Business plan guidelines

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					Business plan guidelines

Every strategic plan contains the six essential elements. These are: where, Why, how,
when, who and what:
WHERE the business is to be located may be determined by considering its purpose,
the competition, the capabilities of management and the opportunities for success.
WHY the business will succeed is determined by identifying market and product
advantages. HOW describes the company’s resources and its ability to carry out the
WHEN is indicated by milestones measured in profits, sales calls, number of
employees, and so forth, as per the plan.
WHO defines each person’s responsibilities for accomplishes the goals of the business.
WHAT it costs is indicated by the cash flow projections.

One of the most important guidelines to remember in relation to writing a business
plan is to utilize what are termed “third-party verifications” Instead of merely
conveying your own personal analysis of the situation, cite information secured from
authoritative sources(e.g., governmental agencies, newspaper, magazines, noted
economists , and so on). Whenever possible, include photocopies of articles and other
documents to land even greater credibility.

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