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									                             CHICAGO SOCIETY F O R U M
                                         Volume 61                         January, 2010                    Number 1
                                             The Voice of an Autonomous Lodge of the Polish National Alliance

                                         The 98th Chicago Society PNA Inaugural Ball will be celebrated on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at
 NETWORKING                         the ever-popular Café La Cave, 2777 Mannheim Road, on the Des Plaines/Rosemont border between
                                    Higgins/Devon and Touhy avenues. Self free parking or valet parking is available.
DINNER MEETING                            The dress code is black tie preferred which encourages the
                                    gentlemen to wear tuxedos and ladies to wear floor length gowns.
    WEDNESDAY                       White tie, the formal outfit known as tails, is also acceptable.
                                    Wearing of decorations and medals is acceptable.
   January 20, 2010                      The evening begins at 6:30 p.m. in the foyer at the check-in table
      6:00 P.M.                     with butler served champagne and unlimited hot and cold hors
                                    d’oeuvres. Premium call brand liquor is available complimentary at
 Copernicus Foundation
                                    the bar in the main salon during the entire evening for six hours. No
 5216 W. Lawrence Ave.              tipping at the bar or in the salon is required, as the committee has
    Chicago, Illinois               already paid the staff a tip.
                                         To activate one’s taste buds, here’s the menu. To Begin … soup
   RESERVATIONS                     - Cream of Chicken with barley and shiitake mushrooms, Followed
                                    By … salad - Baby Lettuces with raspberry almond vinaigrette, The Entrée … choice of entrée - Filet
   BY JANUARY 18                    Mignon “Center cut Tenderloin of Beef broiled and served with Bordelaise Sauce” or Chicken Combo
TO (847) 823-8747 OR                “Breast of Chicken sautéed with wild mushrooms and shallots in a white sherry cream sauce and Breast       of Chicken sautéed with shiitake mushrooms in a Madeira wine sauce” or Filet of Salmon “Pan seared
                                    Salmon with champagne tarragon sauce”, Next … all entrées are accompanied by chef’s choice seasonal
ARE MANDATORY                       vegetables and potato, Something Sweet …dessert - Key Lime Tart with fresh raspberry and raspberry
                                         During the plated/seated full course dinner meal, Anthony Kawalkowski, known for his virtuosity
        NEXT                        at the Empire Room of the Palmer House on State Street and from the west coast to Milwaukee and as
                                    one of the eligible bachelors featured in Today’s Chicago Woman magazine, will be serenading
   BOARD MEETING                    everyone with his strolling violinists. His orchestra will provide dancing music until 12:00 a.m. Couples
     AND FORUM                      dancing are expected to move around the ballroom in a counterclockwise pattern.
      DEADLINE                                                              —Continued on page 7—

 Monday, February 1, 7:00 P.M.                           SLEDZ ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16
    Folak's Lincoln Tavern
                                         The evening of the Sledz will start with a cash bar at 6:00 p.m. and dinner served at 7:00 p.m. Dinner
                                    will consist of a number of entrée choices consisting of chicken marsala, salmon and veal parmigian,
                                    paczki from a choice Polish bakery, followed by the pageant parade, a raffle, and music and dancing by
   COMING EVENTS                    a live band.
                                                                                           Attendance and fun at this event has been increasing
 Saturday, January 30—
                                                                                      in the past few years and everyone is encouraged to
                   Inaugural Ball
       Cafe La Cave, Des Plaines                                                      attend. It is specially hoped that newer and younger
                                                                                      members will afford themselves an opportunity to learn
 Tuesday, February 16—                                                                about the pre-lent traditions within Polonia. The Chicago
                           Sledz    Society has carried on this wonderful celebration for almost 40 years.
      La Villa Banquets, Chicago         We will join other brother members, their families and friends at La Villa Banquets, 3632 N. Pulaski,
                                    Chicago, just north of Addison St.
 Wednesday, February 17—                 Again, the cash bar is at 6:00 p.m. and dinner is served at 7:00 p.m. As last year, tickets are a
       Monthly General Meeting      reasonable $35.00. Free parking is available on the north and south sides of the building.
        Old Warsaw, Broadview
                                         For further information and to reserve your table today, contact Mark Orwat at (773) 502-6969
                                    or e-mail him at <>.
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                                                                   THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

                                            Dear Brothers:
                                                 Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
                                                 Time passes quickly and I am already starting my second year as
                                            president of the Chicago Society. 2009 was exciting and challenging year
 A News Bulletin published monthly by the
                                            as president and with continued teamwork of our officers and members I
     Chicago Society for its members
                                            know that 2010 will be even better.
