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             AT 12:00 NOON ON THE 15th DAY OF DECEMBER, 2010

The Board of Park Commissioners of Decatur Park District, Macon County, Illinois, met
in a regular session on Wednesday, the 15th day of December, 2010 at the hour of 12:00
Noon at the Decatur Park District Administration Office, 620 E. Riverside Avenue,
Decatur, Illinois at which time and place there were present the following officers and
members of said Board:

                      Don Luy, President
                      Jack Kenny, Commissioner
                      Bob Brilley, II, Commissioner
                      Cindy Deadrick-Wolfer, Commissioner

                      Absent: Chris Riley, Vice President

A quorum of the members of the Board of Park Commissioners being present, President
Luy called the meeting to order and declared the Board to be in session for the transaction
of business.

NO. 15154 A motion was made by Commissioner Kenny and seconded by
Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Upon
call of the roll all of the Commissioners voted aye.

PRESENTATION –Shane Storz, Jacqueline Donahoo, and Kay Alliman from Air
Choice One attended the meeting to give an overview of the accomplishments over the
past year. An increase in enplanements has resulted from enhanced community outreach,
additional marketing/advertising and a successful baggage handling agreement at
Chicago O’Hare. In January 2010, the average number of passengers was 50 and in
November 2010 the average reached 708. Approximately 60% of flights are to Chicago
and 40% to St. Louis.

A new half-off campaign has been launched (extending through March 1, 2011).
Passengers can travel to St. Louis for just $39 round-trip and to Chicago for $79 round-

The airline is currently working on “private fares” which will enable ADM employees to
enter into Air Choice One’s booking system (Apollo) and reserve their own flights.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer thanked Air Choice One staff for their perseverance.
Shane Stortz thanked the Commissioners for believing in their small business and giving
them the opportunity to grow.
A travel agents’ breakfast is planned for February 17 at the Main Hangar.

NO. 15155 Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer made and Commissioner Kenny seconded a
motion to approve the DUATS participation agreement for the District to participate in
the area’s transportation planning. This is an ongoing agreement in which all local
government bodies are involved. All voted aye upon call of the roll.

NO. 15156 Staff requested approval of the purchase of a 4x4 work vehicle. Currently the
District has two of these machines, one at Fairview Park and the other at Scovill Zoo. The
new one will be used in Nelson Park for plowing snow, sweeping sidewalks, and other
grounds work. This capital purchase was to be included as a priority item for next year;
however due to several equipment purchases and project costs coming in under budget,
staff recommends use of these available funds to purchase the Tool Cat for Nelson Park.
There is not a distributor in Decatur for this type of machine. Commissioner Kenny made
a motion to accept the bid from Bobcat of Champaign for the purchase of the work
vehicle in the amount of $35,308.82, seconded by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer. Upon
call of the roll all voted aye.

NO. 15157 Chief Financial Officer Buhr asked the Board for approval of the 5-Year
Capital Plan with a few minor changes from what was presented last month. Chief
Financial Officer Buhr also recommends approval for staff to continue working with
Speer Financial Advisors and Chapman & Cutler for the sale of a parks general
obligation bond issue not to exceed $3,800,000; an airport general obligation bond issue
not to exceed $500,000 and an alternate revenue bond issue not to exceed $4,000,000.
The alternate revenue bond issue will be seed money to begin the process of developing
Nelson Park and the lakefront.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer asked if the construction of the penguin exhibit at
Scovill Zoo could be moved into the coming fiscal year. Chief Financial Officer Buhr
stated that adjustments can be made to the capital plan as projects and purchases may be
reprioritized during the year within the available funding levels. Of the $750,000 needed
for the exhibit, approximately $40,000 has been raised.

Chief Financial Officer Buhr stated that in summary of the preliminary financing plan, a
portion of the general obligation park bonds will pay off previous bonds and the rest will
be available for capital purchases and projects. After this fiscal year, there will be three
years left to pay off of debt issued for Rotary Park construction and the building of the
Decatur Indoor Sports Center.

A motion to approve the 5-Year Capital Plan as presented and the financing for those
items was made by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer and seconded by Commissioner
Kenny. All voted aye upon call of the roll.

NO. 15158 Chief Financial Officer Buhr asked the Board for approval of Ordinance No.
2010-14 establishing the tax levy for FY11-12 as discussed at the November 17th Board
meeting. Upon approval of Ordinance 2010-14, the Park District’s 2010 tax levy would
be set at $9,575,793. The 2010 tax levy is $118,220 higher than the 2009 tax extension
which amounts to a 1.25% increase. The 2010 tax levy rate of $1.03785 represents no
increase over the 2009 tax extension rate. A motion to approve Ordinance No. 2010-14 as
written was made by Commissioner Kenny and seconded by Commissioner Deadrick-
Wolfer. Upon call of the roll all voted aye.

