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					                                                                         CATSKILL MOUNTAIN NEWS.
      VOL. XII -NO. 24.
                                                                                                                               M4RCARETVILLE, N. Y „                                FRIDAY, MAY                      10,       1907.                                                                              WHOLE UO. 6 1 4
     H, D, MONTGOMERY DEAD NOBODY WOULD WATCH HIM A WEEK IN MARGARETYILLE.                                                                                   PERSONAL MENTION                        PROUD OF HIS CRIMES TRIED TO WRECK THE TRAIN FIVE MEN DOWN THE BANK
                 FOR THE MURDER OP HIS WIFE.                                                                                                                            Go as Noted by "The News"                TRIPLE MURDERER                   REVETS IK ANDES BOY PLACES DANGEROUS OB- IN A WRECK ON THE DELAWARE &
                                                                         SATURDAY NIGHT.                             THE CANVAS OF A WEEK.                                        Reporters.                                STORY OF THE DEED.                          STRUCTIONS ON TRACK,                        EASTERN WEDNESDAY.
                                                                                                                                                                   —James E. Moore of Union Grove
             Mews of His Demise Again Awakens Pub- But Took His Bottle and Went Home.                         Interesting Littlebits That Mirror the
                                                                                                                                                               was a IUaigunfvillo caller Saturday.              Now LodRfed in Goshen Jail—Got On'y Probably Bid Not Realize Enormity oi Freight Caboose Sudd'-nly Leaver Track
               lic Interest in One of the Most Celebrat-                     He Was Better                           Doings of Seven Days in the
                                                                                                                                                                  —Claude Kelly oif Schenectady has                           ffiiC From His Victims.               the Crime Obstruction Discovered               and is Hulled to Bottom ol
                  ed Criminal Cases of De'awaie Co.                            Monday. ,                                   Pearl of the Catskills.
                                                                                                                                                               been a recent, guest, in Margaret vile.                                The Details.                           Before Train Time.                             Steep Bank.
               Harvey D. Montgomery of Hobart, Bert Chamberlain of this place became                             The Bay line steamers begin) running                                                              Chares 11. Rogers, who was placed in           Howard Gladstone, a 13 venr old
                                                                                                                                                                  —Mrs. J. W. Telfoivl has been spend-                                                                                                         The local freight Gain uu tho Dela-
             who was serving a life sentence at Au- tired of living Saturday night and made to-morrow.                                                                                                          Goshen jail Saturday to await trial for Andes boy, placed obstructions on the ware & Lustei'u due to arrive here at
                                                                                                                                                               ing the week with l^iiigston friends.
             lmra prison, for the murder of his se- plans to end"his life in a tragic manner.                    A daughter was born to Mr. and                   — Neil Mium of Walton was in town the Olncy Ingerick murders near Mid- Delaware & Eastern truck about I I-',' I3:J10 was wrecked I 1 .' allies below
             cond wife, Amelia Brown Montgomery, That he did not do so is accounted for Mrs. J. M. Whitney of Halcott May J.                                                                                    dletown in O;tober, 19 5, made a full miles below Andes village Monday af- Khiuhopple Wednesday by the caboose
             at the Montgomery farm, one mile solely by the fact that no one was                                The Bed Cross, will hold their                    - J o h n D. Ward ft Franklin was a confession to Sheriff Decker, Chief of ternoon, that would probably have suddenly leaving the tracks and being
            from Hobart village, on March 80, 1903, |enough interested in his proposed exit) monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. visitor hero yesterday.i                                                       Police MeCoach and Uuder Sheriff wrecked the lute train out .of Andes hurled to the bottom of the bank some
            died at the prison hospital at Auburn'from the world to watch him                                J. H. Hitt on Tuesday evening May 14.                                                              He rock Thursday while enroute from that evening hud they not bean dis- 45 feet below.
            on Sunday night, aged (id years, A The story of his would be demise                                                                                  —J F, Dwyer anil wife of Downs- Los Angeles, Cab, where he AVUS arrest- covered in time.
                                                                                                                James Morrison of Halcott has pur- ville were visitors heue yesterday.                                                                                                                      watch (.owe In the r of the caboose
            telegram received at Hobart Monday runs about as follows.                                        chased a Roo automobile capable of                                                                ed a few weeks ago, Rogers's story was] The obstructions consisted of a wheel- were four men of tho crew, Conductor
            from the prion authorities by his Saturday night ho handed Mr. and carrying rive people.                                                             - Mrs. Ward ibyanfj of Union drove a reaiarkably cool recital of a horrible borrow placed in the center of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Samuel Fullertui and Uaiii'nen Archie
            daughter, Mrs. Doll M.-Simonsoii, an- J Mrs. A. J. Easinan of the Riverside                                                                       was the guest of relatives here Tuesday. crime for which he doesn t appear to track and several spikes, bolts,- nuts
                                                                                                                The condition of Murgaretville streets                                                                                                                                                      Bulbs, John Young and Charles Mar-
            noiincod his death and informed her f while they -were at supper, each a let-                                                                        — A. Chun of A r p a t was a pleasant have any regrets. Although the deed and the like laid on the rails. These tin, These men do not know exactly
                                                                                                             Is terrible to behold. The loose stones                                                           was committed for tho purpose of secur- were discovered by A. Dougherty who what happened but as the tower of the
           she might take charge of the body if, ter. Opening the letters they found                                                                          caller at this office Batljn'day.
