What makes North Sydney more special than anywhere else

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					What makes North Sydney more special than anywhere else

If you have ever been to north Sydney before, you would know what people are
talking about when they speak of the beautiful beaches that line the shore. Originally
it was only inhabited by the indigenous Aboriginal people, until the first settlers came
to Australia to set up a port there in the 1800’s. One the biggest landmarks there is
the Sydney harbour bridge which terminates at the start of the North Sydney Area.
You can get a great view of the city from there if you are in the mood to walk around
for a bit. If you are in the mood to party up a storm, you can stay out all night and
catch the first train home in the morning.

If you are not out and about there or you would prefer to stay there for a few nights,
then you should take a good look at some of the North Sydney hotels that are in
the area. That way you don’t have to travel very far if you are out partying all night
and if you do need to get home, then you can walk without any hassles. When you
take a walk along the promenade you can see the city skyline from a distance. It’s
quite a sight to see when the sun is setting behind all those buildings. In fact, it
makes quite a romantic walk if you are doing with someone special. The two of you
can hold hands while you are walking along the boardwalk and around the marina.
There is plenty to do once you get there but the main attractions would be retro and
fun Luna Park amusement park. There are plenty restaurants in the area and you
can sit down and grab a bite to eat at any one of the many restaurants that are
there. Thai food, Indian, Japanese and Italian food is all there for the eating and it is
finely prepared by some of the best chefs in the world. There are plenty hotels to
choose from as well, so do a little homework before you make your booking to see
which one is ideally located and is affordable for you. You might want a hotel that
faces the harbour or perhaps you prefer the bridge and the opera house.

All of these are possible options for you when it comes to accommodation you just
need to be vigilant in finding something that you like. It is never an easy task
booking a hotel from overseas so if you are not certain, you can always use a travel