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									                          Marketing and Real Estate Department

      Requirements for a Minor in Marketing
Non-Business Majors - 15 Credit Hours in Marketing (2.0 GPA)
              MKTG 3083 – Principles of Marketing. (3 Credit Hrs)
              Plus 12 hours of Marketing Electives.

Business Majors - 15 Credit Hours of Marketing Electives (2.0 GPA)
(Classes completed for the minor cannot be used to satisfy Business Core or Major requirements)

               Marketing Electives*
                   MKTG 3801 – Art of Selling and Personal Dynamics
                   MKTG 3809 – Advertising
                   MKTG 3805/RELE 3705 – Real Estate Principles
                   MKTG 3808 – Business Research
                   MKTG 3810 – E-Marketing
                   MKTG 3839 – Retail Management
                   MKTG 4831 – Business-to-Business Marketing
                   MKTG 4861 – Services Marketing
                   MKTG 4864 – Consumer Behavior
                   MKTG 4866 – International Marketing
        *Principles of Marketing is a prerequisite for all electives except MKTG 3801 .


Business Majors are eligible when they complete all requirements to be a full major
in the college of business.

Non-Business majors are eligible when they have completed at least 45 credit hours
with at least a 2.0 GPA.

Undeclared majors are not eligible.

Please fill out the Undergraduate Major Declaration form to declare the minor.

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