The Metrozert (Issue No. 2 - Lent Issue) by MetrostarRealty


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                                   Visita Iglesia
Top 7 Things
Give Up for Lent

      Social networking sites
became powerful demigods
to earthlings by provid-
ing limitless possibilities of
transposing data to other
comparable brainwaves in
the fastest way undreamed
of. It has been a necessity
to some human beings who
take advantage of its power
to communicate with species
of like minds and expand
their matrix of cyber allies for
an ambitious step to world
domination., one of these
dominant demigods, has a
growing 140 million users to
date. One of its followers,
Mr. Stephen Smith, has been
paying close attention to 139
million assertions of states of
intelligence known as tweets
for four years. Kudos to his
statistical skills, he gave the
author, one of the 6.8 billion
mortals who don’t have a
Twitter account, a fresh entry
for this issue.
      For this month’s article,
we will be jotting down the
top things Twitterers plan
to give up in respect of the
coming Lenten season. Do
they hint serious intents or
blow sounds of sarcasms?

#7 Fast Food
     It’s a known fact that not
eating meat on Fridays is a
part of penance during Holy
Week. Eat pretzels instead.
#6 Facebook
     Well, you can always log
in to your other accounts on
LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+,
and Twitter, right?
#5 Soda
     One can of soda has
about 150 calories. If you’re
a 130–lb woman who plans
to cut some pounds of fat,
this will save you 19 minutes
of vigorous sit-ups.
#4 Alcohol
     Proceed to next entry.
#3 Swearing
     Try to be creative with
special characters like
#2 Chocolate
     Really, staying away
from your favorite Magnum®
gourmet ice cream is easy.
#1 Twitter
     Refer to comment #6.
You know you still have three
options remaining.

            O                      P R N                      M
          B L Q                      E                      S X Z
            V                        D                        U
            C                        K                           J
            W                          Y                         A
            I                                                    F
            T                                                    H

             H                      Hebraic word for “God”

                   R                ancient hymn of praise

             B                 T           a day of religious observance

  L                U                       the public prayer of the church

             X                      G          a praise to God’s sovereignty

              T                            A          the church of the bishop

Fill the empty circle with the right letter from its corresponding colored cross.
Complete all words to unravel the hidden word behind the highlighted letters.

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