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									4 Helpful Tips for OFWs Before Going Abroad

Filipino Workers decided to work abroad to gain higher salary hence, providing the needs of their loved
ones. The huge amount of money that they could get helps in achieving the dreams of every member of
the family, live a happy and convenient life and to the extent of being financially stable. These factors
motivate Filipinos to try their luck in foreign lands. Unfortunately, not all Overseas Filipino Workers
return home with great savings. Others realize that nothing changes and improves but even becomes
worse in terms of financial matters.


This scenario is common nowadays that’s why every Filipino worker before the leaving the
country must secure their finances. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

1. Set a Goal

First consider your compensation, expenses and the cost of living of the country where you will
be working. You can put it into writing any amount of money that you plan to save, appliances
that you want to purchase, and other properties that you want to acquire. Be realistic in setting
your goal. As much as possible list all the things that you want to happen while working or after
your contract. On the other hand, let your family members know your plans so they can help and
support you in achieving your financial goals. Talk to them about the expenses so you will know
how much remittances you will send. Encourage them to spend the allotment wisely since you’ll
be working hard for them and it’s not easy to stay far away.

2. Save for yourself

Every payday you save an amount for your savings at least 10% of your monthly income. Your
savings can be used for future plans like investments and business purposes. Make sure to
increase your savings monthly and avoid spending much.

3. Save Wisely

You can grow your money both in abroad and here in the Philippines or choose what’s best for
you. You can open an insurance, time or savings account, purchase properties or invest in stocks.
But consider the reputation of the financial institution you are dealing with.

4. Anticipate for your Return

Bear in mind that no job awaits you when you return. So before your contract will expire, you
can start a business and if it grows then you can decided to stay here for good. Or follow up your
business during vacation.

The above tips can help ensuring security of your finances before leaving the country. It also
gives an idea on how to live a comfortable life after spending years in other countries. Thus, you
can reap the rewards of your hard work and enjoy living with your family.
Online Teaching Jobs in the Philippines
To be a teacher, you must acquire a Bachelor Degree in Education. After which you can proceed
to your Masteral or Doctorate degree. To finish the course of education is like crossing a very
narrow bridge. It requires perseverance in order to survive. Graduates should pass the Licensure
Examination for Teachers (LET) and will be given a license to teach in public schools. Some
years ago, private schools were hiring non – LET passers. So fresh graduates and not yet licensed
can grab a job in teaching. But nowadays, almost all private schools are looking for LET passers

A white sand island in the Philippines

Online teaching jobs in the Philippines have been increasing for the past years enabling many
Filipino Teachers to earn. To study and learn is no longer impossible through distance learning.
It is now a reality through the help of the latest technology. Online teaching in the Philippines
caters the needs of learners from China, Korea, Japan and other countries.

It has been a trend that English language is the most taken subject by many foreign students.
Fluency in English is an edge when you desire to pursue a degree in the university. The
Philippines has a bilingual education policy. The use of Tagalog and English as mediums of
instruction is being observed. Filipinos are known to be fluent in speaking English and
competent in the field of grammar in this part of Asia. This is one of the many reasons why
Filipinos are very in demand in the field of online teaching.

Online Teaching jobs in the Philippines are growing, mainly due to the lowering cost of Internet
and computer devices which are necessary for the job. Schools that offer online teaching services
employ teachers who can speak English well and possess positive working attitude. Filipino
culture is sweet and kind in nature. They can easily adjust to the different online learners. Hence,
online teaching is a growing industry in the Philippines. They attract foreign learners to learn
English online. The attitude, the strong personality of a Filipino teacher motivates the students to
enjoy learning and appreciate the online learning.

Attaining a bachelor degree of education is an advantage in this job. You can be justly paid with
your service since online teaching is now prevalent and flourishing. Being an online teacher is
not an easy task. It demands devotion despite of pressure due to the time schedule. Some
schedules are in graveyard in adjustment to the available time of the students. The students
usually study online after school hours.

Online teaching could be a dream teaching career in the Philippines as many online teaching
schools are continuously seeking teachers to accept the challenge.
Teaching jobs in the Philippines
The Philippines is widely known to be rich in human resources. Filipino workers are competent and in
demand in the global market. The Philippines produces highly competent graduates every year. Many of
them are taking up education course. Teaching is one of the most sought after professions by many
Filipino youths. The government is spending a huge amount of money to improve the education system
which also makes teaching jobs in the Philippines found in every corner of the archipelago. There are
many established elementary and secondary schools found in every city and in every municipality. Hence,
several educators are needed in these areas.

Philippine education

The Philippine government has allocated an enormous budget for the Department of Education
every year. The said allocation is intended to build classrooms, additional textbooks,
compensation for teachers and other school facilities. The said budget greatly helps for additional
teaching jobs in the Philippines.

Public education in the Philippines is free which makes education accessible to every Filipino.
The population of students enrolling to schools is increasing every year. Despite of the high rates
of dropouts, the enrollment rate is still high.

Teaching jobs in the Philippines is given attention by the government. In fact, the salary for
teachers is increasing each year. Teachers are encouraged to enhance their professional
advancement to further equip themselves in molding quality graduates that would be qualified in
this globally competitive world. School administrators are cautious in hiring teachers in the
academe. Competent and versatile applicants can easily land a teaching job.

International schools outburst like mushrooms growing everywhere. You can find it especially in
big cities. There is a notable increase of Korean students who are learning English language.
Indeed teaching services are needed.

Aspiring teachers for public schools must undergo a ranking procedure. The applicants are
requested to take a Demonstration teaching, English Proficiency examination, comprehensive
examination, and panel interview. Certain points from experience, average grade, LET rating,
seminars attended and more.