NO. 15159 Chief Financial Officer Buhr explained that the 2010 Certificate of
Abatement authorization is presented annually for approval at the same time as the tax
levy. He asked the Board for approval of Ordinance No. 2010-15 authorizing the Park
District Board President, Vice President or Treasurer to file a 2010 Certificate of
Abatement, if necessary to keep the tax extension rate at a rate no higher than the levy
rate of $1.03785 when the District is notified of the preliminary tax extension dollar
amount in the spring. A motion to approve Ordinance No. 2010-15 as written was made
by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer; seconded by Commissioner Brilley. All voted aye
upon call of the roll.

DISCUSSION – Chief Financial Officer Buhr began by giving an overview of facility
and golf fee changes. In preparing to make these fee recommendations, staff has been
keeping an eye on budgets, looking ahead to the needs for the coming year, and taking
into consideration the fact that there will be minimal new tax monies coming in next year.
The current economy is another consideration when making fee changes as staff must
consider what people are willing and able to pay. Therefore there are a number of areas
that staff is recommending no increase in fees for 2011.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer stated that with the rising cost of insurance and utilities
it may not be feasible to keep fees the same in 2011. At Scovill Zoo many of the fees are
staying the same including the children’s admission fee which has not increased since
2008. It was suggested that the fee be raised by at least a quarter each year. With fees as
they are now, a family of four could spend approximately $45 for a day at the Zoo. This
is in comparison with a family of four going to the movies and buying concessions where
they would spend considerably more than the $45 at the Zoo.

It was also noted that we do offer one free day per week at the Zoo where patrons pay
nothing for admission. Zoo Director David Webster stated that of the zoos which offer a
“free day,” many of them do not advertise and the day of the week is regularly changed.
About 25% of Scovill Zoo admissions come in on “free day”; however, the gift shop and
concessions do very well on that day.

Zoo tours were down in 2010 due to outside influences. The cost of fuel to run the busses
to bring the kids has increased dramatically so schools are taking fewer bus trips.
Teachers are limited to how many trips they can take per year.

Paul’s & Dunn’s had been in transition due to being taken over by the Park District and
although fees could be raised, staff feels that this is not a good year to raise them. Staff
has proposed to raise Fairview Pool fees by 25 cents. This increase is primarily due to a
rise in operating costs. Punch passes will remain the same as 2010 to encourage use. No
fee increase is proposed for Fido Fields due to the west end of Fairview being closed for
a couple of months for the construction of the west end bridge in 2011.

Although DISC membership rates take effect May 1, 2011 approving them now ensures
that they are listed in the Spring/Summer Activity Guide. A 2% rate adjustment was used
to determine most of the proposed rate increases.

Director of Golf Rick Anderson stated that it is hard to compare golf fees when most
people are waiting for January to make determinations. Although a couple of the fees at
District courses are a little higher than the average of surrounding communities, staff
feels that our product is well above average. Visiting golfers regularly compliment us for
our excellent staff and courses.

Executive Director Clevenger added that we can operate with the fee structure that has
been presented. Most fee categories are not at the bottom of the local market. Staff has
tried to balance the needs of various groups and is comfortable with the fees that are
being recommended. In the area of golf, staff would rather see a 2-3% increase each year
rather than one large increase in alternating years. As a general rule, the cost of living
increase is 2-3% each year. Executive Director Clevenger noted that work on fees for
2012 will begin earlier next year with preliminary talks between staff and Board
members to be held during FY12-13 budget discussions.

NO. 15160 Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer made a motion to approve the Decatur Park
District golf fees and facilities fees for 2011 as presented: seconded by Commissioner
Kenny. Upon call of the roll all voted aye.

NO. 15161 Per Director Anderson, many of the changes for the 2011 golf season were
made with families in mind. Staff also considered the “slow time” at all courses.
Therefore staff proposals include Family Sundays at Red Tail Run being extended to
Saturday, Sunday and holidays at all courses, the 9-hole weekend rate moving from 3:30
to 2:00 p.m., a $6.00 after 6:00 p.m. special at all courses and changing the season open
and close dates at Red Tail Run. Commissioner Kenny made a motion to approve
Ordinance No. 2011-1 Setting Rules and Golf Fees for the 2011 Golf Season; seconded
by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolf. All voted aye upon call of the roll.

NO. 15162 The updated Decatur Park District Personnel Policy Manual was presented
for approval. Most of the changes were statutory as set by the federal and state
government. Commissioner Brilley made and Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer seconded
a motion to adopt Ordinance No. 2010-18 establishing personnel policies for Decatur
Park District employees. Upon call of the roll all voted aye.

NO. 15163 Staff requested approval of Ordinance No. 2010-16 for payment in the 2010
Debt Certificate Issue relating to engineering services and construction costs provided in
the Steven’s Creek Bike Trail (Phase I) project. The payout request (work contract) total
is $65,598.88 as follows:
Engineering Services Bainbridge, Gee, Milanski & Associates $ 23,142.03      $ 23,142.03
       (Stevens Creek Bike Trail Construction – Phase I)

Reimburse Construction Costs Treasurer, State of Illinois    $ 42,456.85     $ 42,456.85
      (Reimburse IDOT for Stevens Creek Bike Trail Construction Costs – Phase I)

                                                            TOTAL           $ 65,598.88

A motion to approve Ordinance No. 2010-16 as stated above was made by Commissioner
Kenny and seconded by Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer. All voted aye; motion passes.