                                                                                                            have not yet been removed
           she so desired. Mrs. Siinonson at once them full of many expressions of                                                                              —Stanley Bussy titia Kennelli Jlul 1 ing money, ho says lie only got- $10 in happened to be going Unit way on the caboose is broken in il is supposed that
                                                                                                               The High School base ball team will
           telegraphed the prison authorities to thanks for the way they had treated                                                                          are the new ushers jjjjj the Methuiiis cash.                                                     bund car. Ho removed them and at tho car must have tinned over once
           have the body embalmed and shippped him but ended with such expressions give a private dance in Olympic Hall lurch.                                                            il;                     Rogers says he went to the Olney once notified the general offices hero. during its quick ;ioiirne> lo ihe bottom
           to Hobart by express. It arrived at 5 :i0 as "Next time you behold my face I Tuesday evening.                                                        —Mrs, W. O Kelly, Icif Erattsville, farm on the morning of October (J, 1005, Officer Dininiick was secured and sent of (no bank. The. accident happened
                                                                                                               Rehearsals for tlho High .School play,
           o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The fun- will be a corpse. This is another Dean                                                                        spent a few days in tpwn tho early nod told the Olncy brothers (hat he was to the scene. After some clover work without, warning and the men found
           eral was held yesterday. Rev. A. E. lluffcut" and the like.                                      Mr. Boli, show that the production will                                                            a detective and that he wanted help to ho decided thai the boy named was (he themselves at the bottom of the bank
                                                                                                                                                             part of the week.
           jjord of Monticello, formerly pastor of             He then went immediately to the bo an excellent one. The date cf the                             —Mrs. JiuttieM. Allnljen and ilaught-
                                                                                                                                                                                                               arrest a man who was in (be Darby miscreant ami put him through (he before (hey could gal her their wits.
           the Hobart Methodist Episcopal church, bowling alley and was observed to he play will be announced next week.                                                                                       woods, The two brothers t<dil Rogers (bird degree The boy beeaiuoconfused The train was ipiiekly slopped and the
                                                                                                                                                             er, Diudama, and Miss Mary LUCK- to get into the wagon and they would and practically admitted his guilt and
           officiating. Burial Was in the family peeping around the corners of Has build-                      Contractor A. .1. ISooU will begin Wood were at Kast' Bruntth Sunday.                                                                                                                       four men who were all badly shaken
           plot in Locust Hill cemetery, by the in jr to sue if somebody would not come work on A. Allison's now block as soon                                                                                drive Jmn up to tho woods. This was later his father said dial the boy was up were taken to Dowiisvillo where
          side of his first wife. The immediate to look for him, He tried this for an as the Dumber is on the ground and the                                    —(Jeoigo F. Davis of Kelly Corners done. At the corner of the woods all guilty.                                                            medical aid was summoned and on the
          cause of death s understood to bo'hoin' or so and then went back to ihe building will bo rushed to completion.                                     was a pleasnat Margali'etville. caller three men got out of the wagon and                           Howard is a bright smart lad anil it arrival of (he down passenger I rain
          blight's disease. Mrs, Simonson told, hotel and asked for a glass of whiskey, | The Charles Gorseh house on Swart Wednesday,                                                                        Fred Olney tied the horses to a sapling, is believed that lie did not reali/.e the were taken to I heir homes at Fast
          a newspaper reporter that her futlic This was set on the bar and bo took it | street Is to bo raised and a foundation                                 —Miss Agnes Darrow of Kingston Fred Olney and Rogers started down in damage and loss of life he'might have Branch with the exception of Builis
          had been an inmate of the prison bos and produced a vial ot laud mini and | put under it. Frank Mead will have is fclie guest of Mrs. L. I t Smith si the woods alter the supposed man, caused, It is also said that some oilier who was taken to a Middletown hos-
          pital for about three months, suffering ' started to poor it into the glass. The charge of tho job.                                                (Vest Kud Villa.                                 while Willis stayed near tho wagon, buys were the instigators of (ho affair. pital. Yesterday morning tho other
          from grip and kidney trouble, He is bartender saw hiin and jumped to stay                                                                             —Jru Jordan and A. J. Csborn wci'o               Aftol" getting Fred Olney quite II              General Manager Williams wouldnol three were able to bo about and have
                                                                                                              A big new planer was put in the Mar-
          survived by the daughter named, and his hand but Chamberlain was too garetville Planing Mills Tuesday. H trout fishing yesterday on Coulter ways in the woods, Rogers pulled, out say bow fur lie will push tho matter. no serious injuries, A traveling man by
         one son, George, who is clerk at the quick and drank the mixture, He then planes.the sides and edges of a board at brook, IJuvina.                                                                   his revolver and shut him in the back. Owing to the enormity of the crime, it Ihe name of Worcostor was also in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Willis Olncy, hearing the shots, started                                                    caboose but he was uninjured.