  Layout by the Polonia Media Network,
                                                 I am inviting and encouraging you to take a more active role in 2010
  a division of the AmeriPol Corporation
                                            at our meetings and social events. In a few weeks on Saturday, January 30,
                                            2010, we will be celebrating our 98th Inaugural Ball at the elegant Café Le
       Publicity Director and Editor
                                            Cave. As usual, Ball chairman Brother Conrad Miczko is planning
        Conrad B. Miczko                    another swanky event.                  Please invite a prospective member to our Sledz on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. The event
                                            is fun and provides a relaxed atmosphere for your guests. Best of all the price is right to entertain
           Advertising Manager              a friend.
               Tony Szplit                                                                                     Fraternally,
             (773) 267-4736                                                                                    Brother Charles A. Komosa

           Visit Our Website At                                                        Welcome to a new year of the Forum, my good readers.             FROM THE                         I will be the editor again this year, as last. Do share with me
                                                                                  your thoughts on what you would like to see appear in print
                                                EDITOR'S PEN                      or in image. Norbert Barszczewski will be writing his
  CHICAGO SOCIETY P.N.A.                                                          editorials, and Ah Ching will be dishing out names and
 2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                          adventures in his Scene column.
                                                  By now, your New Year’s Resolutions to develop better habits, to exercise, or to lose
PRESIDENT:                                  weight, for example, may have fizzled. But, here’s a resolution that’s easy to keep: Bookmark
                    CHARLES A. KOMOSA       the Chicago Society website, <>, on a computer to keep
EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT:                   abreast of club activities, photos, and comments.
                          MARK ORWAT              Speaking of what’s going on - Wow! Two great social events scheduled just weeks apart,
                                            different in nature yet highly recommended by me for everyone to attend. One should not
                           FRANK CZAJA
                                            consider that the two are so close to each other on the calendar
                     DAREK KOZLOWSKI        to be a negative omen; one should consider it a plus that The
FINANCIAL SECRETARY:                        Club has the energy to arrange both galas. Do plan to attend
                     ANTHONY J. SZPLIT      both if possible.
TREASURER:                                        The first is the Inaugural Ball, a formal evening to induct
                        RICHARD BIVINS      the incoming officers and directors before the general member-
ADVOCATE:                                   ship and a chi-chi assortment of nonmembers. It’s a time to
                           MAREK LOZA       reflect on the past ninety-seven years and an opportunity to
                                            create visions of the format for the 2010 year and years to
             ROMUALD E. MATUSZCZAK                The second is the Sledz, a semi-formal evening to celebrate
DIRECTOR OF CLUB HOUSE ADMIN.:              in the style of centuries past with a menu for preceding a Lenten
                 CHARLES E. CWIAKALA        period, with an ethnic pageant, with dancing, and with the
DIRECTOR OF PERSONNEL                       crowning of the club’s St. Joseph. The club has partied in many
                  JOHN WOJCIECHOWSKI
                                                                                                                          Eva and Conrad
                                            venues over the past few decades for this event, and this year
DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS                    it is hosting the event at the Villas Restaurant/Banquets on Pulaski just north of Addison. Do
                     CONRAD B. MICZKO       consider coming out the night of Tuesday, February 16, for this celebration, one of the more
                                            popular intimate ones of the year. Select your gold, green and violet accessories (Rex selected
                      ROBERT GROSZEK
                                            the official Mardi Gras colors in 1872. The 1892 Rex Parade theme Symbolism of Colors gave
                       MARK S. HRYCKO       meaning to the colors: purple represents justice; green, faith; and gold, power.) Show your
DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL PROJECTS                loyalty and spirit by making a reservation for this Mardi Gras party.
                         MARIO MIKODA
                                                                                   DRESS CODE
  MEETING RESERVATIONS                          Once again all members are reminded that they are required to wear a suit or semi-formal
      ARE REQUIRED                          sport jacket and dress slacks, dress shirt and tie to all winter Chicago Society general meetings.
                                            Members will not be admitted unless they adhere to this rule.
THE CHICAGO SOCIETY FORUM                                                                                              JANUARY 2010 / PAGE 3

                                                serving as the Operations Officer for the Bio-      sought a suntan in Florida in preparation for
                                                metrics Group in Baghdad, Iraq. The citation        the Inaugural Ball.
