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All you need to know about Eye beauty Care

Eye Care demands your attention as your body care and skin care. We
least care about the welfare of our eyes. We seldom hear their groans. We
simply turn away from their tears. The reason for this apathy towards our
eyes is, they are taken for granted. We think about our eyes only when we
see a blind person groping his way with some one’s help.
Can you imagine a thick and concentrated darkness, when you are
standing before the elegant Tajmahal? What is the justification of giving a
cold shoulder to the all important vision, given to you by those sparkling
eyes? With a bit of awareness and simple common sense any one can nip
in the bud eye related ailments.

These are so simple methods; you will not believe such a seemingly impossible things can be made
possible. Gear up friends to know the main causes of eye related problems, care and some age old
eye exercises to strengthen the eye muscles of your eyes.

Those who spend most of the time outside should use protective sunglasses to prevent heavy
exposure to Ultraviolet rays. Those who are addicted to smoking and drugs should consult their
family doctors if there is a likelihood of eye related ailments, owing to their family history cases of
such ailments.

What would you do if you had long walk and your aching leg muscles crave for a bit of rest? You will
sit for a while. Now apply the same rule to your eyes if your eyes are subjected to non stop viewing
of a movie or TV. Stop seeing the TV for a while. Rub your eyes vigorously and resort to TV viewing.
This is the mistake people do generally. Rubbing the eyes will lead to over dryness and the
formation of bags beneath the eyes.
There are simple eye exercises that go a long a way in protecting your vision.

You should use the third and fourth fingers of your hands. Start from under your eyes. Pressing
lightly, start moving your hands from inside and extend the movement up to your temples. Continue
this process, all along taking care to press lightly for 10 seconds. The effectiveness depends on
doing this regularly.

To add two other methods for your eye care is not irrelevant for this article. They too are simple and

When your eyes are tired, stop looking at the subject that caused the fatigue to your eyes. Look
towards a far away object like a tree or a peak of a building. After this look towards a subject near
Alternate this activity of looking far off and nearby subject for 10 seconds.
Imagine a big sized Numerical 8. Trace the figure with your sight first for a few seconds. Then
reverse the tracing for a few seconds. All the above methods are very effective. Follow them if you
love your eyes.
Here are a few tips for keeping your eyes healthy using naturally available things like cucumber and

Massaging the scalp with curd acts effectively for twitching eyes, itching eyes and redness in the
eyes. Keeping potato slices on the closed eyes or Cucumber slices on the closed eyes will greatly
In addition to this reliable eye care products available in the market can be used.
The gist of the article is, with simple care you can avoid serious eye ailments. Protect your eyes to
see the beautiful canvas painted by the god. God booned the mankind with a pair of eyes to savor
the essence of life.

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