FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY
                                     F-1 GRADUATE STUDENT TRANSFER FORM
TO: All F-1 Student Applicants Transferring From a U.S. Institution to FIU.
As part of the application process to Florida International University, we must determine and verify your F-1 status with your previous
institution. Please follow the steps below:
          Step 1: You need to complete Section I.
          Step 2: Give this form to your international student advisor at your current/previous school to complete Section II.
          Step 3: The completed form must be mailed or faxed (305) 348-7441 to FIU’s Graduate Admissions office.

IMPORTANT: We cannot issue your I-20 for transfer until after your release date (that is, the day you will finish attending your
current institution), and until we receive the completed Transfer Form verifying that you are in status. Issuing your I-20 after the
release date could take a few weeks. Please allow ample time.

Section I – TO BE COMPLETED BY STUDENT (Please legibly PRINT all information requested.)
I request and authorize my present international student advisor (or equivalent campus officer) to provide the information below as
part of my application for admission to Florida International University:

______________________ __________                                 _______________               Entry Term: □ Fall □ Spring □ Summer: _A/C _B
Signature                                   Date                  Social Security Number        Are you traveling abroad to reenter with FIU I-20?
_____________________________________________________________                                                                _____Yes      _____No
Student’s Name________________________________________________________________                                        _________________________
(As it appears in passport) Last Name/Family Name/Surname          First Name                Middle Name              Country of Citizenship

Present Address_____________________________________________________________________________________________
                      Street and Apartment Number                           City and State                 Zip Code           Phone #

Foreign Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                      Street and Apartment Number

                      City                                Country           Zip Code                   Phone #

Student’s SEVIS ID Number: ___________________________________                         SEVIS Release Date: ________________________________

End date of classes of last semester at your institution? ______________               Specify Campus/Branch______________________________
                                                                                                 (If university has multiple campuses)
To the best of your knowledge, is/was this student in status as an F-1 Student and eligible for notification
of transfer?        _____Yes _____No                      If not, date student violated status: _____________________________________

Remarks: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Has the student ever (PLEASE attach copy of I-20 page 1 and 3):

1. been granted Curricular P.T.? ____Yes ____No             If Yes, state period(s):_________________________________Full-time/Part-time________
                                                                    state period(s):_________________________________Full-time/Part-time________
2. been granted Optional P.T.?      ____Yes ____No         If Yes, state period(s):_________________________________________________________
                                                                    Pre-completion or Post-completion________________________________________
Does student have a pending OPT application with a CIS Service Center?   _____Yes _____No
NOTE: Student must cancel OPT application if he/she wishes to enroll at FIU. PROOF of application cancellation is REQUIRED.
An I-20 will NOT be issued UNTIL proof of cancellation of OPT application.

_______________________________________________                       ___________________________________________________________________
Signature of PDSO/DSO               Date                              Name, Title                             Email

Name and Address of Institution                 City            State           Zip Code        Tel. #
 Please mail to: Florida International University                           OR                    Fax to: (305) 348-7441
                 Graduate Admissions Office
                 P.O. Box 659004
                 Miami, FL 33265-9004

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