                                                cites reads that because of his efforts in estab-
                                                lishing security protocols at the airports, sea          Darlene and Frank Czaja attended the
                                                ports, oil platforms and other remote points of     Polish Art’s Club Christmas banquet on De-
                                                entry, the success rate of capturing terrorists     cember 6 at the White Eagle. Frank repre-
                                                and suspected terrorists increased substan-         sented President Charles Komosa and the
                                                tially thus increasing the security of the Iraqi    Board of Directors of The Chicago Society of
     Veronica Folak, daughter of William        people. Carl was released to inactive duty          the P.N.A. A great time was had by all. Sitting
Folak, was recently voted Chef of the Year      early in December and lives in Scottsdale, AZ       with Darlene and Frank was Marian
2010 by the oldest chapter of the American      with his wife and three children. In civilian       Grabowski, National Treasurer of the P.N.A.
Culinary Federation - the Chicago Chefs of      life, he is employed by Honeywell Corpora-          and a member of The Chicago Society. He was
Cuisine Association, Inc. Ronnie is the first   tion as Director of Contracts. Carl also saw        there representing Frank Spula, President of
woman to win! Nominated with her were Jim       service during the entire Gulf War aboard the       the P.N.A. There was wonderful entertain-
Calzante of Mama                                                            USS Niagara Falls.      ment, the singing of Christmas Carols, a deli-
Maria Pizzeria and                                                                                  cious meal and a raffle. Needless to say neither
Tom Hetstandt of                                                               The Advocates        Frank nor Darlene won, but it was a wonderful
The Herrington Inn.                                                       Society Christmas         afternoon.
She was also nomi-                                                        Meeting/Party was
nated last year.                                                          festive this year              The cold dark night suddenly was ablaze
Ronnie is a past                                                          with the delivery of      with lights as the switch was pulled to illumi-
board member of the                                                       a well-conducted          nate the many Christmas trees and segments of
Chicago Chefs of                                                          meeting, followed         the Polish National Alliance stately building
Cuisine Association                                                       by dinner, and car-       in Sauganash, one of Chicago’s premier fam-
and for 14 years was                                                      oling around the pi-      ily neighborhoods. After the annual tree light-
the chairman of the                                                       ano. Mingling were        ing ceremony, guests quickly bundled inside
L a R a b i d a                                                           Drake, Jennifer, and      for refreshments. Among them were Marian
Children’s Hospital          Veronica Folak and Chef's Trophy             Robert Groszek,           Grabowski, Irene Hercik, Charles Komosa,
Thanksgiving event                                                        Mark Kupiec,              Conrad Miczko, Paul Odrobina, Zenon
serving over 300 hospitalized children and Noreen and Chet Lizak, Conrad Miczko                     Olejniczak, Stasia Rawicka, Frank Spula,
their families. Ronnie graduated from the with Ania and Larry, Maureen Pikarski,                    and Arthur Trybek.
Washburne Culinary School in Chicago. Mildred and William Powell, Daniel Starr,
Ronnie and Bill serve delicious dinners on and Mary and Richard Zabelski.                                The Polish American Association selected
Wednesday and Friday evenings at the Lin-                                                           a new venue, The Meadows Club, in Rolling
coln Tavern and Restaurant, 1858 W.                 Having to brave the January cold weather        Meadows, for its annual gala and benefit auc-
Wabansia, in the Bucktown neighborhood of on a business trip, Paul Ryndak experienced               tion. Alan Krashesky of ABC TV was the
Chicago. Reservations can be made at (773) it in Poland. Enjoying a pre Christmas vaca-             emcee at this black-tie optional event. The
342-7778. The Lincoln Tavern was estab- tion, Conrad Miczko experienced better                      recipient of the Presidential Award was the
lished in 1950 by Bill’s parents, Al and Sophie weather in New York City than back home.            Polish American Chamber of Commerce.
Folak. Congratulations Chef Veronica! You However, driving to and fro was frigid and                Noticed were Camille Kopielski, Thad
deserve it!                                     windy. Best weather yet was in Arizona where        Makarewicz, Ro Matuszczak, Conrad
                                                Ken Gill moved into his newly acquired win-         Miczko with Eva Krawczyk, Joann and
     Commander Carl Kotlarz, U.S. Navy, son ter residence in the suburb of Surprise. He has         Wallace Ozog, Anna and Paul Ryndak, and
of Rita and Alfred C. Kotlarz, was awarded been attending Polish Club events in Sun                 Anna and Tony Zaskowski.
the Bronze Star for meritorious service while Cities Grand and West. John Wojciechowski                      —Continued on page 4—

                                                                          Local 708/579-0300                                    FRANK CZAJA
                                                                          Pager 708/281-2220                                      773-282-3330
                                                                            Fax 708/579-0308                                  FAX 773-282-3437
                                                                                                                             CELL 312-520-6144
                                                  American Home Inspectors, Ltd.