NO. 15164 Ordinance No. 2010-17 Annexing Territory to Decatur Park District was
presented for approval as follows: 895 North Country Club Road, Decatur, IL – 0.358
acres. Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer moved that Ordinance No. 2010-17 be approved
as written, seconded by Commissioner Kenny. Upon call of the roll all voted aye.

NO. 15165 Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer moved that the bills be approved and the
checks issued in payment of the same; seconded by Commissioner Kenny. All of the
Commissioners voted aye upon call of the roll.

FOUNDATION – President Judy Locke stated that the annual appeal has brought in
over $12,000 from 39 donors. $8,100 has been specified to Scovill Zoo and $600 to the
Arts. The Jerry Menz Scholarship Fund has received approximately $12,000 as well. This
is one of the best responses that any memorial has had. Many foundation gifts are due in
part to the good experiences that people have at Park District facilities.

AIRPORT – Construction projects for this year are finished including the water main
project and half of the fence replacement. The rest of the fence replacement will be
completed in the spring.

A fatal accident occurred just east of the Decatur Airport. Several emergency response
teams including the Airport Fire & Rescue Department were on the scene. Chief Ranger
Kretsinger, Lisa Gillen and Libby Duncan helped with the family who was directed to the
Airport Office.

Architectural Expressions is working on an analysis of the terminal building at the
Airport. Larry Livergood will attend a future Board meeting to present their suggestions.

GOLF –Director of Golf Rick Anderson reported that golf staff attended the IHSA
Advisory Board meeting. Director Anderson thanked them for the opportunity to hold the
state tournament here. They were very pleased with Park District staff, volunteers and the
hotel accommodations.

Director Anderson stated his appreciation to the Administrative Office staff who worked
on and put together the golf and facilities fees books.
RECREATION/FACLITIES – Director Becky Newton stated that staff had an
overwhelming response for auditions for “Alice in Wonderland, Jr.”. Marie and staff will
make room for all 120 of the kids aged from first grade through high school who

The DISC Open House will be held on January 5th. Membership discounts, tours,
activities, and fitness demonstrations will be offered.

Recreation staff will host the Youth Leadership Institute on Tuesday, January 4th at
Scovill Banquet Center. Students will be lead through a project highlighting many
aspects of the Recreation field.

Staff will attend the 8th grade career fair at Richland Community College talking to the
kids about career opportunities in parks & recreation.

Approximately 300 people attended the SRA annual co-agency Christmas dance. Special
Olympics snowshoeing was held on December 11th at Johns Hill Park.

At Scovill Zoo the pair of Lady Ross’ turacos (purple-colored African fruit-eating birds)
hatched two chicks in October. The chicks are now independent and doing very well. The
eleven-year-old parents arrived at Scovill Zoo from the Staten Island Zoo 1 ½ years
ago. Before coming to Scovill Zoo, the genetically valuable parents had not reproduced
and are now nearing the end of their reproductive lifespan. Only 2 other zoos produced
chicks in 2010, with a total of 6 chicks hatching in North American Zoos. Scovill Zoo
keeper Amanda Hall is applying for the position of studbook keeper for the North
American population of Lady Ross’ turacos. The two chicks will eventually be sent to
other zoos for display and breeding.

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER BUHR – Chief Financial Office Buhr thanked the
directors and staff for the time they spent working on Park District fees. A lot of time was
put into discussions, changes, spreadsheets and ordinances. It was truly a team effort.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer suggested that training should be offered for Park
District employees and Board members on how to relate to people who have Park District
related concerns and/or comments.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer met with Congressman Bobby Schilling. He will be back
in February to talk with Decatur Park District in regards to the Airport and the Lakefront.

Commissioner Brilley asked that the date be finalized for the Richie Hammel Car Show
and fundraiser so that it can be included in the Activity Guide.

Commissioner Kenny pointed out that the IHSA Girls’ State Golf Tournament brought
700 room nights to the City of Decatur and Forsyth.
President Luy – Commissioner Riley, Executive Director Clevenger and President Luy
met with State Representative Adam Brown. They discussed the legislative history and
the needs of the Park District.

Attorney Ed Booth – An executive session is needed for the discussion and
determination of employment and compensation of a Park District employee.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer made and Commissioner Brilley seconded a motion that
the meeting move into closed session to discuss employment and compensation of an
employee. Upon call of the roll all voted aye and the meeting went into closed session at
approximately 1:45 p.m.

When the Commissioners returned into open session, Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer
made and Commissioner Kenny seconded a motion that counsel be directed to draft a
contract for the employment of Executive Director William L. Clevenger for a three year
period beginning December 1, 2010 and ending November 30, 2013. All Commissioners
voted aye; there were no nays.

Commissioner Deadrick-Wolfer made and Commissioner Brilley seconded a motion that
the meeting adjourn. All voted aye and the meeting adjourned at approximately 2:00 p.m.

                                            President, Board of Park Commissioners

Secretary, Board of Park Commissioners

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