; How to extend the smart phone battery
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How to extend the smart phone battery


How to extend the smart phone battery

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									How to extend the smart phone battery

Are smart phones, the more complex machine, the operation of the program will be more, more
data handling capacity of the processor, the corresponding power consumption is also more. In
addition, the big screen, the gpu and other ordinary phone equipment not increase power
consumption, the average smart phone battery can only be used in less than 48 hours, so battery
life becomes very important.

The following rules can extend battery life:

• Bluetooth off when you do not need to use Bluetooth.
• without WLAN connection, does not scan in the background or as little as possible scan for
available wireless LAN (WLAN) network (To turn off the scan, close the Show WLAN connection
status in the wireless LAN settings.

• If you set the connection settings Packet data connection when available, and you do not
support packet data connection (GPRS) network service area, the Nokia mobile phone
periodically tries to establish a packet data connection. To extend the working hours of the Nokia
mobile phone, select Packet data connection> When needed.

• Maps application you scroll to new areas on the map to download the new map, which will
increase power consumption. Device to automatically download new maps is prohibited.

• If your local mobile phone network signal strength is unstable, your Nokia mobile phone must
repeatedly scan for available networks. This situation will increase power consumption. If the
network settings in network mode is set to dual-mode, the Nokia mobile phone to search for
UMTS networks. We should only use the GSM network, select Network mode> GSM.

• The screen backlight will increase power consumption. In the setup screen, you can change the
wait time before the backlight turns off, you can also adjust the light sensor (light sensor senses
the lighting conditions and adjust the brightness of the screen).

• let the application run in the background will increase power consumption. Please close the
application that you no longer use.

• Turn off the vibration feature of the Nokia mobile phone, use only the ringtones.

• avoid the use of dynamic / animated images or video as the background of the Nokia mobile
Do not want to receive any calls (such as sleep), turn off the phone.

• Ensure that your phone is running the latest software. Information about downloading and
help, visit your local Nokia website support page.
If there is no function in the consumption of electricity, battery power is still down quickly, the
battery may be quickly broken, you need to replace the original battery with a new battery.

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