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									  Identify How To Upgrade Your Ticket To First

Travelling comfortably is something everyone desires while
they travel abroad via airplanes. The journey usually takes
several hours depending on the destination you are
travelling towards.

If you do not travel comfortably, the journey will certainly
takes its toll on your body. It is much painful than anyone
could ever imagine at the end of the day. So never
compromise on quality for price.
However flight fairs are certainly high depending on the
class you are boarding. First class is the most expensive of
the lot when compared to other classes. But then again
the most comfortable journey one can get is via first class

Economy is fine in terms of its pricing but it is way too
uncomfortable. In fact it gives you the most
uncomfortable journey you can ever embark upon.
The seats are too congested with barely any leg room
space. It is the cheapest way to travel and thus invariably
pretty crowded making things all the more complicated.
First class on the other hand has reclining seats which can
recline up to 180 degrees, LCD panels behind every seat
along with individual headsets and magazines for
entertainment, special privileges and wonderful care
provided by the air hostess, complimentary drinks on the
house and exotic mouth watering spicy food based on
different cultures.

Chinese, Continental, Mexican, Italian, you name it,
you've got it.
An upgrade is something everyone expects when they
travel. It is in fact a desire felt by every passenger who
travels by airplanes. However, getting an upgrade is not
that easy.

In fact in the last decade or so the amount of passengers
considered for an upgrade has significantly reduced.
This has been so true ever since business class came
into the picture which is much cheaper than first class
tickets and more comfortable and suitable than
economy class for travelling.

It all depends upon your requirement, airline service
provider's convenience. It all comes down to your luck.
Here are some tips for you to have a great chance of winning
  such an upgrade.
1. Become a member of the airline service provider's
   frequent flyer program. Frequent flyers are given higher
   priority for an upgrade when compared to non members.

2. All the flight details keep changing every day. Keep
   monitoring it in website and see to that you book a flight
   that has overbooked economy class but relatively
   unoccupied business class.
3. It is impossible to get an upgrade when you travel
  in groups or with your family involving children. You
  have better chances of getting an upgrade to first
  class when you are travelling alone.

4. Always choose a wide body aircraft that has plenty
  of first class seating.
5. Airline services do provide premium economy seating
  services. If you hold such a ticket you are considered to be
  a high revenue passenger, which works out better for your

6. Discounted economy tickets are non-upgradable. Always
   opt for upgradable tariff tickets.
7. If you are offloaded from an overbooked flight, then
   you must ask for an upgrade on the rebooked flight.
   Such a scenario always works out for your

  These tips are most likely to increase your luck when
  it comes to upgrading your ticket.

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