Converting Videos to Android Phone Format by Hari.Pratomo02x


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									Android Operating System (OS) is the latest operating system developed by
Open Handset Alliance led by Google. Android OS is mainly designed for
mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. One of the
advantages of Android Operating System is that it's an open source
program. Hence, most of the mobile phone companies use Android OS in
their handset to enhance the performance of the same. The latest model
phones uses Android Operating System.

 Android phones offer various features such as a wide variety of
applications, multitasking, flexible and natural user interface, mobile
broadband and many more. You can enjoy high quality audio and video using
the latest Android Operating System. The H.263, H.264, AVC, MPEG-4 SP are
some of the video format supported by Android phones. However, the video
formats such as WMV, MPEG, Xvid, DivX, SWF, ASF and MPG, are not
supported by Android phones. Therefore, you need to convert these types
of videos to Android phone format in order to enjoy these videos.
Converting video to Android phone format is not a complex task and can be
completed within a few minutes.

 With the help of a powerful video convertor, you can easily convert the
videos to Android phone format. There are various types of video
convertors available on the market. You can use the Internet to find out
the best convertor that suits your need. Online portals provide vast
information about various video convertors, its features and benefits.
Most of the video convertors come with the basic video converting
functions such as trimming, cropping, mixing and many more.

 After selecting the appropriate converter, install it into your
computer. Installation is quite simple. Just run the executable setup
file that comes with the product and follow the onscreen instructions.
After the completion of successful installation, you can start the work.
Select the file that you want to convert and import it into the video
editor. Converting to Android phone format varies with the type of the
video editor you have installed. There are various online articles
available on the Internet that describes the step-by-step method to
convert the videos using your video editor. By following these guidelines
you can easily convert the videos to Android phone format.

 Once you have finished your work with Android video convertor, you can
move it to your phone. Now connect your Android phone to your PC and drag
the converted video file to your mini SD card. Wait for a few minutes to
load the video and start enjoying the videos on your Android handset.

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