         I'oeantico Inn, here.                              left the hotel and sometime later up- the same time. 11; weighs,(1,000 pounds.                     --Miss Julia O'Connor of lieileli down through the woods and Rogers Is probable that Howard will have to
             Nows of the death of Montgomery ponced at Anderson's hotel where he                                                                                                                                                                              suffer for his deed.                           The (rack where (he accident happen
                                                                                                              A gang of picture enlarge!' Inker ai'O was tho guest of her parents over .Sun also shot him down,                                                                                           oil is in good condition and 110 one can
         spread rapidly about Delaware county said lie was dying, A physician was                                                                           day.                                                                                                  GOT HLR MOKKY FROM GROW.
                                                                                                           again at largo hereabouts seeking whom                                                                Leaving tho two where they fell                                                          account for Ihe cause of (he accident.
         and there was a remarkable and wide called but said upon -examination that                                                                            -•Miss Margaret Loydeii,! is assisting lingers stalled back for the spot where
                                                                                                         I they may cheat, Turn fheni out of
         spread revival of public Interest in the Chamberlain had not taken enough of doors.                                                                for a time, in the storo iof Hulpurn he had left the horses tied, On the                          Story of Woman Well Known in Margaret                 Candidates For Member.
         most famous murder case in the crimi- 1 (ho laudiiuni of to seriously injure him.                                                                                                                                                                                        ville.
                                                                                                              Mass will bo celebrated next Sunday Bros.                                                       way he sorted over the papers he had                                                           Tho meeting at Delhi last week of
         mil annals of old Delaware, Mont- Sunday he complained of cramps and May 12, at eight o'clock sharp at the                                            —Mrs. L. h. Montana of New York found in their pockets throwing many                             During (lie present week the New tho supervisors and assessors of the
         gomery and his second wife wore well- Monday went to work.                                       home of Mr. Jerry Casey Arkville, N. City is tho guest of her husband and of them away. The milk chock and                                          York American bus (eld inn page various towns of the county was the
         known in parts of Schoharie and Greene                                                           Y.                                                                                                                                                  stories of hew Mrs. G. K. Williams
        counties as well, and scarcely a person               DELAWARE CO. MILK CO. SELLS.                                                                  daughter hero.                                   the wallets of the brothers he hid in had harnessed the life ot Galusha A. occasion of more or less political talk
                                                                                                          . N. 1). OluiBtend & Co. have an at-
        within a radius of 50 miles is not more Transfers Its Interests to Walker & tractive mechanical contrivance in filler                                  —N. A. Neidig, n Union prove ear- tho stone wall. Untying the horses, he Crow the famous statesman who died and candidates for the places on (ho
        or less familiar with the details of the                                                                                                            pentor and. builder, was atMarga'rct- got into tho wagon and drove buck to about si.\ week,-, ago and bad taken all county ticket IICN! full were discussed.
                                                                      Weed ol Middletown.                 Window advertising Nouls carriage 1 ville visitor on Katurduy.                                     the bain and proceeded to unhitch to his fortune. Some claim (hat she was                       It was authorilively stated tliatDr,.
        crime and Montgomery's two trials.
        Montgomery shot and killed his wife                   Tho Delaware County Milk Company paint and varnishes,                                           —Ralph Mangle spent, Sunday with the horses and put them in the stables, an Illegitimate child of Crow's, others If. A. Mates of Delhi and Henry J.
                                                                                                             The Kingston District is in distress his sister, Miss Louise Mnngle, afWal-                        After this was done ho wont into (ho that the whole thing was a fraud. Mis. Williams, the prosout supervisor of Col-
        at two o'clock on the morning of March has disposed of all its ml Ik interests in
                                                           tho creameries at Murgaretville, Dun- to find suitable supplies for the follow- deu.                                                              house and calling Mrs, Georgia Cnger. Williams, with her hushand, spent oliestei', were candidates for Member
        80, 1901, with a 50 calibre Winchester                                                                                                                                                              •iok, the housekeeper, he told her that several Hummers at the Ackerly house of Assembly on the Republican ticket.
        rifle. That he might get possession of raven, Arena, Union drove and Shaver- ing pasforloHs circuits: Shokan, Corn-                                   - -Mrs. John Colo of this village was
       his wife's property, said to be valued             town to Messrs. Walker & Weed of wallsvillo and Durham, Blenheim and oporated on in the Brooklyn Methodist one of the Olney brothers bad boon kick- bore and were well-known throughout Both are woll known party men with
                                                                                                          West Fulloii.                                                                                     ed by a "horse and that he wanted some                                                       clean records and both have enthusias-
       at $10,000, was the motive alleged by Middletown. Walker & Weed are tho                                                                             hospital-last. Wednesday and is giiihing towels and water. Mrs. Ingerick got this section. While here she passed as tic supporters in their respective locali-
        tho prosecution, He claimed the kill-             largest wholesale dealers along tho line          David Bidlantion, the Andes banker, under hospital treatment.                                                                                     a niece of the famous statesman and
                                                                                                                                                                                                            the towels and water and carried them protended lo keep her marriage to Mr. ties.
