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									With this installment about Android device, we came up with what are the
best free applications that are available for an Android devices. We will
focuses more on knowing some of the best Apps that enable users to
improve their mobile connectivity, either to give internet access or to
exchange data with other terminals. There will also be space for such
curiosities that will allow us to take an occasional smile to all who are
squeezed around mobile phones, one of the strengths with which both the
mobile Android as Apple iPhone, get to make a difference against
competition. Bump: Connect the Bluetooth, searching for active terminals,
select the name ... Ancient technology, now it takes is hitting the
phones. After being connected to the network, this app allows us to
transfer files from one mobile to another simply by hitting both ends.
The program will recognize that both have been touched, by analyzing the
trajectory and impact that can be read by the accelerometers. Never share
files had been so quick and easy. Dropbox: If what you want instead is to
access all your files from any terminal, your solution is to expand the
frontiers of Dropbox on your computer to your phone. It is an easy way to
always have to point all your folders in the cloud. To enjoy it you only
need a free account and you can store up to 2GB of files then you can
save on your Android or play them streaming. Barnacle Wi-Fi Theter: If
you don't have internet access on your Android device and you want to
access the network from any other computer, then go for Barnacle Wi-Fi
Theter app, this app can create a Wi-Fi access point from which to
connect. The utility displays all clients that are connected to our
network and customize items such as the gateway or the network mask to
avoid conflicts. Opera Mini: The popular browser also has a version for
Android OS and also the bet is more satisfying are to be found in the
Market for internet browsing. Tabbed browsing, homepage personalization
... the possibilities are spectacular and the velocity relative to that
presented in other browsers is amazing. Google Sky Maps : We ended up
with a very curious that makes use of GPS, augmented reality and our
internet connection, so we can better understand the sky that hangs over
our heads. We'll just point toward the sky and show us that real-time
star, constellation or planet, we are targeting. This is one of those
programs that always leave your friends with your mouth open and keep you
entertained for a while looking at the stars.

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