                                                      Prepurchase Home Inspections
                                                        A.S.H.I. Certified Member #001882
                                                  Ill. Home Inspector Entity License 051000175       Electrical Services
    The Finest in Polish Home Cooking            Stanley W. Sawa        5324 South Catherine         Commercial            6809 W. Irving Park
    9200 W. Cermak Rd. (at 17th Ave.)            President              Countryside, IL 60525        Industrial             Chicago, IL 60634
      Broadview, IL (708) 343-9040                                                                   Residential
           Fax (708) 343-9825                           Web Page WWW.AHINSPECTORS.COM
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           WHY DO WE GO                                    Then it all starts - family, friends, visits,
                                                      talks, discussions, hugs, kisses, memories,
                                                                                                               GALLOPING GOLABEK
            TO POLAND?                                food, and more food. “You guys have it good
           by Norbert Barszczewski                    there, in America.”; “Obama – is he a good                     Prepared and Distributed by the
                                                      president?”; “So how much money do people                         Polonia Media Network
      It is slowly becoming our family tradition      make there?”; “Is there going to be another
that we spend Thanksgiving in different places        war somewhere?”; “I don’t think you will ever              The Galloper is not particularly fond of
around the world. Not that we wouldn’t like to        come back here.”; “Does Chicago really look            seafood, so it is rare that he offers a fish recipe.
celebrate it around a festive dinner. It’s just       like Poland?”; “What’s with all those people           The Lenten season is almost upon us, however,
that we love to travel a little bit more than we      loosing their houses?”.                                so he’ll swallow hard and start de-boning.
like the taste of a delicious turkey meal.                 I feel like a messenger, like everyone is             Our recipe is a version of one that appears
      Last Thanksgiving, we took a long over-         curious about that other life, the life in America.    in “American Food,” a book by Evan Jones.
due trip to Poland. We try to go there at least       At first, I am patient and talkative, then as the      Although it calls for pike, you might try
once per year, or as often as our life here           days pass by I start to realize that time is           substituting another fish of your choosing.
permits. While on the plane, I was looking            running out and I will not be able to meet all         Polish carp is truly excellent and would
around and wondered about all the reasons             the people and see all the places that I wanted        probably do well; unfortunately, American
that people have when they decide to travel to        to. At the end I feel sad and bad about not            carp is generally regarded as a “dirty” fish and
Poland. Some were returning back, others              being able to do all that. In the turmoil of all the   would hardly be appropriate.
were going to visit family and friends. There         excitement I forget about my and everyone
were a few travelers with business in mind. I         else’s reasons. I can afford that though. They           POLISH AMERICAN STUFFED PIKE
am sure the young guy sitting next to us was          are all around me. Fresh bread that always
planning to look for his future wife there.           smells so good, the taste of tea in the morning,           2     small pike (ca. 1-3/4 lb. each)
Everyone has a unique reason. Often times it’s        neighbors, people standing at the bus stops or                   or 4 filets
a combination of reasons. Have you ever won-          rushing to work, running dogs, hiding cats, a              4     Tbsp. butter
dered about yours?                                    theater performance that we saw a day before,              3     Tbsp. butter, softened
      As the plane took off, I wondered: Would        they are all my reasons. Sipping coffee at the             1/2 cup onions, chopped
I still go there if I didn’t have any close family,   café on “Nowy Swiat”, that’s good enough; I                1/2 cup celery, chopped
no good friends, no business connection, or no        don’t need any more reasons. And it’s even                 1/2 cup apples, chopped
real legitimate reason? I fell asleep stretched       fine that it rains outside. At the end, maybe I            1/2 cup fresh mushrooms, chopped
across two seats wondering about all those            don’t have time for everything, but I always               3/4 cup fresh bread crumbs, chopped
reasons. It was one of those very rare flights,       know why I am there in the first place, and I              1     egg, beaten
where the plane was half empty and we could           don’t think it will ever change.                           2     egg yolks
actually get some rest.                                  Comments:                      1/4 tsp. thyme
      Then we landed. On the ground it’s dark,                                                                   — salt and pepper
rainy, foggy and gray. It’s the end of Novem-                                                                    3/4 cup sour cream
ber and things are not very bright and shiny in       SCENE (Continued from page 3)                              1     Tbsp. lemon juice
Warsaw. Warm weather and wonderful colors                                                                        3/4 Tbsp. paprika
of the “Zlota Polska Jesien” are long gone, and            The Polish Museum of America featured                 1-1/2 Tbsp. parsley, minced
everyone is longing for a little bit of white         an exhibit commemorating the 70 years of
snow to cover it all. But we are finally there,       history and philanthropy of the Legion of                  Heat the oven until it reaches 450 degrees.