       ing was an accident, duo to a fainting of the Ontario <c Western railroad. was a passenger on the D, & E. (rain                                        —Ceorgo Purcoll and Dr. .1. W. Tel- out to the barn, As she colored the Williams n seorol from (iron'.                                        .1. Stanton Gillette, supervisor of
       spoil and a fall, causing the gun with             Mr, Walker has been engaged in the up Wednesday morning, lie bad that
                                                                                                                                                           ford have been ill New York City (his stable, where she supposed ono of the                                                                   Tompkins, is also n ci'uidldatu for (ho ho intended to frighten away milk business for the lust twenty years morhihg purchased the first ticket sold week attending Hie Grand Lodge meet Olney brothers was injured, Rogers                                                              In an introductory paragraph Tuos
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         noinillation and is .said lo be strong in
       pig thieves, to be discharged.                     and is well known to tho milk trade from AudeH to Arkville.                                                                                                                                        day's American says : fiul her interest-
                                                          Before enguging in tho milk business                                                             ing of the F. & A. M. of tho state. struck her with an iron pipe, pulled ing developments in tho story o'i Gain Ihe lower end of the county.
           Montgomery was indicted for murder                                                               Philip Derringer caught a trout Sat-                                                            her unconscious, form into the horse
                                                          ho was the milk agent of the N. Y. O, urday (hat was :.'!) inches long and                          —Mrs. Edwin Connelly of Grlllln stable and left her for death.                                 slm A. Crow's twenty livo-your struggle                  An Excellent Plan.
       by tho grand jury of Delaware county
                                                          & W. Railroad fur fourteen yours, Mr. weighed ll pounds and two ounces. Corners, who bus spent liho past two                                                                                       in the grasp of a bund of hjucktnailora        Tho hoard of trustees has arranged
       in May, 1001, anfl the first trial began
                                                          Weed is a young man and a hustler, This capture makes him the champion months with Margaretville relatives,                                           Rogers then went to the house to be- were gathered yestorduy by The Now with the street commissioner to gather
       at Delhi on Juno 2, 3902, before Justice                                                                                                                                                            gin his search for the money thai ho York American, the revelations tend lia cans, tllbbisll and all t'ol'uso collec-
                                                          being formcrely with the Brio Railroad fisherman of this section.                               returned to her home Wednesday;.
      A. H. Sowell. Tho trial occupied ten                                                                                                                                                                 supposed was hidden. Little Alice In ing lo convince even Hie friends of the ted by (lie property owners, who are
                                                         as Assistant Paymaster,
      flays, tho jury returning a verdict of                                                                Sixty Delhi business men have joined             —John MeCnddon uud Don L. Stew- genek was in I ho kitchen of the house late Pennsylvania statesman thai he (•leaning' up lawns and door yards, The
      murder in tho first degree and Mont-                   Those who patronise the now firm
                                                                                                        the Prosperity Loaguo anil agree to pay art of tho Board of ISducation wore in eating her dinner. Rogers walked into pssessed an affection for the mysterious only pro\ isloh lo Ibis offer is that the
      gomery was sentenced to bo electro- will find them square and honorable in eight dollars per year to promote (he Richfield Springs yesterday viewing (he kitchen and (old little Alice that girl (hat none bill a blood relative could rubbish be gathered in a pile at the
      cuted. Tho caso was upponlod March their dealings and that they will pay interests of the village. Cash and co- the hcuting plant in the high school at the cellar door was open and that she fool,
      18, 1903. The court of appoals rovers- on contract time. They have an excel- operation will do the business.                                                                                                                                                                                      roadside anil I hill no ashes be included
                                                         lent Held hero and it is hoped that                                                              that place.                                      had better go down and (dose it, Tho                George King Williams hubund of the therein, Tho I r us tees make (Ins pro.-
      oil the conviction on errors niado by                                                                Margaretvillo's famous             tar and                                                      little girl, all unconscious, sjartoii young woman who, from infancy, was                                to encourage the cleaning of
      the trial Judge and ordered a now trial, their dealings With the dairymen of feather e.tso will occupy the attention                                   --Noil Munn of Walton, representing
                                                                                                                                                                                                           down the collar stairs, Rogers follow- used by Mine. Do Fosse/, anil others as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    early an I Lo awaken I ho spirit
      Then followed a fight for a change of              this suction will bo mutually agreeable.                                                         tho Munn Piano (Jo., has been in town                                                                                                         premises
                                                                                                        of tho (Iriiiul. Jury at Delhi next Wed- tills Week. While here he has deliver- ing closely behind. When she reached (ho tool to wring wealth from the. of Interest in making the village look
      vonuo and in December, 1903, Judge                                     Notice,               . . nesday. Anohiour from that place was                                                                the cellar iloor Rogers struck her with "Father of the Hoinetoitil Act," was as neat and Inviting as possible, The
     Nathan L. Millet granted the applica-                                                                                                               ed a fine upright Munn piano to Wil-
                                                             NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, (hat here Monday and Bubppeuaoil several liam Foster of Hubbell Corners, the the wlliic Iron pipe with which he had found yesterday id tlie Grand Hotel,                                                           commissioner will lake cure of tho I'tlh
      tion and fixed the place for the new                                                                                                                                                                 struck her mother down and beat her
                                                         on and after the sixteenth day of May, wi tiiossos,                                             sale of which .was made by their rep                                                                  Mr. Williams, who has left his .wife blsh on Monday an I Tuesday noxt, lie
     trial at Cooperstown. The application                                                                 Margarefville won from Woisehmuuns rcsentiifivo bore, Howard L. Hewitt.-- brains out.
