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					Fate Line

Rising   from   the wrist AA
Rising   from   the life line BB
Rising   from   inside the life line CC
Rising   from   inside the life line on the mount of Venus DD
Rising   from   the mount of Moon EE
Rising   from   the line of head FF
Rising   from   the line of heart GG
Rising   from   the bracelet HH

Fate line starting from the wrist, a little above the first bracelet

This type of fate line is considered the best if it runs straight up to the mount of Saturn and
there is no horizontal line over it. Such a line indicates that the subject will have the
promise of a great career. He will climb up till such times as there is no hindrance by way of
breaks, cuts and spots over the fate line. If there are no defects in the fate line, the sky is
the limit. Persons who started at the lowest rung of their profession and reached the top
would have been possessed of this type of fate line.

Further, such a fate line being away from the life line indicates that the subject has not
been tied down by unfortunate conditions but has been free to choose his profession. The
normal destination of the fate line is the base of the Saturn finger. If it goes beyond the
base of the Saturn finger and rise above it to cover the third phalange of Saturn finger, or if
it goes further on the second phalange of the Saturn fingers or beyond, it becomes
inauspicious as the subject becomes obsessed with achieving his ambition at all cost.
Towards this end, he may not hesitate to become a part to crime, which may result in loss
of money, prestige and social standing. The subject may even have to go to the gallows or
behind the bars. The fate line rising from the wrist and going up to the base of the Saturn
finger becomes especially significant if the fate line gets divided into two, one part going to
the mount of Saturn (the base of the Saturn finger) and the other proceeding towards the
mount of Jupiter (base of the first finger). The latter adds to the financial prosperity of the
subject. If the fate line goes right up to the base of the Saturn finger or Jupiter finger, it
indicates that accrual of income, in some form or the end of the life of the subject. This
income may be in the form of monthly pension, house rent and returns on investments.
Fate line starting from the life line
This type of line is also considered good. Before the starting of the fate line, the subject will
lead an ordinary life. With the start of the fate line, the life of the subject will become
eventful and take shape according to the future course of the line. If the fate line is clear,
distinct and without any obstructions in the form of cross lines, the career/ profession in
future will be good, prosperous and rewarding. However, the influence of family members
will always play its role in the life of the subject. He may have to sacrifice his comforts and
ambitions for the sake of his family. This is applicable both to male as well as female
members of the family (sons, daughters), who for the benefit of other kin, whether old
parents or younger brothers and sisters, choose not to take up a career/ profession which
would keep them away, or they may choose not to get married at the appropriate time or
do not get married at all.
Fate line starting from inside the life line
The early years of life may not be comfortable due to parental troubles and the assumption
of family responsibilities by the subject.

Fate line rising inside the life from the mount of Venus.
This indicates good fortune but through the assistance of relatives. The members of the
family chalk out the subject’s career. Unless the fate line is very clear and strong after it
proceeds towards the head line and onward, the subject will not be able to do much of his
own accord. Rather, persons who have this type of line, starting from the mount of Venus
(mount of sex, passion and sympathy), get entangled in love affairs, especially with those
who are already married, and thus have to suffer unhappy consequences.

Fate lines starting from the mount of Moon.

This is also considered good. As the mount of Moon starts in the proximity of the wrist, the
benefits start accruing to the subject from early life. Such persons do not have family ties in
their early year to hold them back. Rather, they are free from family influence and are able
to make a choice of their career/ profession as per circumstances. They enjoy the favor of
friends and influential people with whom they come into contact, and so they are able to
benefit. If the life line and the head line are apart from each other at the beginning, the
Mercury finger is long, going beyond the second phalange of the adjoining finger of Sun,
there is a yuva in the centre of thumb, then the good effects of this fate line get
strengthened and the subject is able to come up in life mainly on account of his own efforts,
hard work, diligence, and through the cooperation of his well- wishers.

There is a view that persons with this fate line come up in life through the support of
women. This could be true in certain cases. It can also be construed that such persons come
up in life after marriage due to their being blessed with a lucky wife who extends due
cooperation to her life partner in giving his best to his career/ profession. Further, the
subjects are gifted with intuition and inspirational powers, which enable them to foresee
events. They look to the brighter side of everything and inspire people. They are hesitant to
spend money on their own comforts, but like to spend money on the members of their
family and for social purposes.

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