	a	makeup	artist	to	assist	you.

                                                                     Makeup Savings!
Are	you	new	to	Jane	Iredale	Makeup?	                                                Are	you	already	a	huge	Jane	Iredale	fan?!	
If yes then bring your current makeup with you (any brand) and trade it in for      If yes then show us five pieces of your Jane Iredale Makeup at the launch (don’t
20%	off	new Jane makeup! (How it works: trade in 1 lipcolour for new Jane           forget your great Jane makeup brushes!) and you will receive 40%	off	a product
Lipcolour; trade in 1 eyeshadow for new Jane Eyeshadow etc). Have nothing to        of your choice from the NEW Autumn Makeup Collection!
trade-in? Then receive 10% off any makeup purchases!                                Do you have 10 pieces of Jane Iredale Makeup? If yes then when you show them
                                                                                    to us you will also receive a FREE product of your choice from the NEW Autumn
                                                                                    Makeup Collection!
       Triple Wellness Reward
         Points for Referrals
                                                                                 Our Most Ama zing
You know it and you LOVE it ~ our Wellness Reward Club Card that is!
                                                                                        romotion EVER!
                                                                                 Waxing P
Do you also know about our client referral savings program? How does it
work? Each time that a friend/family member/ colleague comes in to The
                                                                                    Purchase our UNLIMITED waxing special for $79.00!
Summit for the first time for a service, based on your referral, then you
will receive 100 points on your Wellness Rewards Club Card. How do we            Purchase between October 1st and November 30 2005 and enjoy as many
know that you referred them? When a new client visits The Summit they            facial and body waxing services of your choice until December 10/05 for
are asked to fill out an address slip which includes a place for them to         this low price.
identify you as the person that referred them to us. How would you like
                                                                                 All waxing services must be performed by the same Esthetician to make
to earn TRIPLE POINTS (300 Points)? Any new clients that you refer
                                                                                 this promotion valid.
to us that have services between September 1st and November
30th 2005 will automatically qualify you for 300 points for each
Send us your friends and we will treat you both well!
                                                                                                         Relax & Wax
                                                                                                       No Scream Cream
Hold the Vision &
Handle What’s in Front of You!                                                   Welcome to a world with less ouch! We were thrilled to have found this
                                                                                 product at the Esthetic & Spa Conference in Las Vegas this year! Our
                                                                                 summer waxing clients that tried it have reported they are equally thrilled.
                                                                                 The consensus has been “If you can have your waxing service with less
Most of my clients are inspired by their vision to enjoy success in a number
                                                                                 discomfort why not?!”
of areas in their lives. To that end, they are committed to being “life-long
learners.” This learning could include anything from a new set of business       No Scream Cream is a topical anesthetic (benzocaine) that has been
skills or communication skills to personal insights about how they may be        formulated in a cream base suitable to use prior to waxing services ~ in
getting “in their own way” of success.                                           particular Brazilian Bikini Waxing. It was rigorously tested and developed
                                                                                 by the company’s owner who is an Esthetician and like us specializes in
As life-long learners, they are willing to live outside of their comfort zones
                                                                                 Brazilian Bikini Waxing. Her California clients tested many formulations
and not be paralyzed by feelings of fear, doubt or insecurity. Through our
                                                                                 during their Brazilian Bikini Waxing before reaching this final formulation.
work together, they understand that feeling anxious from time to time is
                                                                                 We are thrilled with the outcome!
quite normal and that this does not have to stop them from taking action
in new frontiers-- even if they may not always look or feel good doing it!       If you have not yet tried No Scream Cream then try it prior to your next
They see mistakes and failure as part of life’s overall plan to help them        waxing or electrolysis appointment. Purchase No Scream Cream prior to
heal, learn and grow. The knowledge gleaned from errors serves them as           your appointment date and apply in a generous but not too liberal amount
they are continually shaping their vision of a successful life.                  to the area to be waxed. It must be applied to the skin 30-40 minutes
                                                                                 before your scheduled appointment time. You can either do this at home
While they strive to have realistic expectations of themselves, whenever
                                                                                 or come to the spa 1-hour before your appointment and apply it in the
their self-confidence is lowered for any reason, they do not engage in self-
                                                                                 rest room. The cream will look white against the skin and as it penetrates
criticism. They simply look at the upcoming challenge and then identify
                                                                                 it will go clear. It is safe to use prior to any body or facial waxing service.
options for moving forward to the best of their ability. Continual learning,
                                                                                 If using for bikini waxing you may wish to apply plastic wrap to the area
surviving and thriving, despite setbacks gives you the inner strength to keep
                                                                                 after application to prevent it from getting on your clothes.
moving toward creating that which you are certain is most important to
you. With courage and gentleness, you learn to stay the course, hold the         So all you ladies who have been too nervous to wax because of potential
vision and handle what is in front of you—one day at a time!                     pain ~ RELAX & WAX with NO SCREAM CREAM!
Life by Design                                                                   No Scream Cream cannot be used by individuals with an allergy
902-477-2535                                                                     to anesthetics. Please use carefully if using for eyebrows to                                                           insure you do not get it in your eyes. Do not use if pregnant.
Life By Design creator Mara Vizzutti (B.Ed) is a facilitator &
coach dedicated to activating clarity and empowerment for
organizations and individuals seeking extraordinary results.
                                                                                               Check out our website
                          Annual                                                       NEW New NEW
                       Gift Sale Day                                                   This is going to be a fun autumn! We will be introducing many new and exciting
                                                                                       things that are sure to please!

