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              Mahagun Mezzaria, Sector 78,

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09999561111            Mahagun Mezzaria, Sector 78, Noida

              Mahagun Mezzaria brings you an opportunity to buy your house, your way on sprawling
              flats of 1950 sq. ft. and above.

              Mahagun Mezzaria is a gated community with 24x7 security and maintenance services
              that ensures the outstanding levels of security.

              Being located at Sector 78, Mahagun Mezzaria is easily accessible to all point of interest in
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09999561111      Price Details of Mahagun Mezzaria

          Type           Size                 Rs.
          BR+2T+SR       1950 Sq. ft.        1,00,42,500
          3BR+2T+SR      2250 Sq. ft.        1,15,87,500
          3BR+2T+SR      2290 Sq. ft.        1,17,93,500
          4BR+4T+SR      2595 Sq. ft.        1,33,64,250
          4BR+4T+SR      2660 Sq. ft.        1,36,99,000
          4BR+4T+SR      3445 Sq. ft.        1,77,41,750
          5BR+5T+SR      3845 Sq. ft.        1,98,01,750

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