                                                         1007, the Delaware County Milk Com-                                                                                                                                                                mid who ninkos soi'lons charges against ready for him I lad's have a cleaner
     Was granted on tho claims of the defen-                                                                                                                                                                  After milking sure that (he little girl lice, said with emphasis Hud, lie has I lobar!. -Hobart Independent.
                                                         pany will not purchase any milk or be on the fair ground huro Tltursduy by Roxbury Times.
     dant's counsel, that an impartial trial                                                                                                                                                               was dead Rogers went, up to the kitchen long believed Galusha A. Grow was the
                                                         responsible in any way for any debts tho score of 18 !3 and from Roxbiiry                                                                                                                                                                         All evcellenl plan. Wh.\ nol do Ihe
     could not bo held in Delaware county
    on account of the apparent popular pre-
                                                         contracted at the Bhnvertown, Arona Friday by tho score of U1-SJ, Wo trust                         A subscription to tho Brooklyn Daily again, closing till the dooors and blinds, fiilher of Ills wifo, mill thai, events and saino for'giiret ville. Many vil-
                                                         and Murgaretville ereainerlos. Walker tho boys will keop up tho good begin- Baglo may ho had cheap at this office. and began bis search for tho money he conversations tend to mtike bis asser- lages hereabouts having a general clean-
     judice against the defendant.                                                                                                                                                                         had hoped to find. After ransacking tions convincing. Ho further said that ing day. Why not here. Wo need it
                                                         & Weed will purchase tho milk and be ning.                                                         A now time table goes into effect on
          Montgomery was transferred from responsible for all debts contracted at                          There was a precept ible amount of the Ulster & Delaware Hunday by everything, even trunks in tho garret, in a number of conversations Mr. Grow all right.
     tlio jail at Delhi to the Cooperstown tho above named creameries on and snow in the air at ono tlino on Satur-                                                                                       ho finally left, going over the hills to a hud fold him that he was in the clutch-
    jail in March, 1904, and the trial com- after May 10th, 1907.                                                                                       which week day trains leave Arkville section of the Erie Railroad between es of a bund of blackmailers, and that                                               Hany S. Adler,
                                                                                                       day and yesterday nijrning the thor- for Kingston at 7 :H0, 8:3H, a. m., and
    menced (it Coopei'Btown on March 28,                        Doluwuro County Milk Company. momotor reached sovorul degrees bolow i-M p. m, Trains leave Arkville for Middletown and Howells, whore he thoy were constantly making denuinds                                                              llarrry S, Adler died at his homo
     with Judge Nathan L. Miller presiding,                                                                                                                                                               boarded a train for Otisville and later upon him,                                            near Kelly Corners Saturday of con-
                                                            Dato:l Murgurtvillo, N, Y. ,May 8th, the freezing paint mid ice fully u quar- Onoonta at 7:0C, llififi, a. in, and 4:43                                                                                                                    sumption at the ago of !J5 years. He
    'fhe trial occupied six days and result-                                                           ter of an inch thick fanned upon small p. in. Evening trains arrive from wont to Port Jervis, whore ho stayed                                               Memorial Bay in Name Only.
