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									Easy Steps for Installing a Wood Wall

Easy Steps for Installing a Wood Wall Shelf
Often, when someone wants to purchase a new wood
wallshelf , they will do researchonline or go shopping
locally. Once the wood wall shelf is purchased, the next step
is tochoose the area where it will be hung. Then, with a
few easy steps, you can have your new shelving up in
no time, ready for books, collections, artwork, plants, or
whatever you want to display. All you need is a
few basic tools, a little bit of time,
desire,patience, and good instructions.Although there are
all types of instructions associated with installing a
wood wall shelf,we wanted to provide you with
some basic steps to show you how easy this type
of project is. When done, you can sit back and enjoy
something wonderful that you didand in very little time.
The instructions below are for a simple wood wall shelf
but eventhe more complicated wood wall shelf designs are
not difficult.
Start by determining the wall area where the shelving
will go and then finding thestuds. Most homes are made
with drywall, which makes finding the stud easy.For
this, you can use an inexpensive stud finder or a hammer. The
stud finder isslid over the wall, indicating where the
studs are located. The hammer would be
tapped on the wall and when the sound goes from
hollow to solid, youknow you found a stud. Once the
stud’s edge is found, make a simple mark witha pencil.
Remember, you will need to find two studs but if not,
you can alwaysuse long screw to ensure both sides of the
wood wall shelf are secure.
With the two stud edges marked, the next step is to take
a drill and 1/8 inch drillbit to create pilot holes. This helps
when you get ready to screw the standards inplace so the wall
itself is not damaged
Now, the first standard will be installed for the
wood wall shelf, using 2 ½ inchlong flathead wood
screws that go directly into the pilot hole. When
the firststandard is in place, the second one would be
installed. One important note –make sure a level is used
to ensure the tops of the standards are even and thatthe
standards are vertically level. In addition, while you
want to screws to be insecurely, make sure they are not too
tight in that they can get stripped. Start witht h e t o p o f
the standards, screwing them in place and
t h e n t h e b o t t o m . Additionally, the standards need to
be properly spaced according to the woodwall shelf itself.

After both standards for the wood wall shelf are
securely in place, the bracketsneed to be installed. For
this step, simply attach them onto the standards at
theheight needed
Once the brackets are in proper place, the actual shelves
are slid on top. Thefinal step for installing a wood wall shelf
is to bore a hole that measures ½ inch indiameter, going
through the front portion of the bracket at the mounting
hold. Becareful not to let the drill go all the way through but
about half way through. Thenwith the shelf held firmly
in place, use a 1 ¼ inch long flathead wood screw
todrive up and through the bracket and into the
actual shelf. Do this for all theshelves and when done,
you have a functional and secure wood wall shelf unit to

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