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									Relationship Breakup
Ease the Pain of a Right Now

A relationship breakup is one of the hardest things most people will ever have to do Indeed, most
studies on stress show that a divorce ranks even higher on the stress scale than losing a loved one.
Most people don't have any idea how to properly handle a relationship breakup.

The end of a relationship will always be painful, even if it's one that needs to be broken up. You've
spent a lot of time and emotion with this person, and even if you're the one doing the breaking up, it's
going to come with a lot of hurt feelings.

Obviously, this going to be even worse if you're the one being broken up with. A relationship breakup
that you don't want or expect is a horrible event. What you have to keep in mind is that a relationship
needs two people in it. You may want it to go on, but if the other person has checked out, you may
have to consider that the relationship needed to end.

Still there are techniques you can use to ease the pain of a relationship breakup. I'm going to outline
several techniques that have been proven to help relieve the pain of a broken heart and move you
past the hurt.

Step One: Figure Out Why

You need to know why the relationship ended. This doesn't matter if you were the one doing the
breaking up or the one being broken up with. Either way you need to do some soul searching to find
out what the reasons were behind the breakup. If you have some questions about why you broke up,
then you're never going to be able to move beyond the relationship breakup.

Step Two: Get Rid of Reminders

You need to get some space between you and the person you've broken up with. This means that
you can't go to bed each night hanging on to your ex's old sweater. You need to clean the deck and
get your mind off of them. You need to make a clean break, so you need to put away all the little

Step Three: Positive People

There are negative people in the world and there are positive people. If you've just experienced a
relationship breakup, you're going to find that you are in a very negative place. What you need to do
is find the most upbeat and positive people you can and spend as much time with them as possible.
In combination with the previous two steps, this will put you in the right place to move.

Step Four: Start Dating Again
The final step in recovering from a relationship break up is to start dating other people. The thing you
need to keep in mind is that you are not trying to replace your ex, you're just trying to start seeing the
world as a place without them. So you need to see other people and get out there. Don't look at every
date as a new chance at love, just look at them as a way to get your mojo back.

The four steps will have you over your relationship breakup in no time flat. But keep in mind; you don't
necessarily have to get over a break up. Sometimes good relationships fall apart for the wrong
reasons, and you can fix the damage. You just need to find the right plan.

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