    ml in a verdict of murder in tho second 1907.                                                      quantities of water exposed to the air Kingston lit 7:27 and from Onoonta at Friday and Saturday night,                                                                                         was formerly of Now York and came
                                                                    Coal Ashes Will Burn.                                                                                                                                                                      Why not do away with Decoration to Kelly Cornel's a few years ago for
    degrco. Since that time Montgomery                                                                 in roeo-pfiiolos during I ho night.                                                                    On Sunday, Octobor H, Rogers secured
    •ins been confined in Auburn prison,                    A public test of the now chemical                                                           7:20. After Muy 20 the Rip Van Win a ticket for Marion, Ohio. From (hero Day? It bus (logon cm led Into n holiday his health. lie is survived by his widow
    I" his fight for life Montgomery was                compound for fuel, which has attained             In the delude between Margarotviiie kle flyer will bo put on and will leavo ho worked his way through to Chicago, that has lust almost all of Its original who Is a daughter of Ira Jenkins.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            meaning. There is a parade of I ho old
    ilofonded by O'Connor & O'Connor of such recent, celebrity' was made at the and Htainfni'il at Stamford Friday oven- Arkville going east at 11:55, west at thence through tho Middle West and soldiers uud Ihe school children 1 1 the
    ...                » -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The funeral was held Monday, IDldor
                                                                                                       lug the Mai'n'iii'etvllle debaters wore de- fills..."                                              dually to California, whoro ho was ar-                                                       BlttUSOti ofliciullii/.;'. Ilerincnl was at
    Mohan, who were assisted, at tho fiiat-J works of tho Jennings & Grlllln Saw                                                                                                                                                                           morning, the baud plays u I'unoral Kelly Cornet's
                                                                                                       feated. Tho del infers were accompanied                                                            rested at Los Angeles, Rogers had
    bin! tit Delhi, by Robort M. Moore, Manufacturing Company ' n in"burly on by Miss Muss and Miss Cordos of tno
                                                                                            ' ""'                                                                      Dr, Casper S. Dooker.                                                               march, Ihe graves of the dead warriors
    the woll known criminal lawyer of Now Monday' morning, with successful re- fnculfy. After the dcbnlo. the Stain-                                                                                      worked at many places in California,
                                                                                                                                                            Dr. Casper H, Docker, a prominent principally on ranches in remote places. arc giirhuuled wit h Mowers by the child-                                      John C. Proaton,
    York city, and at tho sooond trial at sults. About 100 pounds of fuel were ford sliidctils tendorod tho Visitors a and respected physician of Elniira                                                                                                   ren, a volley Is tlt'Cdi Ihe bugle sounds      John 0, I'reslon, a former resident ol!
    Uooporstowu by tho late Judge A. C. used; I'lie mixture consisting of 12 coal reception which proved a very pleasant and a Roxbury boy, died at his home                                             Saturday forenoon, in company with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           taps, and Ihu procession wends il way llalcollville, died al his lionio iu Olio-
    Tuiinnrit of Cooperstown. Tho prosecu scoops of ashes, \ scoops of culm, II occasion.                                                                                                                 the officers, lingers went, to the Olney
                                                                                                                                                        in Elniira Tuesday at the age of HI fai'iil and hunted, for the articles ho honiewai'd again.                                                  nnla Sunday at tho age of O years',  H
   tlon at both trials was skillfully eon- gallons of wafer, fl pounds of salt and                                                                      yours.                                                                                                There is no suggestion to mourning .Death wus caused by consumption, The
                                                                                                          The following oiiso.S of local Interest
   thtutud by George A. Fisher of Delhi, (I ounces of oxalic acid.                                                                                          He began I he practice of medicine
                                                                                                                                                                                                         wild ho bad hidden in a stone wall, hut
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           in the iifflcrnonu, i lay laughter lloatii body wus brought to I lalcm Ivillo Wed-
   tlion district attorney of Delaware                      Tho fuel was burned In the furnace uro scheduled to occupy tho attention                                                                     fiioy could not ho 1'o.iiud,                      from picnic parties and slmnls nail nesday and a large concourse of people
                                                                                                       Of court at Delhi next wceki J, (I.              111 Mnrgnrotvillb with his preceptor
   comity, assisted by Judge Ifl. D. Wag Ulidoi' tho boilers for about, two hours                                                                       Dr. John 0, Allahrin, when be was 87                                                               cheers from the baseball diiiniunil. All attended ihe funeral of (heir old friond
                                                                 space of '18'square feet, 'I inches Mailer VH," Jlohiirt ifolinos, A, J, 13UH- yours old hut al'lcr live .vein's gave up                              A Good Bearding Season,
   "or of Delhi.                                        on a                                                                                                                                                                                               the world but. (he old soldiers in laking and neighbor Who had I.ecu held in
                                                                  It burned steadily and main- nian Vs, Annie I'rusor, forocdonuro.; W, ids pracllccnnil loused u laiincry In Hul-                           A Hliiinford corresponileiif says : In
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           a holiday, He alone Is loft with his high esleeiu. The services were con
                                                        deep!                                          10, Kittle vs, (lllberf Daiuond, assault                                                          looking over the prospects of I he vari-
            Will Open Shop In Flelsclmuuins.                      n hunt that kept tho aloatii pres-                                                    llvan County. In I H H he WIIM married
                                                                                                                                                                                    A                                                                      memories of don l uonu'ttdos uud ihu dueled by lilldor li, W. Snnfnril ol! Ark
                                                        tai in«
        Nuinnol Soiuoar, for many years a sure up to 1 0 pounds tp tho square Inch and balforyi.l. W. Hi'iiddor vs, (loorgc to 'Miss :iOii|ilinniinii ll, HlnqiNon of ous hotels us their bookings show for thought tl'lilt SOOIl lie, too, will he fur Ville.
   tailor hero, has loused a storo at Floistih- which Is sufficient power to run tho                   W. Kelly, cnntracl.; Minnie K. Kuupp                                                              the coming season, the season of llin?
