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DCI Report Template (DOC)


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Director City Infrastructure

Asset Management

Pursuant to section 89(2) of the Local Government Act 1989 this confidential attachment 1 to
this report will not be publicly disclosed because it relates to contractual matters.

Executive Summary
Council has invited and assessed tenders for the reconstruction of York Street, Pascoe Vale
An advertisement was placed in The Age newspaper on Saturday 11 July 2009 inviting
tenders from contractors to undertake the works. Tenders closed on Wednesday 29 July
2009 at 3pm. Following evaluation of the tenders submitted, Council is now in a position to
award this Contract.

Council resolve:
1.   To accept the lump sum tender from ADP Constructions Pty Ltd for the amount of
     $226,708.95 (excl. GST) plus the provisional sum of $57,677.50 (excl. GST) for the
     reconstruction works in York Street, Pascoe Vale South.
2.   To authorise the Director City Infrastructure to sign the necessary contract documents.
3.   To note that the balance of the funding required to complete the project will be funded
     from the savings from other projects in the Capital Works Program.
4.   That all tenderers be advised of Council’s decision in this matter.

Council Report 09-09-2009                                                                     1

1.    Policy Context
      The reconstruction works have been identified in the 2009-2010 Capital Works
      Program within the Roads and Car Parks Kerb and Channel Program. The width of
      the road will remain at 7 metres, which is a standard width for residential roads in this
      area. The balance of York Street between Eastgate Street and O’Hea Street was
      reconstructed in the 2007/2008 year.

2.    Background
      The works will involve the construction of underground drainage, new concrete kerb
      and channel and asphalt resheeting of the road pavement, similar to the previous
      works undertaken in York Street. Some street trees will also be replaced by
      Council’s Open Space as part of the project.

3.    Issues
      On Saturday 11 July 2009, a public advertisement was placed in The Age newspaper
      inviting tenders from suitably experienced contractors for ‘Road Reconstruction, York
      Street from Bell Street to Eastgate Street, Pascoe Vale South’. Tenders closed at
      3pm on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 and 12 tenders were received from the following
         Presta Construction Group
         MJ Construction Group Pty Ltd
         J. Russo & Sons
         Parkinson Group Pty Ltd
         Panhold Constructions P/L
         CDN Constructors Pty Ltd
         Universal Concrete Contractors Pty Ltd
         United Roads Pty Ltd
         Viscaria Pty Ltd
         J & C Construction Pty Ltd
         Grancon Road Constructions Pty Ltd
         ADP Constructions Pty Ltd
      The tender is a lump sum contract. For this type of contract, the tenderer is required
      to submit fixed rates for individual items, based on estimated quantities for the project
      prepared by the Council’s Engineering and Transport Unit.
      Rates for provisional items are also submitted. These are items where quantities are
      difficult to determine or there are unknown risks such as rock excavation. Payment
      for these items is only made on actual quantities undertaken. The final contract sum
      is the total of the lump sum plus the approved provisional sum.
      Tender Evaluation
      Prices for the tenders ranged between $244,126.50 and $336,233.00 (excl. GST)
      including provisional items. Tendered price is not the main criteria in the tender
      evaluation process.
      The tenders are evaluated in accordance with Council’s policy for procurement of
      services. The tender submitted by ADP Constructions Pty Ltd achieved the highest
      overall score through the process, refer to Confidential Attachment 1.
      In assessing the tenders, consideration is given to the following criteria:

Council Report 09-09-2009                                                                    2
      EVALUATION CRITERIA                                                        WEIGHTINGS
      PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE                                                      Total 40%
      1.1   Compliance to Specifications
            Includes submission of documents describing the tenderer’s                  10
            works program, traffic management plan and occupational
            health and safety plan.
      1.2   Capability
            Includes the tenderer’s resource capacity, experience and                   5
            knowledge of company and staff to undertake the works under
            this Contract.
      1.3   Past Performance and current work
            The tenderer must include details of work experience of a similar           5
            nature to this project with names and telephone numbers of
            contact persons, who can verify their competency during the last
            two years.
      1.4   Quality system for deliverables
            Includes the tenderer’s quality systems used to undertake the               5
            works under this Contract.
      1.5   Customer Service
            The tenderer’s approach in its dealings with Council and                    5
      1.6   Strategic
            How the tenderer meets with Council’s goals in delivering this              5
      1.7   Innovation
            Includes the tenderer’s approach to undertake the works under               5
            this Contract.
      COMMERCIAL and SOCIAL                                                        Total 20%
      2.1   Financial viability                                                         5
      2.2   Risk and Insurance                                                          5
      2.3   Compliance to Conditions of Contract                                        5
      2.4   Conflict of Interest                                                        5
      FINANCIAL                                                                        40%
      3.1    Tendered Price                                                      This criterion is
                                                                                 formula driven

      Tenders are assessed against the criteria, and assigned a score reflecting how well it
      satisfies each item (except for tendered price). The weighted scores for each
      criterion are calculated and totalled. A weighted matrix analysis is used to assist the
      final evaluation of the tenders, which takes into account tendered price.
      ADP Constructions Pty Ltd has carried out various reconstruction and drainage
      works for Council, with very good results. It would be available to commence the
      reconstruction works this month and complete the works within nine weeks, weather

Council Report 09-09-2009                                                                    3
      Human Rights Consideration
      The implications of this report have been assessed in accordance with the
      requirements of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

4.    Consultation
      Consultation with the York Street residents was undertaken via a letterbox drop
      during the design process.
      A notice will be forwarded to residents and construction notice boards will be placed
      in prominent locations prior to works commencing, giving timelines and contact

5.    Financial and Resources Implications
      Council’s 2009-2010 Capital works budget includes a sum of $210,000 within the
      Roads and Car Parks Kerb and Channel Program for this project. Following the
      completion of the design, a budget shortfall was anticipated prior to tendering. The
      balance of $74,386 required to complete the project will be funded from the savings
      from other projects in the Capital Works Program.

Council Report 09-09-2009                                                                     4

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