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					You and Your Hand Writing, General Characteristics

In an earlier issue of the Journal some characteristics with signature of VIPs were published.
In view of desires expressed by our readers, we shall be giving this feature regularly to the
extent possible.

2. The name is ‘Graphology’- What it is, how does it work, where it is used and how the
reading shall be beneficial and useful. Graphology is a general term for all forms of hand
writing. This word consists of (i.) grapho- meaning write and (ii.) logos- meaning
reasoning, method or concept. The following broad- characteristics may be kept in mind for
knowing about your hand writing:

a) Remember that handwriting is practically developed up to the age of adolescence i.e.
when a native leaves the school (12th class) and enters into adulthood. The character
formed continues unless in few cases the hand- writing is changed by the will power of the
native i.e. from slanting hand- writing to straight hand writing.

b) In some cases, though rare, individuals change their hand- writing from year to year
specially their signatures with banks and other financial agreements to ensure that no fraud
is played. Though even after the change inner character of the native can be found but after
a deep knowledge of the subject.

c) With experience, a hand- writing expert would be in a position to tell all about the
character, emotions, self- awareness, mental attitude, mental adjustment, sexual appetite
and many more aspects about the consulter.

d) Remember, Graphology cannot tell about the future but it has its own potentiality to tell
the state of mind of the native at a particular time and also how the native is associated
with various facets of life including general traits as the hand- writing also go on changing
and some teenagers write like matured persons and some matured persons write like

e) Graphology saves time in knowing all about a person including for matters of friendship,
romance, love and sex, and business partnership.

f) Hand- writing is an instant photo of your mind- actually all mental notes/ vibrations travel
from your mind and gets imprinted in the hand by way of lines and flow into your hand-
writing. As in astrology, horoscope is the pivot, in palmistry, hand is the pivot and in
handwriting, yours writing and even a signature become sufficient. It would be apt to say
that your nervous system acts like a wire from your brain, a thought in your brain is
transmitted by electrical impulses (blood circulation) through nervous system and fibers of
your body i.e. arms, hands and fingers. Actually, for hand- writing, fingers become vehicles
for writing your bent of mind.

3. Now a word about scientific validity of Graphology. Scientific hand- writing analysis has
become an acceptable component of modern society and the cases of hand- writing analysis
of the accused specially in frauds and embezzlement cases are well- known. The report of
an hand- writing expert does become an important document of evidence for deciding the
court cases. All occult sciences i.e. astrology, numerology, palmistry etc. stand on a
different footing and must not be confused with hand- writing though hand- writing science
(Graphology) has some traits of a science i.e. experimentation, observation and also
evaluation rather than on theory. If one has various samples of hand- writing, some
principle with regards to slanting, right or left slanting or vertical writing etc. definitely
convey a principle which can be followed as a rule. Thus, methodology and repetition also
come to be taken into consideration for ranking graphologist can develop surprising
psychological data from the subject’s hand- writing.

4. The inaccuracy about the Graphology exists as most of persons write differently at
different times- sometimes you are in a hurry and sometimes you are mentally worried or
disturbed- hus making the difference. Further, your emotions, moods and conditions at the
time of writing make the difference. Keep in mind that graphology is a young science and
should be noted. Need to develop basic concepts for the hand- writing expert so that
nearness to accuracy is achieved. Some people intentionally change their hand-writing to
change their personality - pecially with signatures.

5. Now the leading question put is whether sex can be determined from the hand- riting. It
is difficult to determine but at the same time with practice and experience it can be known
whether the hand- writing is of a Male or Female. Following principles may be kept in mind:

Male Hand-writing : It has been seen the hand-writing may be arcades, angular, threaded,
simplistic and normally ‘heavy’ pressured,

Female- Hand-writing: Feminine hand-writing is garlanded (beautified), disconnected but
rhythmic, decorative and ‘soft’ pressured.

6. In Graphology, many methods of analyzing the signatures or hand- writing have come to
stay but the most accepted methods are (i) ‘Gestalt’- as used in Germany nd other (ii)
‘Trait- stroke’ of the French- analyzing of specific parts of the script including hand- writing.
Gestalt portrays over- all emotional feelings of the script.

7. Remember that analysis must not be trusted but must be asked for the native as in the
case of Astrologer, the native must express desires for consultation. No pressure be put on
the native and if under pressure, the native may write differently intentionally. Well-
guarded pronouncements are needed and ‘sandwich’ good and bad analysis so that no
mental tension is caused to the native. Do not discuss analysis of any person to others
remember that by this, you will be mentally understanding the writer of the script (native).
Keep an open mind even if you know the native.

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