                                                                                                                                                       Pbocnlclu, who died four years ago.
   "iimns, on tho Ulster & Delaware road, machinery.                                                   VS, Iflllwuliuth Weaver, dumagos. '                                                               seems In look as If It would be I.lie gotten by the rest, oven us Ihe.V urn.                               Miiiui'a Music Store.
                                                                                                                                                       The Eluilrii Advertiser says of lihu,                                                                  There IH a cusloin Uud, has ciune In
   "'•it will soon open- a shop t'lioru for                                                               llegliinliiK M<u day, the Doliiwiiro i!fe "Tn have kiiuwii Ihu life, and lo cher- biiiiuor year in the boarding business be almost, universal of sotting apart                                  Munn, Ihe piano man is making
   cleaning and pressing ladies' and moil's                          Burn Tho Rubbish,                 lOuHferii ilullrnad will curry tlin mail to                                                       for Slumlord, Several of tho holds urn
  "'"thing .and repair work. Mr. Homer                     The highway coniiulHslonoi', HIIIT liuinlH between here and I'lusf .Uriiiich ish In ils history the record --upon, heavily booked for curly purl of the the Suiidiiy before May UOIh us a day regular trips bore uud anyone desiring
                                                                                                                                                       fair and blameless In every page—of n                                                               mi which the volernns muy attend di- pianos to rout or buy should address
   leaves for FlelBohmitiins Saturday and Huhholl calls attention to lite fact that thai In now being carried by singes mini like Dr. Decker, Is a blessing lo season and that Is what the proprietors vine service together and listen In ll Mann's iiuinlc store, Margaret ville, N,
   Will continue tho business there ctui'ing            out brush and rubbish along (ho high Tho Hue between here and Downsvlllo                                                                         uro anxious lo secure. The latter pari
                                                                                                                                                       tho ciiinnuiully that counts hiin among
   Hio aummor at least, His family will way must bo burned, Muck brush cut will ho dlM'nufliimiod Monthly hut tho her own",                                                                              or the height of tho season, always discourse uppi'uprlulu to Ihe occasion. Y.                                     ,              may ill.
  l                                                     lust full was piled and left uulmriicd, singe will cuullniiu lo run lo Andes,                                                                    lakes cute of Hsclf, and l!ie push In ad Thai, Is the true Moniurlal Day.
   '°iii«ln hero,—Onoonta Btnr,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Why not so regard 11, and leave nil'                         Notice,
                                                        Tho law requires Unit lids be attended Margui'ctvllle will liavn the siiine mall                                                                 vortlslng Is inado to Secure the early
                                                        lo and II should be done at unco,             service as lit lU'esent. VilhiKos down
                                                                                                                                                                        A COIIIIUR WmlilhiK.             (Siiests. The results of (ho ooinbhiiil Ion this hallow mockery of It day whoso                  liy request of u niiinhoi' of people of
                        A, I. Oliurtihill,                                                                                                                 Invitations ,l|,() u u '' for the uiarrlagij advertising has brought Htuinford to Idea of a quiet rcllecfiau upon the lives Mui'gurolvlllc null vicinity, Or H,
        A. h, Churchill, a woll known rail-                                                            tho llnowlll rocelvo and disputed lit nil
  l,(                                                          Whworth LiiARiio Eloots Officers.                                                       of Misi -Mahol .llulsoinaii of Hiincock, tlin front union/; tho mouiifiilii re- and ilueds of (ho nation's tlefuiulors Is SlerUi Jr., the well knownOptlolitui of
      "ili of Btauiord, died lit his home in                                                          on tho lnui'iilni! It'itln down and cm the
                                                           Ad (In) iiiinmil mooting of I lie I'lp- al'lernuiiii Iralii tip,                            ni il Jerome FIUTCII forniorly of I'ciiii sorts and, iiH n result, many sununor Pxchunr,'od for the noisyrevelry of plea- Kingston, N . v. will ho at ihe j'ociiii-
.Hint village on Sunday, aged tout 70                                                                                                                  sylviiuhii who for the past few years hoiiies have boon built hero and a sure seekers?