 Thursday, November 24th
                                                                                       Plump up your pout with Jane Iredale’s new Lip Plumping Lipgloss. This
Receive a FREE $5.00 Gift                                                              product does double duty: it instantly plumps lips to a perfect pout and provides
Certificate for every $25.00                                                           a sweet, shiny lip colour. These great new glosses contain a unique formula of
Gift Certificate you purchase!                                                         gingerroot to stimulate a natural sexy pout and aloe vera to nourish and soften
(Example – Receive a FREE                                                              your lips. Try wearing it alone or over your favourite Jane Lip colour.
$40.00 Gift Certificate with
the purchase of a $200.00 Gift                                                         *NEW
Certificate!) The sale applies
for dollar value gift certificates                                                     We will be introducing a new brochure in November with MANY new and exciting
so gift recipients can choose                                                          services! We will be introducing Thai Massage, new facials, new pedicures, new
their favourite services and/or                                                        body treatments, new full and half-day spa packages, etc. No need to worry your
products!!                                                                             favourites will still be offered!

Phone orders welcome!                                                                  *NEW
                                                                                       One of our biggest concerns is the preventative health and healing of our clients’
                                                                                       skin. We are always on the lookout for new products. We have been researching

          Holiday Glamour Event                                                        for months a new anti aging skin care line and will be launching our choice
                                                                                       this November! Stay tuned ~ your skin won’t be disappointed!