It is undeniably true that education is indispensable in improving the quality of life of every
Filipino. It is through education wherein one can improve his life make it more comfortable and
more progressive.
Stress Facts on Teaching Career
Accordingly, stress means strain, tension, effort and demands on physical and mental energy. Some other
stress could be healthy and can stimulate possible results. In teaching, stress is inevitable. It will go to a
deeper dimension if it isn’t handled properly and positively. Teachers have many functions and
responsibilities aside from the classroom instructions. The versatility is not only measured within the four
corners of the walls of the classroom but the challenges extended beyond the said environment. Aside
from instruction, the research, extension and the curriculum are some responsibilities of a teacher.
Teachers are obliged to be actively participating on extra-curricular activities like acting as a sports
moderator, subject moderator, boy/girl scout leader and many others. These multiple tasks of a teacher
can cause stress. Not to mention the behavior of the students, the problems at home and the relationship
with the superiors, administrators, co- teachers, parents and the community.

Teaching career

Here are 12 helpful tips for teachers on how to handle the stress:

1. Prepare the things needed in school for tomorrow. The instructional materials, lesson plan and
other school supplies should be in one bag.

2. Early to bed, early to rise. You can commence your day unrushed.

3. Say a prayer before you sleep.

4. Always start your day with a smile. Thus, your whole day will end up free from stress and

5. Get organized. Make your classroom conducive for learning.

6. Each day should be a great day. For your learners to learn something new. Be certain that you
inculcate something new to your students.

7. Be a parent – surrogate. Touch your students and let them feel they belong and they are
secured in your hands. Prove to them that learning is fun with you.

8. Take your time in teaching. Enjoy while you are molding those innocent mind into a more
knowledgeable individual in the society. Learn also from your students.

9. Accept responsibilities and be productive. You will grow professionally and will learn from it.

10. Establish rapport to your colleagues. This help you maintain your normal functions and lead
you to excel in your every endeavor. Other teachers can help you especially when you are an
amateur in your teaching career. Harmonious relationship leads to a successful teaching process.

11. Reach out to the parents and in your community.

12. End your day with gratitude and be enthusiastic for another tomorrow.

Teaching can be a strenuous activity if there is no passion and dedication to duty. More than a
profession, teaching is a life and don’t let stress overpower in order to achieve quality education
for all.
Teaching Jobs in Dubai
Dubai, the City of Gold is one of the Seven United Emirates of the Arab Nation. This city is located in the
Middle East and its economy is considered Superb. The city has improved immensely and no doubt that
Dubai is one of the most visited countries in the world. Tourists and workers are crowned in this country.
As an open city, Dubai accepts foreign workers like especially skilled Filipino workers. Hence, teaching
jobs in Dubai remained in demand and cater professional teachers all through out the world. As an
industrialized nation, this place needs educated people to continue their economic growth and
development. Qualified teachers can haunt teaching jobs in Dubai.

A high-rise building in Dubai

Here are some helpful tips for your job hunt:

1. Equipped yourself with the necessary teaching skills. A teacher should be flexible and can
easily adopt the native of every learner. Through this, a teacher can easily reach out to these
individuals with no sweat.

2. Master’s degree is an edge. Pursuing this advanced degree enable a teacher to a great
advantage. The units earned in Graduate Studies helps enhance more the teacher’s competency in
teaching. In particular, Special Education as a specialization earned the widest opportunity in

3. Knowledge is Power. It is inevitable in the teaching-learning process. A teacher should be
knowledgeable not just in theory but most of all in human relation. Teaching deals with people
on individuals who have a heart and possessed with various perspective in life. The differences
demand patience and survivals.

Since Dubai unbelievably taking the lead in the global market, the demand for teachers who are
skilled becomes higher and higher. The availability of teaching jobs in Dubai is numerous.

Teachers working in Dubai are well- compensated. Based on its economy, a government can
provide high wages for their teacher professionals. The financial stability of this country is the
truest since opportunities to broaden move your career. One can enjoy teaching and learning and
exploring the City of Gold.
Know the Kinds of Teaching Jobs
Teaching job are prevalent around the globe. There are various kinds of teaching. It is a very wide range
of field and each exhibits a quality of job opportunities. Being part of this profession, the way of your
living will be improved and you will be more productive in the community you belong. No doubt,
teaching industry is highly significant in our-ever changing world. And numerous individuals are joining
this highly beneficial job these days.


Annually, a high percentage of graduates are taking education as a course. One of the reasons
behind is the demand of work and the opportunities found not only in a few countries but in
many countries as well. Nowadays, you can choose from the different kinds of teaching jobs.

Teachers who handle preschool, kindergarten, and elementary are called primary teachers. The
responsibilities of these teachers are broader in scope. For they teach all the major subjects and
shoulders all functions of primary education. This is the distinction between primary from
secondary teachers. A secondary teacher has a specialization. They are focus on a specific
subject area according to their field of specialization. High school students are the clients of
secondary teachers. Secondary school students have different interest and are more independent
compared to primary school students. This aspect is what challenges secondary teacher.

The primary teachers and secondary teachers belong to the formal education. For Non- Formal
Education (NFE), we have mobile teachers. These teachers who reach for out-of- school youths
and adults who wish to continue their schooling outside the four corners of the room.

Montessori teachers are teaching in Montessori Schools. The nature of their work is to facilitate
the students. Hence it’s the students who will discover their learning.

There are teachers who teach students who are handicapped and differently-abled such as blind,
autistic and other special cases. Children with mental incapability are also handled. A SPED
teacher should be patient and adaptable to reach out and provide the special needs of these kinds
of students.

Teaching jobs also expands to the administrative position such as head teacher, department head
and principal jobs. These positions are achieved if one acquires skills in leadership and
management. The impressive teaching ability is also considered. Of course, Masteral and
Doctorate degrees are edges to grab the position.

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