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									                                         Common Hawks

Hawks are predaceous birds that are members of the family Accipitridae, which also
includes the EAGLES and Old World VULTURES. The name hawk is also used to refer
to certain FALCONS (family Falconidae) and to other birds of prey (see FALCONRY).
Except in North America, hawks of the genus Buteo and closely related forms are called
buzzards; for example, B. lagopus, the rough-legged hawk, is known in Europe as the
rough-legged buzzard. Hawks range in size from the African little sparrow hawk,
Accipiter minullus, which might have a wingspan of 35 cm (14 in), to the rough-legged
hawk, with a wingspan of 1.5 m (5 ft). Some vultures reach a wingspan of 3 m (10 ft), but
these are not commonly called hawks. Female hawks are larger than the males.

Range and Habitat
        Forests, woodland edges, dry canyons
        Resident in south Texas, far southwest New
         Mexico, and southern Arizona

Physical Characteristics
        21"
        Sexes similar
        Medium-sized hawk
        Broad rounded wings
        Hooked beak
        Short broad tail


        Entirely dark plumage
        Yellow legs and cere
        Black tail with broad white band and thin white tip
        Small white base of primaries-not always visible


        Dark upperparts
        Buffy patches visible on upper surface of primaries
        Buffy underparts streaked with brown
        Dark face with buffy supercilium and cheek
        Numerous thin bands on tail with broad dark
         terminal band

        Reptiles, aquatic invertebrates, frogs, fish, insects

Nesting Habits
        Broods: 1
        Eggs: 1-3
        Incubation: 34-37 days
        Fledge: 43-50 days

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