home, after so many months. Again, I can              Young Polish Women. Seen at the opening                Rinse the fish and pat dry. Melt the 4 Tbsp.
never resist that smile every time I touch the        reception were Dee and Ed Blicharski, Maria            butter in a sauté pan. Add the onions and
ground in Warsaw, no matter the weather or            Ciesla, Shirley Dudzinski, Ken Gill, Lucille           celery, cooking until just softened and the
the time of the year. And if you were to watch        and Don Gutowski, Wanda Kalin, Conrad                  onions are transparent. Add the apples and
really closely, you could see little tears in my      Miczko, Teresa and Marian Skawski, and
                                                      Alice Tondryk. Tony Kawalkowski played.                          —Continued on page 7—
eyes too.

             Law offices of
                                                       OUR 87th YEAR!                                           CASEY—LASKOWSKI & SONS
      MARK J. KUPIEC & ASSOC.                                                                                              FUNERAL HOME
       77 West Washington Street                         (Matuszczak) Travel
         Chicago, Illinois 60602                            A full service                                     Dignified services for all denominations ...
            (312) 541-1878                                  travel agency                                      beautiful surroundings ... four Chapels ...
                                                                      Contact us at:                                         ample parking
            Zoning, Real Estate                         2970 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago 60618                      Suburban Locations Available
        Building Code Compliance,                               Business: 773-489-4510
            Business Licensing                                 Residence: 847-635-0883                                   Phone 773-777-6300
                                                               email:                               4540-50 W. DIVERSEY AVE.
                                                                     Ro Matuszczak                                   CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60639
THE CHICAGO SOCIETY FORUM                                                                                                  JANUARY 2010 / PAGE 5

                                                  near Belmont Avenue, eight projects for White
 KNOW YOUR BROTHER                                Eagle Banquets, Office and Motel Buildings
                                                                                                         JANUARY MEETING
                                                  (Przybylo family), Chester Przybylo Law Of-              AND DECEMBER
     Edward F. Blicharski, a Chicago Soci- fices, Herbert, Owens and Kane Law Office
ety Member since 1966, was born in Chicago Building, Firestone store in Hanover Park
                                                                                                        CELEBRATION DETAILS
on January 21, 1927. He attended Holy Inno- (Len Samborski contractor), Resurrection
cents for one year, two years at St. Fedelis and Retirement Center.                                         The January Meeting will feature a lec-
five years at Lowell Grammar School. He                After competing with 22 architectural           ture by member Ro Matuszczak, who will
attended Crane Technical High School and firms, he was commissioned to develop a 16-                   speak on his recent trip with the special tour of
took summer courses to en-                                        acre site, two six-story 232 unit    veterans to Washington, D.C.
able him to graduate in three                                     apartment buildings and a com-            In December members and guests enter-
and one-half years thus earn-                                     munity building – senior citizen     ing the banquet room were impressed by the
ing a High School Diploma                                         center (Resurrection Sisters), six   floor length tablecloths, full cloth wrapped
before turning eighteen and                                       car wash buildings, restaurant       chairs, alternating red and green napkins, tall
entering the military service in                                  and residence for (John              floral centerpieces, and pleasant-hued painted
World War II.                                                     Kamysz), Fred Dudek residence        walls. After the meal the Polonia Dance En-
     Serving in the U.S. Army                                     addition, two addition projects      semble performed dances, choral singing, and
as a paratrooper in 1945 and                                      for Five Holy Martyrs (Bishop        a solo. Live entertainment played dinner and
1946, he trained for 17 weeks                                     Abramowicz), By-low Mfg. fac-        after dinner music. No one danced.
as an infantryman and then              Edward Blicharski         tory jobs and residence addi-             Raffle winners were Mrs. Mel Cieslik’s
took paratrooper training. Af-                                    tion (George Kosinski) and Dr.       guest, Ruth Rodriguez, Walter Piecewicz,
ter completing his required five jumps, he Gebis medical building remodeling.                          Gerhard Kaes, Darlene Czaja, Andy
received his paratrooper wings. Ed later went          Ed is a member of ten Polish organiza-          Batorski twice, William Powell twice, Casey
to pioneer training and became an engineer tions, plus veteran and architectural clubs.