‘Tis the season for parties, events and family gatherings and you want to look         OPI, our nail care line that you love, has launched their new Chicago Collection
                    FABULOUS! To enhance your look for the holidays, join us for       for the fall/winter. The big stand out for the fall/winter is a collection dominated
                         an evening with Senior Makeup Artist and Director of          by cream matte colours. This is so new! For years the styles have been focused
                           Makeup Bree Hyland and her team of experts to add a         on frost or shimmer based colours for the nails. We loved the shimmer but this
                             glamorous touch to your everyday makeup. Learn some       new look is just that ~ NEW ~ SOPHISTICATED ~ FRESH!
                              quick and easy techniques that will help you celebrate
                                  the holidays in style.
                                                                                       We are very excited to launch our newest savings program for clients ~ our
                                                                                       “Just-in-Time” Spa Club! Our “Just-in-Time” Spa Club is designed for
                                                                                       those that have a schedule that is flexible, a desire to try new things and those
                                                                                       that get an adrenaline rush from a sale!
                                                                                       What does it mean to be a member of our “Just-in-Time” Spa Club? It
                                                                                       means that when we have had last minute openings or cancellations that we wish
                                                                                       to fill we will send an e-mail to our “Just-in-Time” Spa Club members offering
                                          The Summit Day Spa                           them the openings that we have. The savings applied to the appointments will
                                           Halifax location                            range from 20-50% off!
                                                December 9/05                          How do I take advantage of the savings? You would call as soon as possible
                                                   6:30-9:00pm                         upon receiving the e-mail to take advantage of any appointments that you wish.
                                                                                       The appointments will be on a first come first serve basis so you may need to call
                                                            15%off any makeup
                                                                                       quickly. You will need a credit card to secure the appointment. Cancellations of
                                                              purchases made           the last minute bookings will be charged the quoted price.
                                                               during event
                                                                                       How do I become a member? Drop by either of our locations to fill out a
                                                                Stop by any time       membership request form. You will need an e-mail address to become a member
                                                         during the event for great    because all appointment notices are sent by e-mail.
                                        personal attention, a little glamour and
                                        a lot of fun! Bring your girl friends and      When will the “Just-in-Time” Spa Club start? We will start to collect
                                                                                       memberships in September and the club will start October 1st 2005. All clients
                                        make it a party!
                                                                                       that sign up in September will receive a special sign up bonus that will be e-mailed
                                                                                       to them in October.
                                                                                       SIGN UP TODAY!
 The Summit Day Spa & Wellness Clinic                                                                             Semptember - December 2005

                   SEPTEMBER                                                                                 NOVEMBER
•	 We	 are	 15!	 Celebrate	 with	 us	 and	 save	 15%	 off	 all	 product	
                                                                                    •	 Free	Clinical	Skin	Care	Consultations	for	the	entire	month	with	one	of	
                                                                                       our	 expert	 Clinical	 Estheticians! This 45 minute consultation (value $38.00)
•	 We	are	15!	Celebrate	with	us	and	enjoy	one	or	all	of	our	special	                   includes an in-depth skin analysis and guidance for acne, rosacea and problem skin
   Birthday	Treats! $50.00 EACH! Have a friend or family member                        management, hyperpigmentation and scar tissue treatment plus long term anti aging
   enjoying a birthday this fall? Purchase one or all of our Birthday Treats as        prevention. Insure your appointment by booking early, as spaces are limited.
   gift certificates! You can also purchase some for yourself to use later in
                                                                                    •	 1-2-3	 Clean	 is	 back	 by	 popular	 demand! – These terrific 30-minute facial
   the fall! Note: It does not have to be your birthday to enjoy these great
                                                                                       treatments will wow you with its efficient and refreshing results! $35.00!Insure your
   treatments just a celebratory attitude. The gift certificates for our Birthday
                                                                                       appointment by booking early as spaces are limited.
   Treats expire (revert to their dollar value) December 31st 2005.
                                                                                    •	 25%	off	any	skin	care	product	purchase	made	on	the	day	of	any	Clinical	
                          Birthday	Treats	Menu
                                                                                       Skin	Care	Treatment	or	Facial!
      Rejuvenating	Birthday	Facial	(45	minutes)	-	$50.00
                                                                                    •	 Our	Most	Amazing	Waxing	Promotion	EVER! Purchase our unlimited waxing
 Relaxing	Therapeutic	Birthday	Massage	(45	minutes)	-	$50.00
                                                                                       special for $79.00! Enjoy as many facial and body waxing services of your choice
            Pampering	Birthday	Pedicure	-	$50.00
                                                                                       until December 10/05 for this low price. All waxing services must be performed by
The	Complete	Birthday	Celebration	-	$150.00	(Includes	all	of	the	
                                                                                       the same Esthetician to make this promotion valid.
                     above	Birthday	Treats)
•	 Our	15th	Anniversary	Laser	Hair	Removal	Promotion - $150.00 for
   two 15 minute Laser Hair Removal Treatments! Simplify your life ~ go for                                   DECEMBER
   permanent hair removal! Book a Permanent Hair Removal Consultation
   today to learn more. More than one package can be purchased before               •	 Stop	by	and	enjoy	many	special	holiday	gift	packages	and	promotions.
   the end of October 2005 and used at a later date.                                   Great savings available on our skin care, body care, home relaxation & wellness
                                                                                       products including Yonka, Phytomer, OPI, LaNatura, DreamTime, Aroma Naturals,