 y                                                     wurth boagun Tluirsdiiy evening tho                                                                                                                                                                                                            lleii Inn on Thursday May Mil, If you
    °"i'N. Mr. Churchill was one of the                                                                   Sii|iiirluleitileii(' llaynn of Furlough litlH boon In the oiuploy of I ho Rlsolny nuirkot has boon niudo for ronl ostein                          If wn need a holiday lit litis Hum of huvo any oyo trouble you hlmuld eon
    1l               l                                 following officers wore chosen for the
  l '<'miiioiitl ii(.lwmsof tho (own and wiw                                                          Lodge was In luwn Moiiiluy and Incon- Luinhor Co, with lumdqiiiu'lors at Wal- Hint has brought thousands of dollurs tho your, lot us have If, but lei ttsooaso
 fur                                                   year i .President, Courtney II. Hanford;                                                                                                                                                                                                       suit liiin. He examines tho eyes and
            a number of years a justice oi' tlin                                                      vm'Siitiou Willi It News rcprosoulntlvo Uiii, The wedding will lake pluoe In lulu (ho packets of the outtngo owners. calling il Moniurlal Duy for It IH hollow furnishes correct, glosses. Ills charges
  l">n«e. Ho Is a brother of A, J. Clinr-              lul Yhw-prosldoiit, Stanley Hussy I 2nd
                                                                                                      told id: liiii'iilnit' cold UHIIOS froutuil with llaiiooolc W^cduesday, May 10, Mr. Par-                                                            mocker,                                     am reasonable, Oiinsultnllou free, I'r,
      IHi a farmer • s t a i n of Greene eoiin- Vleu'pnisldont, Miss Itiilli laitlgl tlrd the mUtui'o thai has soverul linios rel is quite well known along tho val-                                                               Wauled.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Did n'l hike the Hals           Mlcru will visit Mnrgiirolvlllc every
    v                                              l l Vlce-pi'oslilont, M.iss Lydia A. King;
 '• - Ho is survlvod by a Wifo tuul                                                                   been lnoulloiind In those culumiifl He ley having ptirchuseil several tracls of                        Iiifiii'iuiil.lnii concerning the wlieivu
 ,on                                                   4Mi Vlua-presit'iont, Miss .Vainrlo .luok- ml.voil two HiMifllo I'uIN of cottl ashen                                                             hunts of Edwiir.l Mc.Cunii s HOIIM, Ail              Aw cillloi', who cunt raided the habit eight weeks hei'oid'ior,
           and {laughter.                                                                                                                              flinlicr hero during the past your,                                                                if fining to church, bus this |.o Niiy,
                                                       Hotii Buci'ofar.v, MIHN .Nora Mtiri'iiyi W|ih soiuo ciuil ilusl uud llionNprlakled                                                               dress,            Miss Mario Hhopni'd,
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hotel Waldo, Mlddlolowii,                  "I.adieu should luko off their lulls in                          Notice,
                 MOMMM in Andes Again,                 It'eusurer, A, C, Fnitlou i pianists, atlas thorn with Ihu inlxturc of walor, salt
                                                       Ruth lanig and Miss Mary Hliafor,                                                                        W, 0, T, U, Animal litflllliito.                                Orange county, M. V,      church. No pi'cuchcr can inspire u             The regular iiiiuijhly meeting of Mur-
       Uoivuid Blliott was taken HI Friday                                                            and (iMtllc acid, The two scuttle fulls                                                                                                             mail who is looking Into u lop-Hided agrolvlllo Gump No, II, Oidur of Ihu
 V                                                                                                                                                         The iiiinual institute of the Delaware                                 hum Mine,
    "lllit«ii-'2)%«»'1<1». -lie had not b.uwi                    Heal Wtitatu mid Instii'iuiuo,       of ashen liimuid till day and nuifo a
      11                                                                                                                                               ooiiiily W. (•'• 'I'' !•'- will ho held lit tlui     dune Morn, widow ol Ihu lain Manila aggregation of dciid birds, slulVcd Golden Meal will be held In flic hood
 j " of town anil does liot know how                      .1 Itavu the sale of what IN considered bright liol, life Mouji) throw away Methodist chtiruh flliiiiifuid Thursday More died Hiifui'duy at the homo of WUIIHIIIS, chauiiillou skins, rlliliuiiN, building Tuesday evening May 11, till
 'in ooiitraetod the disease; Uoeurder.                                                               your coal ashes, 'fry tlio mlxlinn. It
                                                       tile Haunt iilfo for I mtiuinor homo In
                                                                               V                                                                                                                                                                                                                            O
                                                                                                                                                                                                        John Gaining, Vngu, at tho ttgu <»'', sticks, straws, corn tussuis. and 7 I H o'clock. Important busliii'ss will
                                                                                                      In (Kintntou salt one pound, oxiillo ucld and Friday, Muy MI-IT, An excellent
                                                                                                                                                                                                        aland. 70 yeai'i.i. The funeral wun held Ihh.lio down, It malum u sinner fuel come hnloio Ihu
       i'liaut* Dllkvlo has a barrel of swollent (he (kituirtlls, Mind, be sold to olefin mil. two ounoos, water 0«o gallon, Apply nrogfam has liouu bi'upiii'iHl and tho                                                                                 lost Iu a wllUunuiun,''                                    J, H. Hilt, liinnolurv,
     'v«8 that he iMMiIllnu for 111 00«t« PM' an estate,
                               lag                                                                    UlM'iUly;                                        w w U M J t M bo wi IptowAUw »w°v                Monday,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  JUL. '
ilWlKI,   cmuMijh for (iv0 ImWow.

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