                                                                                                       Baczynski, Richard Gladziszewski, James
operating heavy equipment as he was plan- Most of his reading is on Polish and Polish-
                                                                                                       Kulze, Maria Ciesla, Ronald Topczewski,
ning, after his military service, to becoming an American history subjects; i.e., on World War
architect or physician. An opportunity came, II and about communist Russian control of                 and John Teschky. One tall member, clad in
and he volunteered to get trained and served in Poland until 1989. He spends much time in-             a tuxedo jacket, wore a necklace of Christmas
the medical corps where he stayed until finish- forming Polonia about derogatory attacks and           ornaments lengthy as a tie. One member greeted
ing military duties.                              lies about Polish people and history in the          everyone not with a handshake but with a
     Upon receiving an honorable discharge, media hoping that they (the leaders in Polonia)            clenched fist (only knuckles touching the
Ed attended Illinois Institute of Technology respond to these lies.                                    knuckles of the other person) as a deterrent to
for one and one-half years and four years at the       Ed has had some additional education at         the N1H1 flu.
University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Wright Jr. College, taking classes on photo                     Eighty-five people attended yet only sixty-
In 1952 he graduated with a B.S. Degree in developing, TV repair and four semesters in                 five made reservations. Santa Claus was ad-
Architecture. After working in architectural oil painting. He also took eight semesters in             vised not to visit the homes of those 20. It was
offices for three years, the minimum required watercolors by Stan Dudek at Northwestern                good to see Anne and Walter Piecewicz,
for the 36-hour Illinois Architects State Board Tech and at Prosser High School for Tool and           Carol and John Teschky, Basia and Bernard
Examination, he passed the examination and Die (machinist) classes for six semesters. Many             Pacyniak, Teresa and Ted Pacyniak, Ruth
became a registered architect in 1956. He also awards, recognitions and honors in Architec-            and Matt Rodriguez, Gabrielle and John
has a Wisconsin Architects License and an ture, Engineering, water color painting and                  Skaja, Jr., Hedwig and Gerhard Kaes, and
Illinois Interior Designers License. He opened voluntary community work have been be-                  Richard Jadczak in attendance, as it was to
his own office in 1960 after working for four stowed upon him.                                         see everyone else who made it a point to come
different offices. During employment in the            Ed likes to invent and build innovations in     out on that freezing evening.
last company, he was designer of the first his shop as he is a patent owner of mainly
McCormick Place Building, the most expen- mechanical devices, etc. Other hobbies in-                      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
sive and popular building built that time in clude painting, framing, exhibiting watercol-
Illinois (1958-1961).                             ors, hunting small and big game in Illinois,              The Chicago Society of the P.N.A. would
     The office of Edward F. Blicharski-Ar- Wyoming, Colorado and Canada, golfing and                  like to thank the following members, who are
chitect has produced plans for 2,000 projects, skiing in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colo-          celebrating the anniversary of their induction
predominantly designing office, commercial, rado and Canada. For recreation he enjoys                  this month, for their many years of member-
institutional, residential and industrial build- shooting and fishing. In the past he belonged         ship.
ings. Many of the clients have been Polish, to Columbia Yacht Club and raced his “Dragon
including Chicago Society members. Namely: Class” sailboat in Lake Michigan.                           Gondela, Frank              1965       45 Years
American Union Savings and Loan Associa-               One can see that Edward, married to Dee,        Kay, Victor                 1965       45 Years
tion (Brandt family), Casey Laskowski Fu- a retired Assistant Principal for the Chicago                Poplawski, Romuald          1990       20 Years
neral Home and Residence, Copernicus Se- Board of Education, is very proud of his Pol-                 Komosa, Charles             1995       15 Years
nior Citizen Center on Milwaukee Avenue ish and American heritage.                                     Rudzinski, Christopher      2000       10 Years
PAGE 6 / JANUARY 2010                                                                                           THE CHICAGO SOCIETY FORUM

DESERVING CHILDREN’S                                Richard Wiermanski who resides in Mary-                      NEWS BRIEFS
                                                    land, $100.00 from Charles Cwiakala, and
  CHRISTMAS PARTY                                   $500.00 as an advance from the Chicago So-                 Prepared and Distributed by the
                                                    ciety. Heartfelt thanks go to the volunteers and               Polonia Media Network
     On Saturday, December 12, 2009, the            contributors.
