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					Looking for a good application to enable your Android also use the SIP
Call ? If so, you will be pleased to know that such a program not only
exists, but it's even open source.

 The cSipSimple is a SIP client (Session Initiation Protocol - a
signaling protocol for initiating, managing and terminating multimedia
sessions in data networks) for the Android platform. Allows you to easily
make and receive calls from any telephone network (fixed network and
mobile network), we simply have a VoIP account created (depending on the

 CSipSimple is the name of the application is developed in order to
ensure quality and fast operation, consuming less battery power, through
the use of native libraries created, certainly better performing than
those normally used in Java. Among the features of the program, used by
well-designed user interface, to record calls, send simple SIP messages,
use the best audio codec G.729.

 Key Features

 * Good performance
 * Integration with features offered by the Android operating system
 * Integration with phone contacts
 * Call register
 * Simple to configure, and ability to configure multiple profiles
 * Support for multiple codecs (possibility to set the priority of the
 * Assisted Setup

 CSipSimple is a VOIP client developed for Android with support for
multiaccount. The program is under development. It Can be used for
evaluation and testing capabilities. The application is currently in
beta, in order to get more feedback and possible suggestion that comes
from with various SIP providers.

 The software features that make this particularly interesting is that
you can make VoIP calls via your preferred account, and not only being
able to set the connection type to use (UMTS or WiFi), but also the audio
codec to use.

 Unfortunately, some operators do not allow you to use software for VOIP
phone calls through its UMTS network but we are very curious to know from
you, if you use VOIP telephony software of Skype, which type of accounts
are used for these connections.

 Currently available in English. app is free for download from the
hosting page of project developer that has developed on Google Code.

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