                        OCTOBER                                                        Gewhol, Jane Iredale etc.
                                                                                    • The following special holiday packages can be enjoyed in December or given as a
                                                                                      gift certificate to friends and loved ones:
•	 Receive	a	FREE	Jane	Iredale	Single	Mineral	Eye	Shadow of your
   choice ($23.00 value) with the purchase of any two Jane Iredale Lip              A	Little	Rest	– start with a 30 minute Relaxation Massage with a blissful blend of
   products (Includes the new Jane Pure Lip Gloss with Plumper).                      aromatic plant oils followed by a 45 minute facial treatment designed to make you
                                                                                      look as rested as you will feel. $95.00
•	 Refresh	and	Rejuvenate	your	delicate	eye	area. Purchase our best
   selling Phytomer Lift Contour Replenishing Eye Cream or our amazing              A	Little	Loving	Care – this treatment package includes our beloved Cleopatra Bath
   age defying Vie Anti Aging Eye Cream and receive a FREE Phytomer Lift              Treatment for nurturing your heart, soul and skin with a blend of heartwarming
   Contour Gentle Eye Makeup Removing Lotion, Cosmetic Case and special               essential oils including rose & frankincense plus a Therapeutic Massage to relax tense
   bonus gift.                                                                        muscles from emotional and physical stress. 1 ½ hours – $99.00

•	 Receive	 a	 FREE	 customized	 eye	 care	 package	 of	 your	 choice	              A	Little	Glamour – get glam for an evening out or to create a new and polished
   with	a	Spa	Facial: Choose from two of the following to create your                 look ~ includes a French Manicure, a professional eyebrow shaping and a makeup
   FREE customized eye care package:                                                  makeover! - $75.00 (approx. 1 hour 45 minutes)
    - eye makeup lesson ($18 value)                                                 A	Little	Spice	– put a little cha-cha-cha in your step with our famous Brazilian Bikini
    - eye contour treatment ($18.50 value)                                            Wax, Cinnamon & Ginger Salt Glow Body Treatment and a Mini Pedicure ~ $115.00
    - lash tint ($25 value)                                                           (approx. 2 hours)
    - eyebrow shaping ($18 value)
    - brow tinting ($12 value)
    - Jane Iredale singles eye shadow ($23 value)
                                                                                                                  Sometimes the little
    - Jane Iredale eye pencil ($12 value)                                                                              things in life
    - Kiss Me Mascara ($30 value)
All services/products must be received on the day of the Spa Facial.                                               make the biggest
•	 Our	Most	Amazing	Waxing	Promotion	EVER! Purchase our unlimited                                                      difference –
   waxing special for $79.00! Enjoy as many facial and body waxing services of
   your choice until December 10/05 for this low price. All waxing services must                                       a little time,
   be performed by the same Esthetician to make this promotion valid.                                                   a little rest,
•	 Our	15th	Anniversary	Laser	Hair	Removal	Promotion	Continues
                                                                                                                   a little loving care.
   - $150.00 for two 15 minute Laser Hair Removal Treatments! Simplify
   your life ~ go for permanent hair removal! Book a Permanent Hair
   Removal Consultation today to learn more. More than one package can              Sarah Huszagh owner of Splurge sent this lovely little poem to me. Thank
   be purchased before the end of October 2005 and used at a later date.            you Sarah!

                         Park Lane Mall, 5657 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS Tel: 423-3888
                         Sunnyside Mall, 1595 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS Tel: 835-6888

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