Chicago Society Deserving Children’s Christ-
mas Party was held at the Polish National                                                                   The most impressive New Year’s Eve
Alliance Headquarters at 6200 N. Cicero Av-
                                                                PROPOSED FOR                           celebrations in Poland took place in Krakow,
enue in Chicago, Illinois. Thanks go to Brother                  MEMBERSHIP                            Lodz and Warsaw. The central city of Lodz
Members, President of the PNA Frank Spula                                                              spent about $512,00, a sum matched by public
and Chicago Society President Charles                                                                  television for broadcasting rights, to host an
                                                         The following individual has applied for
Komosa, for making the arrangements to hold                                                            outdoor concert with the likes of Polish sing-
                                                    membership in the Chicago Society of the
the party at the PNA Headquarters.                                                                     ers Maryla Rodowicz and Doda. Warsaw’s
                                                    P.N.A. Any member should contact the Per-
     Approximately one hundred persons were                                                            public party, held annually on Constitution
                                                    sonnel Director prior to the next general meet-
present which included seventy-five children                                                           Square, was broadcast exclusively on the pri-
                                                    ing if he has an objection regarding the admis-
and their parents. The festivities started at                                                          vate channel Polsat, and included a fireworks
                                                    sion of a prospective member. Sponsors are to
noon with a light lunch. This was followed by                                                          show and popular singers. The party had a
                                                    attend the general meeting in which the new
an animal act which was enthusiastically re-                                                           “Michael Jackson Tribute” theme and cost
                                                    member will be inducted and to introduce him
ceived by the children who also had the oppor-                                                         $1.24 million. Krakow spent about $1.42 mil-
                                                    to the Personnel Director and to others before
tunity to pet the animals. The highlight of the                                                        lion, much of which reportedly came from
                                                    the Induction ceremony.
presentation was the exhibiting of a six foot                                                          private sponsors, transforming the historic
boa constrictor, which was petted and placed                                                           city center into an outdoor club.
                                                    Name:       Les Surowiec
over the shoulders of children as well as some                  5820 N. East Circle Ave.
of the parents.                                                                                            The annual NATO conference on
                                                                Chicago, IL 60631
     After the animal act some Christmas Car-                                                          Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), arms
                                                                (773) 368-9981
ols were sung, and Santa Claus arrived with                                                            control, disarmament and non-proliferation
                                                    Occupation: Owner
squeals of anticipation by the children. Each                                                          opened in Warsaw on December 17, 2009.
                                                                L.S. Services & Construction Inc
child received a gift which was addressed by                                                           The Warsaw conference is the first meeting
                                                                5820 N. East Circle Ave.
name and age. The Santa, Andy Batorski, as                                                             since the alliance adopted its comprehensive
                                                                Chicago, IL 60631
usual did a great “job” talking to the children                                                        policy on threats posed by WMDs. A panel
                                                                (773) 774-5590
both in English and Polish. Upon leaving,                                                              discussed proliferation issues in Asia and the
                                                    Birth date: May 28, 1961                           Middle East, with special attention given to
each child received an envelope containing          Birthplace: Poland
five dollars as well as other goodies. A party of                                                      security threats coming from Iran, North Korea,
                                                    Hobbies:    Golf, skiing                           Pakistan and Syria.
this scope was successful due to volunteers         Spouse:     Inga
and donations received from various sources.        Sponsors: Charles Komosa and
     The Chairman of the event, Ro                                                                          Two Polish students, from the Poznan
                                                                John Wojciechowski                     Technical University and the University of
Matuszczak, who has chaired it for 46 years,
would like to thank the following persons for                                                          Warsaw, were invited to the Nobel Prize
their help: Chris Matuszczak, his wife, who               HAPPY BIRTHDAY                               ceremony in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.
was in charge of the kitchen, ably assisted by                                                         Wiktor Pilewski and Aleksander Kubica were
Bill Folak, Maria Ciesla, Lottie Pilarski and            The Chicago Society of the P.N.A. would       also been invited to attend the royal banquet
Alina Tondryk, who all did a fine job in getting    like to wish the following members, who are        for the Nobel winners in the Stockholm City
the hot dogs ready for the hungry crowd.            celebrating their birthday this month, an addi-    Hall. The two Poles were in Stockholm as
Thanks are extended to Bill Folak in obtaining      tional greeting of Sto Lat.                        winners of the first prize in the European
the hot dogs and buns; to Agata and Peter                                                              Union Contest for Young Scientists, which
Dykas for their contribution of soda; to Frank              2    Ciesla, Gregory                       they won in September.
Czaja and his son Patryk for the potato chips;                   Miller, Larry
to John Wojciechowski for donating candy; to                13   Gondela, Frank                             The Polish Environment Ministry has
President Charles Komosa, Richard Ciesla                    15   Kotlarz, Joseph                       authorized U.S. oil company Chevron to
and Fred Koziol for their help, as well as to                    Sawko, Chester                        explore natural gas deposits in eastern Poland
club photographer T. Ron Jasinski Herbert.                  21   Blicharski, Edward                    for the next five years. The deal, signed on
     Donations were received from the fol-                  23   Kolak, James                          December 11, 2009, allows the second-largest
lowing: $750.00 from National City Bank                     26   Powell, William                       U.S. oil company to search for shale gas
through the efforts of Mario Pucharic of Inte-              27   Marcyan, Carlton                      deposits in eastern Poland and assess the
gra Communications, $350.00 from Ted                             Piecewicz, Walter                     difficulty of accessing them — but not to
Szywala who has donated for over twenty                     28   Kedzie, Thomas                        extract the gas. Other companies exploring for
years, $200.00 from Jack Skaja, $150.00                          Korzeniowski, Bogdan                  gas in Poland include ExxonMobil, Lane
from John Wojciechowski, $50.00 from                             Siemion, Arthur                       Energy and Marathon Oil.
