6 Easy Steps to Make Famous Blog by rinatahuda


									               6 Easy Steps to Make Famous Blog
In my opinion, blogging will feel boring when no one else who read what we write. Not
in vain it seems if we are widely read paper. In addition to writing a useful and
informative as well there are other ways to bring traffic and make known our blog.
How so many people read blogs and visit us? There are many ways to do this, this article
will give some points that I often use to bring traffic to this blog.
Visiting other blogs
They will not find your blog if you do not show it. Find relevant blogs or topics that you
like. Leave a comment on their blog. Do not forget to give your blog URL when
Join a forum
Join the forum relevant to the topic of your blog. If your blog discusses the "Blogging",
join the forum on the topic are also similar. Build relationships and good branding in the
forum. View blog URL in the signature making it easier for people to find your blog.
Submit URL to blog directories
There are thousands of blogs in the directory of this virtual universe. Not difficult to
submit the URL to a blog directory. Try to submit your blog here. That means your blog
has disubmit the Google directory. Try also another blog directory.
Use images
What if there are visitors who do not like to read? images will help them interested in
reading. In each post, try to give one or two images that contain the content of the post. It
will also help us explain something to make it easier to understand the reader.
Take advantage of social networking
Not only is Twitter and
, Try to promote your blog on other social networks. Even though not yet known. This
will expand the network of your blog.
This is the most important and easiest thing to do. Displays the URL of your blog in the
signature. Membership of the forum, email, and more. That way more people will be
aware of your blog.
Do not feel down when no one is visiting your blog. Show that you and your blog still
and will always exist.

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