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									Android- A product of Google and the Open Handset Alliance, this
operating system for mobile phones has literally powered the handy
gadgets to perform like walking PCs. It includes a software development
kit, libraries and tools which eventually help to create third party
applications using the Java framework. Android development requires less
investment, but promises a good return on investment.

 I would like to point out few reasons as to why more number of
developers are taking keen interest in Android application development:

 1) It is an open source platform- This alone feature provides developers
an edge over other mobile app developers.

 2) The Linux kernel base provides higher performance stability and
provides a smooth operating system.

 3) Less hassle involves in android app development. The developer should
be smart enough to customize the layout to suit the requirements of the

 4) The open source platform makes it less expensive and hence the time
factor is considerably reduced, which in turn helps in faster
development. Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm and OS X for iPhone are some
of the popular operating system today. Most of them are closed systems.
This gives Android an extra edge over all other smartphone operating
systems and has taken up the market with storm with more developers
joining the Android community.

 Smartphones are now an indispensable device in todays world. You can
connect to the rest of the world with just one touch. Whether one wants
to use it for work or entertainment, the smartphones have proven to be
their ideal choices. Android as an operating system has passed this test
and are making good competitions with others. If you study the market and
the growth in this sector you would notice a straight rise in
applications and buyers who want to get more utility out of their
handheld devices. Trying to fulfill the need of the users, Android app
developers around the world are trying to develop ground breaking Android
apps to amaze and engage the users.

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