THE CHICAGO SOCIETY FORUM                                                                                                     JANUARY 2010 / PAGE 7

INAUGURAL BALL (Continued from page 1)                                                                    GALLOPING (Continued from page 4)
     Tickets for the Gala are $135.00 per person. Requests for information and/or for an
                                                                                                          mushrooms; cook for about 3 minutes more.
                        invitation to be mailed to you are being accepted by Marian Skawski,
                                                                                                               Remove the pan from the heat and stir in
                        who can be reached at (708) 246-9165. Payment with the accompanying
                                                                                                          the bread crumbs, beaten egg and thyme. Salt
                        reservation card must reach the mailbox (P.O. Box 46002, Chicago, IL
                                                                                                          and pepper to taste.
                        60646-0002) or be given in person to the Chairman by the 20th of January.
                                                                                                               Stuff the mixture into the cavities of the
                        After that date up to the deadline date of January 25, tickets cost $150.00
                                                                                                          fish. If you are using filets, place it between
                        per person. Reservations will be held at the entrance table; no tickets will
                                                                                                          two filets as though making a sandwich. Dot
                        be mailed.
                                                                                                          the top of the fish with some softened butter.
                             The best way to obtain a seat or a seat with one’s friends is to volunteer
                                                                                                          Again, season with salt and pepper.
                        to be a table captain and arrange a table of those favored people for seven
                                                                                                               Using a baking dish that is large enough to
                        to eleven guests. The second best way is to seek out a table captain and ask
                                                                                                          hold the fish without doubling it up, butter the
 Marian Skawski to be included in his/her table/seating assignments. Table captains who                   dish. (Oil may also be used, if you prefer.)
                        mail in/turn in a reservations card with money and names of 8 to 12
                                                                                                               Placed the stuffed fish in the baking dish
attendees are certain to be served first when it comes to arranging the ballroom.
                                                                                                          and cover the whole thing with foil.
     The General Chairman of the Ball emphasizes that this party is not only for members or for
                                                                                                               Bake the fish in the 450 degree oven for
couples, but for nonmembers and for singles. During the past ten years, the number of non-
                                                                                                          30 minutes (or about 20 minutes for the filets.)
members and singles attending has grown significantly due to the rising quality of the event and
                                                                                                          Then, remove the foil and brown for another 5
the publicity generated by the committee. Significant others, whether opposite gender or same
                                                                                                          to 7 minutes, but don’t overdo it or the fish
gender, are welcome at this Ball. Newcomers should not fret that they might not know anyone
                                                                                                          could get dry.
at the Ball, for if they will come, Conrad will introduce them to the many people present and
                                                                                                               While the fish is baking, prepare the sauce.
make them feel at home.
                                                                                                          Use the top part of a double-boiler over, but
     Those new to the name Chicago Society and those nonmembers who read the Forum may
                                                                                                          not touching, simmering water. (Naturally, if
view the organization at <> and are encouraged to call for an
                                                                                                          you do not have a double-boiler, just use a
invitation to be mailed enabling them to respond and attend this lavish spectacular evening. The
                                                                                                          small pot over a slightly larger pot.) Place the
committee, including Conrad Miczko, John Wojciechowski, Robert Groszek, Andrew
                                                                                                          egg yolks in the upper pot and beat. Stir in the
Zapalski, and Marian would be honored to see nonmembers and members alike there.
                                                                                                          sour cream and lemon juice. Beat until the
                                                                                                          sauce thickens and is of a smooth consistency.
                                                                                                          Salt to taste. Add enough paprika to make the
                                                                                                          sauce slightly pink. Just before serving, stir in
                                                                                                          the parsley.
                                                                                                               To serve, cut the fish into four or five
                                                                                                          portions, topping each with some of the sauce.
                                                                                                          In the alternative, you can serve the fish as is
                                                                                                          and offer the sauce in a gravy boat at the table.

                                                                                                                        Plan To Attend
                                                                                                                     INAUGURAL BALL
                                                                                                                     Saturday, January 30
                                                                             (773)                                         SLEDZ
                                                                                                                     Tuesday, February 16

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