; Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. David Milstein, Sculpts Your Body With Purelipo
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Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. David Milstein, Sculpts Your Body With Purelipo


LA BodySculpture and Los Angeles Liposuction surgeon, Dr. David R. Milstein, MD, offer a location where the most innovative techniques for body sculpting can be applied. Removal of unwanted fat cells and smoothing of craters and wrinkles in the skin are resolved in an effective manner.

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									Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. David Milstein, Sculpts Your Body With

Los Angeles, CA, 10-MAY-2012 - LA BodySculpture and Dr. David R.
Milstein, MD, Los Angeles Liposuction surgeon, are pleased to announce
exciting and innovative methods of reshaping the body to be smooth,
cellulite free, and wrinkle free. The techniques used are only minimally
invasive, much less so than traditional liposuction techniques. This
means that recovery time is less and results are more aesthetically

A smooth and flawless skin is the goal of every person. Using state-of-
the-art techniques to improve the sub-dermal layer of the skin is just
one part of liposuction. Attention to the outer layer of skin cells is
equally important.

The technique known as body sculpture consists of removing deposits of
fat cells from under the skin's surface. A small device known as a
cannula suctions the cells so they can be discarded. At the same time,
the procedure applies Purelipo into areas where there are hollows or
wrinkles. The result is smooth and even skin with minor imperfections
removed quickly and permanently.

The procedures are done in a spa-like setting, rather than in a
institutional location such as a hospital. The patient is cared for in a
one-on-one space with full attention to comfort and consideration. Every
care is taken to reduce recovery time. The scarring is minimal and
discomfort during the procedure is reduced with the style of the
techniques and procedures.

Learn more about Purelipo and how it can provide a more attractive body
without extensive pain and recovery time by checking out the web pages at
http://www.labodysculpture.com today. Members of the press and others who
have additional questions about the process or the contents of this press
release are encouraged to contact Dr. Milstein at the location presented

Contact Person Name: David R. Milstein, MD

Company Name: LA BodySculpture

Address: 16260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 315, Encino, CA

Contact Telephone Number: (818) 602-8574

Email: info@LABodySculpture.com

Website: http://www.labodysculpture.com

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