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This page is designed to help you gain a better understanding of your UniFi bill.

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Installation Process

From making an appointment to the signing-off of the Service Acceptance Form, here is a complete step-by-step process of how we bring UniFi
into your home or office.

Step 1 : Setting the appointment

An installation appointment is made when you regsiter for UniFi online, at TMpoint or through a sales call. You may choose your preferred date
and time for UniDi installation. Kindly note that installation at landed homes or offices may take 4-8 hours, and at highrise homes or offices, 2-4

24 hours prior to the agreed installation date and time, the TM UniFi Centre will call you for a final confirmation. Our UniFi technician will also
call you just before he goes to the agreed address of installation.
Step 2: Site Assessment

Upon arrival at your home or office, our technician will brief you on the step-by-step process of the entire installation. This includes:
(i)                  Site                   assessessment                    (outdoor                   and                       indoor)
(ii)              Cable                entrance                 (drilling                point               for                  FTTH)
(iii)                                 Equipment                                     termination                                     point
(iv)                                     Route                                          of                                         wiring

In the case of FTTH installation, our technician will determine the location of the Fibre Distribution Point (FDP), whether it is located on an
overhead pole, or underground. If the underground fibre access (landed homes or offices) is blocked due to any home or office renovation, it may
require       a       longer         installation      period       than        for        overhead        fibre      access        installation.

For VDSL2 (highrise homes or offices), site assessment is much quicker since our technician need only access the building's MDF room and
perform                          the                           necessary                           cabling                         there.
Note: VDSL2 - your existing TM BroadbandTM or Business Broadband access will be disabled during this exercise.

Step 3 : Installation Activities

It's time to complete the installation process. As part of this process, some minimal drilling may be required. After laying the cables we will
determine which modem is suitable for your home. Indoor installation requires more time as our technician needs to lay the internal fibre optic
cable. Cables of sufficient length will be provided. However, in cases where additional cable length is required, some minimal charges will be
incurred.      To     prevent       unsightly    wiring,      wires     and    cables     will    be      housed     in     proper      casings.

However, if you wish it to be a drill-free installation, and if the fibre optic cables are required to be pulled through your home or office ceiling, we
have a panel of contractors that you can work with, the costs of which will be borne by you.

VDSL2 (highrise homes or offices) does not require drilling since UniFi connection will come from the existing phone jack in your home or
office. For this premise type, indoor installation requires minimal setup time.

Step 4 : Installation Activities

After laying all the cables, it's time to connect the equipment. Our technician will first set up the BTU followed by Premise Gateway, Set-top-Box
(for Residential package only) and DECT Phone. Once the equipment is tested and works properly, our technician will then show you that all the
services are in working order.

Step 5 : Installation Activities

You are required to sign-off a Service Acceptance Form (SAF) as part of the process to complete the installation work. For a complete
understanding of what TM UniFi service is, please read the terms and conditions in your service agreement. If you require more information or
encounter any problems with the services, please contact us through any of the following avenues:

Email                                                                     us                                                                   here
Your nearest TMpoint outlet

Important notes on installation

    1.   UniFi service installation is subjected to location service coverage availability as well as technical and civil testing requirements.
    2.   A standard installation fee of RM200 will be imposed for new installations.
    3.   Installation appointments are subjected to earliest time slot availability.
    4.   Installation time:
              o Fibre installation in landed properties (FTTH): 4 – 8 hours.
              o High rise buildings utilising Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL): 2 – 4 hours.
    5.   It is advised that customers inform TM prior to the service installation appointment if any renovation / construction is being done to the
         home. Customers will be required to call TM back once the work is completed, for the UniFi installation appointment.
    6.   TM will not be responsible for providing concealed internal wiring during UniFi installation. However, customers can arrange for their
         own contractors or choose from TM's authorised list of contractors for the work intended. All related charges will be borne by customers.
    7.   During UniFi installation, TM will not be responsible for any damages resulting from work done by customers using their own or TM's
         authorised contractors.
    8.   Customer or an authorized representative must be available for the duration of the UniFi service installation so as to understand and sign-
         off on the installation process.
    9.   Charges for Change of Appointment:
              a. Any installation appointment that is cancelled or postponed less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will be subject to a
                 RM200 penalty fee. The charge will be presented in the customer's first bill, only upon the full activation of the UniFi service.
            b. Re-appointment will be subject to time slot availability and the RM200 installation fee will be imposed.
        All UniFi equipment provided will be subjected to a one (1) year warranty period. The customer is however, required to assist in providing
the TV and at least a four-socket extension cord to complete the installation.
        Only a single computer will be installed with the wired / wireless broadband connectivity subject to the customer's agreement.
        Only 1 TV set will be installed with wired broadband connection.
        TM will proceed with IPTV service activation for an existing TV set only. For future requests of IPTV installation on new TV sets, RM50
will be charged for an onsite support visit.
        Only TM provided phone will be installed for Phone service.
        High-rise                                                                                                                        buildings:
TM will require access to the MDF / SDF room, which is normally managed by the Building Management / Maintenance. Therefore, the customer
must make arrange ments with the Building Management / Maintenance Office to ensure someone is available to grant access for the TM UniFi
Installer to the MDF / SDF room for the duration of the installation including weekends and public holidays. Without access to the MDF / SDF
room, installation cannot be performed and TM would have to re-visit the premise which might incur unnecessary cost to the customer.

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